Part 12

Whatever you drink and/or eat, ask that it be blessed and cleansed by your Oversoul and God-Mind for the most effective and efficient use by all levels of your cellular structure.  Ask that the body keep what it needs while allowing what it does not need to pass right on through.

A byproduct of a cleanse may be weight loss.  This means that you are shedding old mind-patterns that you were holding onto.  The mind-pattern behind excess weight is needing to insulate against the outside world.

Specific places of weight gain represent the part of your life that you are insulating against.  For example:

  • excess weight on the stomach represents not digesting what your life is giving you;
  • weight gain on the hips are childhood issues;
  • weight gain on the buttocks represents carrying your past with you. 

Some people eat very little, yet still cannot lose weight.  This is a perfect example of how strong the mind is—it can create weight from virtually nothing!

Weight gain from water retention is a perfect example of this.  Water has absolutely zero calories, yet many people retain excess water as a way of insulating against life.  Of course, cutting down on food does not reduce weight, because the excess weight is not from food—it is from water—and the strong mind-pattern that holds it there!

See how powerful you are?

 Water weight may also be the result of suppressed, unshed tears. Sometimes water weight represents issues of others that you hold onto yourself.  So now, your strong mind-pattern is creating weight from other people’s stuff!

Pretty incredible how strong you really are. (cont’d)

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