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Part 2

Ages 30-39 

This is the decade of Perfection of earlier learning.

The “Death Program” speeds up. It tells you that your life is most likely half-over.

You worry about your health (worry creates dis-ease) and start to notice how others are “aging” compared to you.

You may help contribute to a worthy health cause—walking for cancer awareness, raising money for MS,  donating blood, etc. because you realize that “some day this may be you.”

Women reach the end of their child-bearing years. They are now “old.”

Ages 40-49

This is the decade of Physical Reality.

Often your financial picture improves or the direction you need to go in life becomes clearer.

In the meantime, the “Death Program” creates mid-life crises, saying that you  are officially in middle age.

You decide you better take better care of your health so you don’t wind up like everyone else you know.

You read the health articles wherever you see them to make sure you don’t have the symptoms of some dreaded disease.

These articles often promote fear, and fear creates dis-ease. (cont’d)