Part 8 

Fasting promotes a quicker, more vigorous cleanse. If you decide to fast, your body will probably try to tell you that it is starving and needs food.  Most likely, the body will not starve to death from skipping a few meals.

Talk to your body before you begin, let it know your plans, and then put yourself in charge.  Even when you follow this preliminary routine, there is a strong possibility that your body will rebel.  If this happens, remind yourself and your body consciousness that you are in control.  What you are doing is the best for all involved.

While fasting may sound difficult, remember most people fast every night from after dinner until breakfast the next morning.   A twelve hour fast is not unusual.  Some people skip breakfast (break– fast), and do not eat until lunch or perhaps dinner, thus a fifteen to twenty-four hour fast for many people is not abnormal.

For these people, just extend what you are already doing.  Go one more night—any easy twelve hours, for a total of 36 hours.

If you are doing well, you may want to extend this for another twelve to twenty-four hours, continuing to take advantage of the night hours when you are sleeping.

Suspend taking herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. during the fast to give your digestive system a rest.(cont’d)

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