Part 2

You can run all you want, you can change geographic locations, jobs, careers, and relationships, but those same people and situations will continue to be there, waiting for you. Because until your mind-pattern changes, you draw the same people and situations to yourself like a magnet.

Over and over, your life repeats itself. This is the glory of getting older. With more experiences to choose from, it becomes easier to identify the relationships and situations that you continually repeat. Some people never even make it to this point. They stay stuck in the cycle of life without ever realizing that they are even in the cycle!

For the “lucky” people who recognize the repeating cycles, the next challenge is to dig through the inner recesses of the soul-personality to determine the mind-pattern that holds them in the cycle. This seems to happen piece by piece. Never underestimate the complexity of the mind-pattern! Just when you think you have figured out your own internal blocks, you find another. . .and another. . . and another. . .

And the next thing you know, you feel like you are at the beginning, asking the same questions, dealing with the same people, in the same situations. You feel depressed because you wonder if you have made any progress at all. You question your every move, what you should do and how and with whom. At this point, you have two choices—either start again, or give up. (cont’d)





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