Part 3

Giving up is not much of a choice. Giving up means to stay exactly where you are and be miserable, or removing yourself from this physical plane of existence. Of course, the latter choice means that you will feel exactly the same, except you will not have a body, and your lessons will become exponentially more difficult. For these reasons, this is not an option.

Starting again is really the only option. This means that when old acquaintances surface, there might be value in visiting with them. There might also be value in dealing with relatives who come into your life again. All these people may be important keys to your uncompleted lessons. Revisiting your issues with them may be a chance to find that one final piece in your mind-pattern that holds you back. Do not overlook obvious opportunity, even if it is a bit on the difficult side.

Also remember that there is nothing wrong with having a few “surface level” friends. Some people will never know the depths of your being, and you will never know theirs. This is okay, too. Sometimes it is nice to relax without the intensity that comes with deep friendships and bonds. Enjoy all who are in your life. Understand why they are there, and deal with them appropriately.

There may be people who you will never be able to have contact with, even when you would like this. This may sadden you, so do your release work and let them go. Ask your Oversoul to bring in a new support system that understands and elevates you on all levels. (cont’d)’



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