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Part 4

Even the time that was spent in utero begins the mind-imprinting process.

If you felt wanted and loved, this is how you at least begin your life.

What happens after that continues your saga.

If your mother was confused, frightened, or perhaps just did not want a baby, this becomes an added emotional trauma that the soul-personality has chosen.

If you were adopted, there are often feelings of abandonment.

Emotionally, you may wonder why your birth mother “did not want you” and infer that this means lack of love.

This may or may not be the case.

After being within the warm safety of the womb for so many months, and then being torn away from it into the arms of strangers creates a major trauma for a tiny newborn.

This may promote a lifetime of abandonment issues, or a person who continually tries to develop a “safe” environment to replicate the one that he/she felt torn from.

This “safe” environment may lead to a lifetime of seclusion, isolation, and even stagnation.  Or, a wanderer who never really feel like he/she belongs anywhere. (cont’d)


Part 3

The second primary way of responding to parental issues is to bring someone into your life who repeats the same type of behavior as your parent.

If your parent emotionally and/or physically abandoned you, you will bring someone in who does this to you, over and over again.

This could be a spouse, child, friend, relative, or coworker.

By bringing someone else in to continue to play the “parent role” there is a part of you, specifically the part that was “injured” at that age level, who is trying to work this out through anyone who will assume the role.

Some people willingly assume the role, while others do not.

If you cannot find a willing participant to assume the role of, for example, your mother, you may subconsciously target a female who is close to you and then put that role upon her.

You may “attack” her in many ways as you continue to try to come to terms with your own mother.

This can make life even more uncomfortable for the recipient of such attacks. These surrogates usually have a victim mentality mind-pattern that provides the entrée for these types of attacks. (cont’d)


Part 2

If you felt powerless as a child, you will find a situation where you feel powerful.

This can often be seen in the workplace, where some supervisors wield their power like swords.

Or, where one employee manipulates one against another—all power plays resultant from people who feel powerless and must at some point work it out so that he/she does have power, even if it is gained by being devious, sneaky, and underhanded.

The difficulty with this type of behavior is that most likely others are hurt in the process.

This is a reflection of the hurt that was done to you, and that you are avoiding.

So, you hurt others over and over again in an attempt to reconcile that hurt with the offending parent.

This particular emotional part of you virtually stopped maturing as a young child.

Since that young child had no choice, it suppressed those feelings.

The child could not consciously do anything but go along with the parental program.

Because it does not have the tools to know any better, that hurt, angry child now feeds the cycle. (cont’d)



Part 1

Most people have “parent issues.” This is understandable, considering that these are usually the first people who imprint the conscious mind. Most of what and how you will experience the rest of your life is often determined by the time that you are five years old based upon these imprints.

Most people usually respond to their early years in one of two ways.  The first way is to try to control other people or situations.  As a child, these people felt powerless, or, “out of control.” To correct this imbalance, the suppressed childhood emotions within the adult now assumes “control,” regardless of the consequences to others.

If one parent was particularly bossy and you felt “bossed around” you will in your adult life “boss others around.”

If you felt abandoned, you may abandon those around you.  Now, you are the one doing the bossing and/or abandoning.  This gives a sense of power and control.

This is how negative cycles perpetuate. Whatever was done to you, you can now do to someone else.

The suppressed childhood emotions are now unleashed and expressing.

This part of you is thrilled to now have control. (cont’d)


Part 3

6.      Repeat with Self

Most likely, you are angry with yourself on some level for allowing the situation to have occurred.

Some part of you thinks that you could have/should have prevented the situation. Put yourself up into the Oversoul level and do the releasing work as described in Step #1, and so forth.

When you come to Step #5, use the following affirmation:

 I forgive myself for all that I did, consciously and unconsciously, to allow the situation to occur.

 As with others, if you cannot say this statement and mean it, continue going back to Step #1 until you can.

 Whatever you hold onto prevents you from moving forward.

This is because you cannot experience something new until you have emptied out the old.

You only have room for “x” number of experiences within your auric field. If you are filled up, so to speak, you must pour something out to prepare for the new to enter.

