Part 11

1.     Apple Juice/Cider Fast

A home juicer is a good investment. There are many good brands on the market for under $100.  While they do take a few extra minutes to clean, the fresh juice retains the best nutrients available. Organic produce does contain less pesticides/herbicides than non-organic, but nothing these days is totally pesticide/herbicide free.  Drink as much apple juice/cider as you desire for 24 to 72 hours to pull toxins from your system.   Use a reputable colon cleanse product, such as the one put out by –let them know when ordering that you are an Expansions referral.

2.     Vegetable Juice Fast

Two raw carrots for skin toning, inside and out;  two raw ribs of celery for your nervous system; one  2”x3” cube of raw beet for iron;  raw beet tops for calcium and iron: and a raw fresh apple if desired to pull out toxins and make the drink more palatable.  Add in any other kind of leafy greens you desire. You can drink this with or without a good protein powder, depending upon your requirements. .

3.      Vegetable/Juice Fast

Drink fresh vegetable juice in the morning; fresh fruit juice throughout the day.

9.  Liquid Chlorophyll

Add liquid chlorophyll to steam-distilled water. Great for toning and strengthening the cellular structure, either while fasting or on a daily basis.

10.  Milk Thistle Herb Liver Cleanse

Support your other cleansing work by using this herb for 7-10 days only. Follow the directions on the bottle.  (cont’d)

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