Take a proactive approach to give YOUR SELF-Empowerment, Insight, Compassion & Wisdom that only Janet & Stewart can give you during your very own One-on-One Personal Consultation  

Get  Keys to Your Self to Resolve Your Personal Issues. Once you have the correct information you will be surprised at how fast your life can change!

Hear what others are saying about their consultations with Janet & Stewart:

I’m the type of person that needs abit of guidance from time to time; I’ve had consultations with both Janet and Stewart and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done this life.

Janet and Stewart have helped me more than I could ever possibly express. Their insight is unlike anything in this universe. They have helped me to uncover and understand things within myself which has allowed me to overcome many obstacles in my life. What a turning point in my life it was, to speak with them! I am forever grateful!

The Hyperspace/Oversoul techniques are of invaluable help in the process of deprogramming, and I can testify that using them has led to a significant improvement in my thinking patterns, my self-worth, my relationships and my health.

This Autumn, Harvest Your Most Important Crop, YOU!

120 Minutes $494.00  NOW $386  –  The most comprehensive option, to get the most information & feedback in One Compact Session

90 Minutes $395.00  NOW $314  –  A more in-depth review with time for Personal Questions and Answers

60 Minutes  $296.00   NOW $233  –  A Status Report of what most affects you at this time & how to balance & correct these issues

30 Minutes  $152.00  NOW  $116  –  A Few Quick, Precise Questions & Answers 

          *SPECIAL:  30 Minutes EMAIL consultation ONLY $98!!!   

~ Mentoring Packages are an efficient way to make the most of YOUR time. ~

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Get regular feedback that keeps you growing, upgrading and focused so you can more easily achieve your goal.

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I’ve been using the Mentoring Package since I first started working with Janet/Stewart.  I love this option because it allows me to set aside some funds to invest in myself, my health and well being.  It’s been a key tool I use, along with actively participating in Janet’s blog and the study guides that help me to focus in on my self healing.  Janet and Stewart know how to help me make sense of my world.  I’ve had wonderful results with my self healing and am so grateful to both of them for their support, guidance and expertise.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.  Thank you – you’ve helped me to change my world and my life in so many ways

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