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Every single day, you live the life that “they” create for you.

Where are you in the process?

You are HELPING them dig your own grave!

The human body is designed to live forever!

God-Mind is limitless!

You are hooked up to your own Source—Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind—this is the greatest power that exists!

Why do you refuse to use what is already the most natural and self-inherent power available to all?

Why do you gullibly look away from what you are?

How can you allow yourself to set foot on the path to not only self-destruction, but worse…to self-enslavement?

Observe how you participate and then throw epitaphs at others!

You are not an innocent victim!

You are a willing participant in someone else’s game.

You cannot blame anyone for what you do or do not have; for opportunities that never come your way; for elusive health and relationships; for disappointments in life; for mind-control and ELF.

You willingly walk the path that is prepared for you. YOU are the best “secret weapon” that anyone could wish for!

Now that you are in the middle of the game, or some might say toward the end, you are finally waking up to the reality of the path that you have willingly chosen.

What are you going to do about it?

Why do you think that you have to work harder to get out of it?

This isn’t “their” fault…put responsibility where it rightfully belongs…within YOU!

Quick, before it is too late, get into your mind-pattern, make some challenging choices, because at this stage it is not going to be so easy.

Remember that you always live your past.

You are living the past that you set in motion many, many years ago.

Now, you have to put the brakes on and throw yourself into a skid before you can stop the game and get onto another path. (cont’d)