BECOME your OWN Radionics and Rife Machine!

All you have to do is simply repeat the numbers of specific frequencies that we give you to bring your inactive frequencies forward!

This consciously activates these frequencies so that they out-picture into your life!

YOU activate your latent inherent frequencies that bring health, wealth, and happiness directly to YOU!

The human body has approximately 1.2 million frequencies which, when in alignment, create a healthy body through which healthy mind-patterns flow, thus outpicturing a
healthy life.When you are missing any, or part, of these 1.2 million frequencies your body, mind, and life does function at its optimal level.

How would you like to find out which frequencies you are missing and be able to consciously put them in?

We already show you how to do this with color, tone, and archetype…now we are going to show you how to do this with numbers—which are, of course, archetypes and frequencies!

Science shows that DNA responds to vibration, such as the sound your voice makes when you speak, and that the structure of DNA resembles the syntax of spoken human language. Verbalizing specific numbers pulls these frequencies forward into your conscious mind which in turn corrects or enhances your active mind-pattern, thus changing the out-picturing of all of your life levels.

What issues do you have that need correction,balance, and/or improvement?

General Category Suggestions:
· Health
· Relationships
· Finances
· Career
· Creativity
· Self-Confidence
Ect …

What else needs positive enhancement Right Now?

… You provide the specifics within the category that you want to change.

What negative emotional mind-patterns do you want to release?
· Hopelessness
· Depression
· Suicide
· Negative Energy

These are only a few examples of what might need
immediate activation.

…Again, you provide the specifics within the category that you want to change.

You give us your issue:
We give you:

3 number frequencies along with instructions on how to use them.
We also give you:     3 Personal Affirmations to help enhance your Self Re-imprinting of your own mind-pattern.

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