Saturday July 8, 2017


  • Learn techniques to access the 90% of your mind and 97% of your DNA that is unused!
  • Learn visualization techniques to erase victim programing and create permanent mind-patterns that will serve and protect you in these complex times!
  • Learn about the mind-control we are all living under and the alien agenda!

Spend a private day with renowned world travelers Stewart and Janet Swerdlow

Stewart is a survivor of the infamous Montauk Project whose family includes the first president of the Soviet Union, founders of the KGB and the communist party in the USA.    He is the author of many books and travels the world lecturing on the history of the universe, the alien agenda, mind-control and how to deprogram your mind.

Janet was born an intuitive who descends from the bloodline of Mary Magdalene and also the author of many books including “Decoding Your Life” which details Universal Law.  She travels the world teaching healing techniques, mind-control awareness and how to deprogram your mind as well.  Together, Janet and Stewart have created a powerful program to heal and get you back in touch with your True Self and God-Mind.

Saturday July 8,2017 – Glen Cove, New York – 9am to 5pm

                $197 Donation ~ includes lunch


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