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Part 1


Ages  0-9

You are told the average life span of a human..

This imprints your conscious mind with a “Death Program” for (literally) the rest of your life.

 Ages 10-19

This is the decade of New Beginnings.

These are your teen years when you are out exploring the world, never giving much thought to the “Death Program” that is now running through your subconscious mind.

You may have to answer a question or two about this is your science class from time to time.

 Ages 20- 29

This is the decade of Duality.

You learn the positive and negatives of life as you enter into adulthood.

The” Death Program” is running but you tend to block it out of your conscious mind until you approach the end of your 20s.

Then you start thinking about what you haven’t accomplished, realizing that “the rest of your life” isn’t that long! (cont’d)