Part 4

You can consciously cleanse the physical body in preparation for it to hold more of your soul-personality energy.  This is the equivalent of cleaning an electronic device.

The cleaner the device, the clearer the communication and transmission of information. To develop clear, clean communication between Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind in this realty, it is important that your device, or body, as well as your energetic field, be as clean and clear as possible.

The outside world does not support a clear, clean body.  In fact, just the opposite.  The powers that be want your physical body only healthy enough to be a productive worker, nothing more.

If you keep your body clean with too much inner communication, you just may be able to determine how to circumvent their plan for you and society.

If you want to become master of your own fate, one of the primary things that you can do is to become master of your own body.  This is your vehicle through which your soul-personality operates.

Your vehicle has its own consciousness and will follow the group programming if you allow it.  (cont’d)

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