I would not want any contact with humanity at all. Humans are dangerous and create a lot of problems. Yes, much of it is organized by the Illuminati and carried out by mind-controlled/ programmed people. However, we need to remind ourselves that programming can only be attached if the foundational mind-pattern already exists. So, knowing that, it is very sad for the human race that they can be used in this way.

Over the past couple of months and especially the last couple of weeks, there have been outrageous acts committed by people all over the world. The way the media portrays the events is also a disgrace and an insult to all people.

I will enumerate just a few here–the ones that really made me shake my head and be disgusted with Earth:

— Bill Cosby: I find it hard to believe that this man would need to drug and rape over 20 women. It is not in his frequency. I am also not believing that these women waited decades to come forward out of “fear” that their careers would be ruined or that he could destroy them. Most of these woman had NO career. They are mainly wannabes or has-beens seeking a final fling at fame. I’m not saying that Cosby was all love, light and peace. In Hollywood, no one is. But, what is being perpetrated appears to be an organized effort to bring hi down in his old age. He must have pissed off someone very important.

— Sony Executives: No shock that they said those things in emails about entertainers. I actually agree with most of what they said. Whomever hacked these private emails should be prosecuted for violation of privacy. But, another attempt to destroy a company and an industry by someone who was pissed off at them. Why not reveal emails from IBM, the White House, CNN, Fox News,  BBC or Universal Studios? I bet Disney has some doozy emails. This is once again an attack for a reason known only to the attackers.

— Gaza: This was like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, the Israelis have a right to defend themselves, but shooting missiles at schools and hospitals is not a good thing. Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. It is basically a land prison locked in by Israel and Egypt–both of whom do not like the Gazans. It went on for way too long. On the other hand, we have maniacs like ISIS, Hamas, Al Fatah, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah and Al Shabaab whose only plan is life is to destroy and kill in the name of God. Of course, they were ALL created by the Illuminati and their puppet governments to create fear on this planet.

— Pakistan/ Afghanistan: So-called terrorist agencies attacking schools and villages killing hundreds of children and teachers. For what? This will get their points across? We can add to this list the murders and bombings in Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Ukraine. This is humanity on a daily basis. Yet, major governments supply these deranged folks with money, food, training and weapons. Then they are condemned by a useless United Nations that collects money for the starving children in Africa who are lactose intolerant and are sent dried milk and cheese. Brilliant.

— Australia: Innocent people murdered while have a chocolate and coffee before work. Interesting that it happened in a Swiss cafe–Lindt. Switzerland is supposed to be neutral. The attack by an Iranian jihadist who was FREE on bail after being wanted for murder and sexual abuse is incredible. Why was he allowed to walk around freely when he is a known murdered and rapist? This is a lesson for Australia and a warning from someone in high power lest the Aussies do not want to send troops to the Middle East. The Australian PM states on media how terrible this was, yet his government allowed this man to live there and do as he pleased. Why?

— Protests: All across the USA people are burning buildings, looting, blocking traffic, throwing rocks at police and ranting in the street to protest the shootings of unarmed Black men in Missouri, Ohio and the choking of another in New York. OK–please explain to me how creating more destruction–of their own neighborhoods–is going to make things better?? No one deserves to be killed. But no one should be a hoodlum either. Americans cannot complain about the riots in Cairo or Hong Kong or Tripoli until they clean up their own mess. Let’s not even get into the report on Gitmo in Cuba. Is there any difference from what the Americans did to prisoners than there was in Nazi concentration camps or Soviet Gulags? Yet, Cheney said he would do it all again. Yes, I’m sure he would. See how “safe” we are now!

— Pennsylvania: Someone needs to train the police there. This is the second incident in as many months of a man murdering people and escaping with no trace. The police cannot find this former military man who killed his ex-wife’s entire family and is now in hiding. This guy supposedly walks with a cane or walker. Seriously? You can’t catch him? It took them weeks to find the last murderer in Pennsylvania who killed a cop and was hiding in the woods. Perhaps it’s all the fumes from the coal fires underground.

So, if I were an alien and was watching all of this, I would report back to my superiors that this blue planet needs to be quarantined and blocked from access to other worlds until they either mature or die out. Of course, that would be if I were a good alien. What we have now are very negative ones who feed off of all this violence and hatred.

That is my rant for the year. Humans–if you remove the victimization mind-patterns and get right with your spiritual side, then all of this will vanish. If not, humans will vanish.




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