Part 4

With your emotions running strongly, you may feel ELF bombardments even stronger than normal. Be sure to use your protection techniques, as well as your balancing and grounding techniques. Do your affirmations, link up and center yourself in your Oversoul and God-Mind. Take sea salt baths, and do your best to eat properly and take your vitamin and mineral supplements, including those that build the immune system. When you feel the most vulnerable is when you need to make extra efforts to take care of yourself.

Sooner or later, this too will pass. You will break through whatever it is in your mind-pattern that continues to create the same people, same situations. You will get to the other side of your issues. You will look back and recognize where you were, where you are now, and where you are going. You will get to the place where you know which relationships to keep and why, and how to correctly deal with people from your past. As difficult as everything can seem in the moment, eventually everything gets better. How fast is always up to you.

Enjoy the holiday season for the issues that it surfaces within you. Work with these issues and through them. Enjoy the “surface level” issues that come along this time of year, remembering that as a multileveled person, you attract people and situations that fit all levels. Some levels are more challenging than others, but that is okay. They are all a reflection of you and your inner learning. You can either get caught up in the holiday hullabaloo and let it run you and your decisions, or you can get yourself centered and in control of your outer circumstances. Everything changes, including you. End.

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