Part 1

When  your soul-personality enters into the Earth plane, only the smallest fraction of it can operate in the tiny baby’s body that is first born. As the physical body increases in size, so does the amount of soul-personality/energy that can function in and through it.  Your Oversoul pours in more soul-personality as the body grows.  Eventually, the physical body ceases to grow.

At this point, the amount of soul-personality operating in and expressing through the physical body also comes to a stop. This does not mean that there is no more soul-personality to put into your physical body. This simply means that your physical body cannot hold any more of “you”.

Most people remain at this level, or even “decrease”. As the physical body fills with toxins, there is less and less  room for the soul-personality, so the soul-personality begins its retreat back to its place of origin. When the body is all used up/filled with toxins, there is no more room left and the soul-personality exits, and “death” of the physical body occurs. (cont’d)


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