Think about your choices, and the results of each.

What path can you take that will quicken the journey toward your goal?

Who is blocking your path?

Is it you?


Part 2

To complete your experience and completely remove it from your auric field so that you do not have to continue to repeat the experience, you may want to use to following six steps.

 1.      Allow all suppressed emotions to express on the Oversoul level

Place the person with whom you have issues above your head up into your Oversoul. Allow all parts of yourself that harbor unexpressed emotions, such as hurt, frustration, doubt, bitterness, and hatred to freely express these feelings. Allow these parts to yell, scream, hit, punch, or do whatever is necessary to the person in your Oversoul space. This relieves and removes the existing leftover energy from you and experientially passes it up to your Oversoul.

Ask your Oversoul to deliver your message, in whatever form that takes, to the other person’s Oversoul. Tell your Oversoul to ask his/her Oversoul to pass this message on to the individual in the appropriate way at the appropriate time. In this way, the person will receive the message in a way that he/she can actually “hear” as well as understand on some level of awareness.

2.      Hear the other person’s side on the Oversoul level

After you have drained yourself of the existing emotions, you are now ready to hear the other person’s side of the story. Ask your Oversoul for a response from the other person via his/her Oversoul.  Your Oversoul will pass this message on to you. Remember that you only communicate with your own Oversoul, never anyone else’s.  Your Oversoul is the filter through which all communication passes so that you can “hear.”

3.      Understand what he/she taught you

Objectively review what you learned from this person. Why did you allow this lesson in your life?  What part of you needed the balance that this person brought to your life? Nothing can happen unless there is some level that attracts and allows an experience.

4.      Thank the person for taking the time to teach you

On the Oversoul level, thank the person for taking the time to teach you. Understand that he/she is busy with his/her own work. He/she took time to stop long enough on his/her journey to be a part of your play so that you could learn about yourself.

 5.      Forgive him/her

 Use the following affirmation:

I forgive you for all that you did to me, both consciously and unconsciously.

If you cannot say this and mean it, then you need to go back to Step#1, as most likely you are still harboring negative emotions toward that person. These emotions will never harm the other person, only yourself.  Continue to repeat the steps until you can say the above affirmation and actually mean it. (cont’d)

Part 1

Almost everyone has forgiveness issues because somewhere along the way, in your mind, someone “did” something to you that you just cannot quite get over.

You may even logically understand the situation, but emotionally you may be harboring bits and pieces of hurt, frustration, doubt, bitterness, and possibly even hatred that seem to be wedged inside.

The positive side of these negative emotions is that whatever you learned, you do not forget!  And most likely, you promise yourself that you will never repeat the experience.

However, until you completely understand and release the experience from your auric field, there is a high likelihood that you will repeat the experience in one form or another until you “get” the lesson.

Keep in mind that on some level of awareness, you agreed to the situation for some reason so that your soul-personality could learn and grow. (cont’d)

Part 4

You may think that if you could only go somewhere else, you would be “healed”. Maybe you think your “healer” is a geographic location. While, again, this can be a crutch/aid/support, ultimately, you are the only one who can heal you.

If you allow someone or something to “heal” you, then you will only re-create the situation somewhere else with someone or something else .Until you change, nothing else truly changes. You can run, but you cannot hide anywhere. You are the creator and the healer.

Never put anyone on a pedestal. Everyone is always equal. If someone says that he/she can “heal” you, think twice, and then twice more, and if you still are not sure, you better continue your evaluation process. No one ever successfully heals another.

Do yourself a favor—declare yourself your own best and true healer. Gather your tools; prepare to do your work. Stay focused and maintain your Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind connection. Your path becomes narrower and also more defined. More boundaries, more rules, more success. There is nothing like triumph from within, a step at a time. These are the lessons from which you learn; these are the lessons that you remember; these are the experiences you finally and ultimately, complete. The secret to being  healed is realizing who the healer really is.

The End.

