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Part 4 

Ages 70-79

This is the decade of Completion.

According to the “Death Program” now becoming increasingly active, what you learned as a child is about to come true.

You are reaching the end of the life span of the average human.

You either give in or do your best to beat the odds.

Most people forget that Completion means one door closing and another opening—unless it is the door to Heaven.

Ages 80-89

This is the decade of your Oversoul.

Your Oversoul is your point of origin out of the Mind of God (or your Higher Power, if you prefer that verbiage).

This is the decade when you most naturally consciously connect to your power Source.

Rather than stay here and utilize this powerful and natural connection, what a great time for the “Death Program” to kick in, telling you its time to connect in another reality. (cont’d)