Part 2

If more of your soul-personality tries to enter into the physical body than the cellular structure can hold, the body literally “burns up”. This is because your soul-personality is comprised of an energy frequency. The physical body is also comprised of an energy frequency. In order for the soul-personality to comfortably operate symbiotically with the physical body conscious, the two frequencies must match.

You can increase the amount of soul-personality that your physical body can hold.  This is accomplished by emptying out anything that you have accumulated in your cellular structure that you no longer need.

As the cellular structure becomes less dense, room is created for more soul-personality energy to pour in from the Oversoul level.  At the same time, it is important to strengthen the cellular structure so that the physical body continues to match the frequency of the entering soul-personality energy.

This is sometimes accomplished through illness and/or accidents. Illness and/or accidents often shake up the cellular structure enough so that old, unnecessary mind-patterns are physically released.

This creates space for more soul-personality to flow into and function through the body.  This is why that sometimes after a major illness or accident you hear that a person experiences some kind of sudden change. This may be acquiring new abilities, attributes, personality traits, liking different foods, etc.

Illness and/or accidents are “reactive” situations—this means the method of correction, or balance, seeks you out in such a way that you have no choice but to change. (cont’d)

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