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Part 4

They do have high levels of self-worth.  Not only do family and friends reinforce this, but so does the media, and the average person on the street.  People everywhere honor them wherever they go, wanting to be included in their lives in some way, no matter how small.

 They do believe that they are superior.  There is no doubt in their minds about how great they are.  They even segregate themselves from the rest of society.  They interact with others outside their circles only enough to garner the support of the masses.

 They do believe that they deserve the best.  They have the best that physical reality has to offer, as previously stated.

They do have a winner’s mentality.  There is no question in their minds that they will win at whatever they set out to do, even if it takes years. They carefully lay out their plans, and strategically lay carry it out on a global scale.

They know their purpose. They do not have to search for their purpose. There is no doubt in their minds what they are here to do.

They do know that they have secret knowledge. They can access any information that they need about anything at any time, as well as make decisions about what to reveal to the masses.

They do know that they have the power to influence society.  They do not sit around thinking about how to do it “some day.”  They do it now!

They do have a global consciousness.  They view the entire world as their playground  They are not myopic in any way. (cont’d)