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 Part 5

Ages 90-99

This is the decade that ends all cycles since birth.

If you haven’t left yet, it’s time for the “big heave-ho” to get out the door.

Otherwise, what a wealth of information and history you contain!

If you are still healthy and of sound mind, what an influence you could be to the “new crop” of worker bees arriving into this reality, now ages 0-9.

The “Death Program” is running full speed ahead now, pushing you right through Heaven’s Gate.

Ages 100 Plus

New beginnings –but the “Death Program” has already shown you that you do not want to live this long.

You will be alone, ill, and with no one to take care of you.

“They” do NOT want you to be a LIVING STOREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE that can influence generations.

The “Death Program” is designed so that you absolutely DO NOT follow through on this path of New Beginnings—if you make it this far. (cont’d)