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My thoughts about this even brought me to one of my favorite foods and perhaps one of yours: chocolate.  It is dark yet always portrayed as slightly “forbidden.”  Rich and smooth are descriptions often balanced with guilty and sinful. Why?  Because the Global Handlers don’t want you loving the dark sides of life, much less the dark sides of your Self.

So, once again, you work to “conquer” your love of the dark instead of embrace and merge with its goodness.

Are you willing to do this? What are you trying to conquer rather than merge with? Are you trying to conquer your dark side so that it isn’t in charge of you? Or are you merging with the richness of its mysteries? Is this the next step in this reality, through this reality, or beyond this reality?

This is a part of the understanding of Duality. You must understand the Positive side of every situation as well as the Negative side. The dark and the light. Opposite sides of the same coin to define the coin. Once the definition is met, what next?  Will embracing the dark side bring an end or a transition into something else? What do you think?

I know I hit onto something important. I will continue to study and explore this concept.  And in the meantime, I  for one, am glad that my journey has been recognized. Yes I HAVE gone to the Dark Side and Proud of it.  And if you are too busy trying to ensnare, enslave, and conquer your Dark Side to journey with me, then thank you for calling it quits.  This path is not for the weak or feint of heart.  If you are strong enough to journey along my path, I welcome you as a companion.  The End.