Part 13:  Conclusion

A thin body is not necessarily a healthy body. You must look at the cellular structure to make this determination.  Often a body is thin, or too thin, because the mind-pattern of the soul-personality operating within it says that it does not deserve to live.  People who are bulimic and/or anorexic have this mind-pattern.  A part of them does not feel like it deserves to have a body and live here on the Earth.

People with bodies that are too thin have bodies that are underfed and/or undernourished.  Your stomach can be full while the body is actually hungry.  White flour and white sugar will make you feel full, but neither contains enough nourishment to adequately maintain a healthy cellular structure.

Or you can eat foods that are mismatched for your frequency.  They may be nourishing foods, but not nourishing to your specific body.

Or, you may have an absorption issue–something that is all too common these days.

You may want to use one or more of the following affirmations to help you in the process:

  I easily cleanse and release all, old unnecessary mind-patterns from all levels of my being.

 I easily cleanse and release the need to insulate.

 I deserve to exist.

 I create a healthy relationship with the physical consciousness of my physical body.

 I increase the frequency of my soul-personality operating in and through my body consciousness.

 Personalize any of the above affirmations in a way that work for you. Write them and place them around your home or office so that they emanate throughout your living space. Carry cards with your affirmations written on them, or place them under your pillow while you sleep.  Or, simply write them in a journal and/or notebook.

Using all these techniques help you know yourself on all levels, gain self-control, and increase the amount of frequency, or soul-personality, that can function through your physical body.

In turn, this increases and deepens your Oversoul and God-Mind connection. The more that you clean out your physical structure of old debris on all levels, the more room you create for more of the nonphysical portion of your soul-personality  to function in this reality.

This increased frequency gives you access to new information that propels you into new layers of personal growth.  Opening the body to hold more of “you” changes your life in ways that you will never know until you start the process.  So, take a deep breath and begin! The End.


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