I regularly receive questions about using essential oils for hormonal issues. This is not a simple question to answer, but for some it is simple to resolve.

There are stories circulating that Clary Sage is oestrogenic and there is no scientific evidence to support this. Clary Sage essential oil relieves menstrual cramps, moods associated with hormones, and is said to aid fertility by balancing oestrogen. It’s commonly used to balance hormones and is also great for sleep.

I know of a woman who had amenorrhea for years, was in a relationship and dearly wanted a family. She diffused Geranium and Clary Sage every day and night. Not only did her cycle return, but she went on to have a healthy family.

Historically, Geranium essential oil has been used to regulate heavy menstrual flow. It’s often used to regulate hormones and is a good one to add as it’s calming and balances the emotions, as well as assisting with sleep.

Ylang ylang is said to balance hormones in both sexes. It’s often used to enhance libido, more so for it’s soothing, seductive aroma and is another one that aids sleep.

Thyme essential oil is widely quoted as improving progesterone levels. The original study that all these claims stem from talks about the herb thyme. The herb and essential oil are significantly different to each other and one cannot be claimed to have the same properties as the other. Based on this, why did I mention it? years ago I tried a formula of 30 drops each of Clary Sage, Thyme, Ylang Ylang (courtesy of Dr Axe) in 30ml of Evening Primrose Oil. There is no scientific evidence to prove that Evening Primrose Oil, Thyme or Ylang Ylang essential oils have any effects on hormones. I used this blend for 2yrs and experienced relief from hormonal imbalance. There came a point, however, when I was no longer feeling those benefits. Thyme may relieve menstrual cramps, but that’s due to its warming qualities.

Diffusing clove essential oil is said to balance hormones. In French medicine it’s used to aid impotence. Clove is a hot oil and if diluted with FCO it could be used topically to relieve menstrual cramps.

Sandalwood essential oil is another one that is widely claimed to support testosterone levels. There are no studies to verify this. Interestingly, in French medicine it’s used to aid impotence, while Hawaiian Sandalwood was historically used to support the reproductive organs and may relieve menstrual issues. This is another oil that is often used to enhance libido for it’s soothing, calming, meditative qualities. Yes, this is another oil that assists with sleep.

I’ve used blends such as Clary Calm, which aids in relieving menstrual cramps, as does Passion. I met a woman who told me she used Clary Calm daily over her pelvis and Ice Blue nightly over her sacrum for many years and gained her life back from debilitating PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I know of a man who told me his thin hair was due to hormonal issues and he used Clary Calm to stimulate hair growth.

Many of these oils have soothing, calming, sedative properties. It is possible that their claim in supporting hormonal balance, comes from easing stress and anxiety. When researching uses of essential oils it’s important that you’re not reading the same claim used in multiple sites. Look for the original study to gain your facts from.  As I’ve mentioned above, essential oils can have tremendous affects on hormonal health.

My research into essential oils for hormonal health doesn’t end here!

Have you tried using essential oils for hormonal issues?

If so, will you share your experiences?

What are your thoughts about claims that don’t have scientific proof?

Do you need scientific proof to give something a try?

Do you need scientific evidence to know something will work for you?

Does knowing something will work be more effective than knowing from scientific evidence?

How much value do you place on science?

How much value do you place on Self trust?



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