Part 3

You are your own guru/teacher/healer. Only you can “fix” any imbalances. If someone else comes in and does it for you, then he/she learns—not you. You may find that healing yourself is not fun or pleasant; you may find that it is a struggle. You may find people who say “let me do it for you.” Let me touch you and it will go away. Let me say a magic jingle, or light candles, chant, or anything else their imaginations can come up with. That may sound more interesting to you, and more exciting to you, then you doing your own boring work. And, of course, it definitely sounds much easier than you doing it yourself!

A balanced life is not just about “happiness” –a balanced life is a myriad of emotions and experiences so that you enjoy the full embodiment of what this reality has to offer. “Happiness” is a much overrated catch-word that is not a “stand-alone” emotion. It needs support and grounding from a myriad of other emotions and life experiences. The garden of your life is deeply enriched by the manure that is used to fertilize it.

Stop looking for a “healer” to help you. Another person can help direct you to where you need to be, or help you determine how to unravel the tangle that your life has become. Sometimes you “cannot see the forest for the trees”—you are simply too close and too involved to be able to see how you got to where you are. Then, allow the strength of your mind-pattern to pull the correct information to you that helps get you through your muddle. But, no one else can do it for you. You may garner tools “here and there” but you are the only one that can use them. No one else can use them for you. (cont’d)


Part 2

Some people believe that if they remove specific people from their lives, that everything will be fine. Or, if they have a different job, they will be happy. Or, more money…this seems to be a great “problem solver.” In the minds of most people, this “healing” that they are looking for will make them “happy” once and for all. Most people think, “if only this or that was different, I would be happy.”

The majority of people are determined to find someone or something outside of themselves that will heal them or their life situation. This simply does not exist. You put yourself in a specific place in life for a reason. You did not just fall into your life. You created it one step at a time. Even if you think it was unconscious, a part of you knew exactly what was happening. This part of you allowed you to create your current circumstances. Because this part of you created your life step by step, this part of you knows how to dismantle the uncomfortable situation step by step.

Only you can dismantle the situation, whether it is mental or physical. Everybody and everything else is only a crutch/aid/support that ultimately can only re-direct you back inside of yourself. You got where you are by yourself, you have to get out of there by yourself. You may create support to help you move on, but only you can actually do it. This is your task; this is your mission. It may not be as grandiose an objective as you would like, but the ultimate journey truly is and only can be fulfilled by you. (cont’d)


Part 1

 When the mind-pattern of a person is out of balance, all areas of a person’s life are affected. Life becomes increasingly muddled, complex, and consuming. Even though it takes many weeks, months, and sometimes years for these situations to catch your attention, they usually have been building for a long time. They rarely just happen overnight. This applies to all issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, relationship, financial, etc.

When people finally realize that they have an issue, most want a quick fix. Because these situations make them feel “bad” they want someone or something to make them feel “good”—immediately!

People choose a variety of routes to achieve this “good” feeling. Some people choose allopathic medicine which suppresses the physical symptoms, or surgery, which simply cuts out the “bad stuff.” Some people choose legal or illegal mood-elevating drugs that promote a false sense of well-being. (cont’d)


Part 4

Stepping back into an even deeper level, recognize that this is not the only lifeline where you experience lack of emotional and/or physical comfort. As you work through this lifeline, take yourself back even further in your memories. What was your imprinting at the moment of conception that drew you to these circumstances? Close your eyes and look behind you to see what propelled you into these birth circumstances?

Then, look behind that, and behind that, and behind that. What was the Original Imprinting of the soul-personality when it came out of the Oversoul level? What was the Original Imprinting when the soul-personality came out of the God-Mind level and into the Oversoul level?

Why did the soul-personality choose the particular genetics of the body that it expresses through in this reality? What physical attributes are embedded in the genetics that allow it to experience the current imprinting?  What emotional attributes are embedded in the genetics that the soul-personality desires?

When you start looking at the “big picture” of the existence of your soul-personality, you begin to have a better understanding of why you are here and what your purpose is. You recognize that you are not a hapless victim, but a soul-personality that is very much in control of its destiny. Expand your view and gain a perspective of your life that is much more in alignment with the grand soul-personality that expresses through you in this lifeline. Understanding multidimensional imprinting is a big key to which you already have access. Use it to explore who and what you are. As with all things, it is there for the taking.

