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Part 3 

Ages 50-59

This is the decade of self-healing.

You have now lived long enough that you consider yourself “wiser” than those with less life experience.

You no longer care as much about what others think.

You speak out easier for yourself.

You may have more time for yourself as you settle into your career.

You feel more confident and competent—until the AARP mailings and retirement brochures start rolling in, depicting little old bent over people with canes.

The “Death Program” goes visual and you fight your response.

Ages 60-69

This is the decade to end the series of cycles that may be running your life.

This is the opportunity to end the old—

which some people manifest as the end of good health, the end of viable relationships, the end of careers, and the “Death Program” says you are getting closer to the end of your life—better get prepared.

People reach retirement age—they are now cast aside and are “old.” (cont’d)