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Part 4

While you are skidding to a stop, there is a whole lot of shaking going on as one life experience after another bump together, creating a seemingly chaotic mess.

This is a mess that you created and you have to clean up.

You cannot complain about it—you created it.

You have to work harder and faster than ever to manifest a new past that you will eventually live, and this needs to be done as quickly as possible.

YOU have to prepare the path that you will walk, rather than complacently sit by while someone else does it for you.

YOU have to consciously unhook from the artificially enhanced Life Source that has been created for you and consciously hook Self into your Oversoul and God-Mind.

YOU have to discern your True Path of Self.

YOU have to actually do something proactive rather than reactively wait for everything to happen for and to you!

If you want to stop being “The Illuminati’s #1 Secret Weapon”, you are the only one who can disengage the weapon.

How fast or slow you do it is up to you…but do not complain along the way.