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Part 2

These pits are highlighted and emphasized everywhere you look.

You think you have choices and you do—this pit or that pit?

You no longer even recognize the safety zones.

When you see the safety zones, you run away from them because they are now foreign to your conscious mind.

The safety areas now seem the most frightening and the most frightening areas now appear to be the safest.

Thus, you run to your perceived safety zone, deep within the pits that others have dug for you.

You willingly jump in and laugh at anyone pointing to a real safety zone!

You no longer are able to distinguish between what is artificially created and what is not.

You have lost your semblance of reality—what is real and what is not.

Everything blends together.

You are lost and do not realize it.

You fight against yourself and your fellow humans.

Your angers, fears, frustrations, morals, ethics, and even your sexuality are opened and directed every day.

You cannot even sleep in peace, as the skies are filled with equipment that bombards you with ELF to direct your dreams and “rest” periods.

Your negative mind-patterns are artificially enhanced;

you willingly ingest chemicals and non-foods in your bodies,

you take legal and illegal drugs to numb your feelings,

you buy smaller homes and cars to represent feeling small and overwhelmed,

you vote in artificial elections,

you fund-raise for diseases that do not exist,

you take pay cuts while CEOs make millions,

your children spend long days at school being indoctrinated instead of educated …the list goes on and on. (cont’d)