Part 9

If you feel like going on a long fast, the first three days may be the most difficult.

Seven to ten days are the longest that you should attempt without direct supervision from your healthcare provider. During a lengthy or vigorous fast, you may even vomit toxins from the gallbladder, pancreas, and/or liver.

During the fast, while your digestive system is resting, the toxins are coming up from the deep tissues.  They may sit in your digestive tract until you start it moving again.  A minimum of two cups of raw, shredded cabbage plus one cup of raw grated carrot dressed with two to three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice is a good way to start your bowels moving again.

If they do not evacuate after two to three hours, eat the same combination again.  Repeat this every two to three hours until your system is moving on its own.

Several cleansing suggestions follow.  You can choose one, or combine two or three ways that work for you.  Rather than wait for “the right time,” pick one, and get started.  Even if you do not follow it “perfectly” it is still a start.  Doing something counts for a lot.  It means movement and growth. (cont’d)



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