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Part 1

Can you guess the ” Illuminati’s #1 Secret Weapon” ?

This “Secret Weapon” is hidden in plain site so obviously that nearly everyone overlooks it.

This “Secret Weapon” adds to the daily destruction of your freedom, mental prowess, physical health, financial strength, and interpersonal relationships.

There are approximately 6.6 billion of these “Secret Weapons” located throughout the globe—do these numbers give you a clue?

If you guessed YOU, then you are correct. The Illuminati uses each one of you to destroy yourself!

The Illuminati merely sets up the scenario and you walk yourself down the path.

How can this happen?

How do these beings have so much knowledge that they can control and manipulate you into your own self-destruction?

How could this happen?

While you struggle on a daily basis, each and every weak spot that you have is exploited and exaggerated to such a degree that there are dozens of pitfalls around you—so many, that you think these pitfalls are simply ordinary parts of life.

You willingly jump into these pits and holes around you, totally ignoring the safe zones. (cont’d)