Part 5

Establish who is in charge.  For most people, the physical body is in charge.  Whether it is hungry or not, it gets fed. Whatever it craves, from chocolate to sex, the body gets what it wants. 

Most people usually follow the dictate of the body consciousness. Most people have a relationship with their bodies that is out of balance.

If you do gain control of your body, there are plenty of disinformation programs to continue to throw you off-track, such as vegetarianism, breatharianism, macrobiotics, raw foods, low/no-carbohydrates,etc., etc.

Some may be appropriate as a healing diet.  But, too much of any one thing can throw your body out of balance.

The real goal is to gain control over the body only long enough so that you can learn what your specific body consciousness needs.  Then, you can work together to support the vehicle in the most efficient, effective, consciousness-evolving plan for all intelligences involved.

If your own body can control you, the one organism with which you have the closest symbiotic relationship, then what leads you to believe that an external force cannot easily control you as well?

If you do not take the time to know your own body and mind, someone else will.

Someone else will gladly run your body and mind for you. The more “minions” the powers that be have, the happier they are.Controlling your body is an important step to controlling your mind.  (cont’d)

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