Part 3

The easiest way to increase your frequency is a proactive one. This means that you search out the experience before it seeks you out.

The correction at this point may not be pleasant or easy, but at least you are in control of it rather than vice versa. Usually this is less uncomfortable than being in a reactive position.

This can be accomplished in two ways.  First, release all old, unnecessary vibratory imprints up to your Oversoul.  Watch them flow and flow and flow out the top of your head. Remember that these all have color, tone, archetype, weight, form, and consistency.

All of these vibratory imprints built up slowly over time and take up space in the physical structure, as well as in the auric field.  In this way, you consciously cleanse the auric/energetic fields before the energy settles further into your physical body.

This is why an “illness” can be detected before it physically manifests.  Illness exists in your energetic field first, gradually becoming heavier and denser until it matches some part of your physical body.

Once the nonphysical frequency matches the physical frequency, the frequencies merge, settling into the more dense physical body.

When this happens, your physical body becomes “sick” or “ill.”  This is really an outpicturing of your mind-pattern. (cont’d)

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