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Part 2

If they are so evil, why do they appear to have the best that physical reality has to offer, and not you?

They, too, are surrounded by reflections of their own mind-patterns.  Their mind-patterns are bringing them the best entertainment, the best homes, access to the best medical care, the best education, the best political offices, the best financial resources, the best emergency resources, the best human resources, the best security, the best transportation, etc.

They have the purest crystals and gems.  They can travel to any part of the world any time they wish, often at taxpayer expense.

They hire bodyguards, personal shoppers, cooks, nannies, housekeepers, drivers, gardeners, body workers, plastic surgeons, hairstylists, make-up artists, personal trainers, and fashion designers.

They do not send their children off to public schools, or to war, except as behind-the-lines strategists.

They have access to secret information on all levels about everything. They believe they have the right to direct the course of humanity, and they do.

What do they have that you do not?

If “peace, love, and light” are all you need for good things to happen, then why does it outwardly appear that the other side is winning all the rewards?

What is the difference between the Illuminati and you? (c0nt’d)