Part 1 

This is the time of year when everyone’s emotions start to run rampant. This means that your emotions start to run you all over the place, seemingly without guidance and direction. All the people whom you have been avoiding, or think that you have left behind, start coming into your thoughts and sometimes into your life. The discomfort of “push-me, pull-me” situations begin to consume your thoughts and actions.

Questions of whom you should include in your life, and how, begin to take precedence. Sometimes you have pressure from relatives to contact other relatives, or friends to contact mutual “friends.” So, even though in your mind you have removed certain people from your life, they keep showing up again and again!

This is the time for you to re-evaluate the reasons why you have disassociated yourself from these people in the first place. Sometimes it is important to keep a safe distance from people who bother you just so you can get strong enough to deal with them. Then, the next step is to be able to deal with them in such a way that they no longer bother you. When this happens, you know that your lessons with them are finally complete.

Most people never get to this stage—they simply avoid anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. However, when you simply avoid someone, eventually someone just like them will come into your life. And you probably know the answer why…because it is your mind-pattern that pulls them to you in the first place! (cont’d)



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