Part 6

Gaining control over your own body is another way to imprint the mind-pattern that you have control over your life.

Setting the imprint for “successful self-control” definitely aids every aspect of your entire life.

 Consciously cleansing the body tells the body consciousness that you are in control, not vice versa.  The basic mind-pattern of cleansing says that you are finished with all mind-patterns that hold you down or anchor you to parts of your past that you no longer need.

Releasing the old, stored up heavy toxins from your physical body is symbolic of releasing old, stored, heavy toxic mind-patterns that you no longer need.

As the cleansing occurs, your cellular structure becomes lighter, cleaner, more flexible and resilient, indicative of what is happening in the mind-pattern of your mental house.

There are several ways to cleanse the physical body.  Before you start any cleansing program, it is always advisable to discuss it with your primary healthcare practitioner.

If you are on any kind of medication, this is particularly advisable and even necessary, as the old stored medications will begin pouring into your bloodstream.

This can be toxic, and a slow, gentle cleanse is much better than an intense, aggressive cleanse. There are many gentle ways, and ways that are much stronger and more forceful to clean out the physical body.  You can choose one way, or a combination of ways. (cont’d)

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