Part 7

During a cleanse, the less water you drink, the more vigorous the cleanse, although a minimum of four cups of liquid is suggested. During cleansing, you may experience headaches—this is the release of old toxins moving from the deep tissues into the bloodstream.

Tiredness and crankiness is also to be expected for the same reason.  Prepare yourself.  Make a decision that you will be comfortable in the midst of any discomfort that your physical body may experience.

A thick coating on your tongue is indicative of the toxins moving out of your system.  A tongue scraper, found in many health food stores, is a great addition to your personal hygiene routine.

You may even want to incorporate a colonic, a deep cleansing of the bowels.  The bowels can be a source of undesirable bacteria.

This is particularly a good idea for anyone with a life-threatening illness, or a body that is highly out of balance.  If you decide to incorporate this into your cleansing, take care to choose a reputable practitioner. Gravity flow tanks are better than machines or “do-it-yourself’ colonics.

In addition, the liver dumps into directly into the large intestine, so once the large intestine is cleaned out the liver can cleanse on an extremely deep level. And, every point within the colon reflexes to other organs.  A colonic is like having an internal reflexology massage.

Be wary of the lubricant used on the colonics scope as Crisco is often the oil of choice. Crisco is soy-based and not desirable to be absorbed if not necessary.

You can choose to bring your own lubricant, such as organic palm oil. The oil should be taken out of the main container and applied to the scope.  The scope should never be taken out and re-used on the same person. Always insist on a new scope if this is necessary.

The scope should never be “double-dipped” in the same lubricant holder. If you observe this happening, question the cleanliness practices and find someone else.  (cont’d)


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