The End. .



Part 3

Imprinting takes place in many forms. For example, some males are imprinted by their parents that “pink is a color that only girls wear.” If this is your imprint, you are not going to wear pink, even if you really would like to wear this color. If you decide to wear pink anyway, then you must get through your self-talk that tells you this is not quite correct. The imposed imprinting says not to wear pink, so you must re-imprint yourself.

On a deeper level, if every time you went to a parent for emotional or physical comfort when you were a small child you were not comforted, your imprint is to find that person who will comfort you. You may continue to set up situations with people who do not comfort you, and you feel like you are hitting your head against a wall. But, you will keep trying because that child within who was never comforted still wants to be comforted, and he/she still needs to have that need fulfilled.

The child within will set up the same parental situation over and over again until it finally gets the comfort that he/she desires. However, instead of parents, the child within will use whatever surrogates that he/she can find. This can be friends, neighbors, co-workers, partners, anyone with a body. The child within lives in his/her own world, continually looking for the person who will comfort him/her. (cont’d) 


Part 2

The soul-personality itself is always the same as it came forth out of the God-Mind. It does not change, but it bends and twists itself so that different aspects of itself combine. These combinations then move out into different realities for experience. Think of a piece of “silly putty. “ It is always the same lump, but you can bend and twist it to create different expressions of itself.

In this way, the soul-personality studies itself. Because it is a microcosm of the macrocosm, this is simply a replication of the way that God-Mind bends and twists Itself so that It can study Itself.

To study itself, the soul-personality creates specific “themes” for every lifeline in simultaneous existence. These themes imprint upon the mind-pattern, or frequency. This is completed via a constant replication of certain behavior and emotions. Using the silly putty as an example, you can stamp it one time to see a specific shape. But, the more, or harder, you stamp it, the deeper the imprint. Eventually, after continual stamping, the silly putty takes on the form of the stamp.

This is the same with the energy that comprises the soul-personality. On some level, it chooses to be continually “stamped” until it is in a specific shape that allows it to be a magnet for specific experiences. When the soul-personality has learned everything that it can, both positive and negative, it is ready to release the imprint and be imprinted with something new and different. Because it takes time to create an imprint, the soul-personality does not want to release the imprint before it has experienced the totality of the imprint. (cont’d)


Part 1

 As a multidimensional being, imprinting takes place on many levels. Because of this, you feel and react to it on many levels. The first imprinting takes place in this reality at the moment of conception. At this point, you have already decided what aspects of the soul-personality you want to focus upon.

You have chosen the dimension, the planet, and the country that best fits the frequency of this particular aspect of your soul-personality. From there you choose the environment, the parents, and even the siblings, if any. You even choose the friends and sometimes spouse/partner that best fits your frequency. It is the strength of your mind-pattern that makes all of these arrangements, pulling to you all that most closely reflects who and what you choose to focus upon in this reality.

The mind-pattern is a frequency that might be compared to a magnet. As the frequency emits from the soul-personality, its pull automatically pulls “like” materials to it. This means dimension, planet, country, environment, parents, siblings, friends, spouse/partner, etc., right on down to the food that the physical body eats to the clothes that it wears. (cont’d)


Part 4 

Consciously learning multidimensionally is a lot of work and can be extremely challenging, as well as dropping the programmed response of linear learning. Linear learning focuses your abilities so narrowly that you lose your conscious knowing of all that you do, and all that you can do. This does not discount the research and books that others have compiled, but merely focuses on enhancing what you are already doing naturally.

Every single experience is multidimensional and thus multilayered.

How deep do you want to explore?

How do you want to spend your time?

Where do you want to focus?

Where does the soul-personality need to focus for growth and awareness?

What will distract you from your chosen path of exploration?

Are you willing to allow your Oversoul to help guide you into the answers to these questions?

Or are you determined to find your own way by yourself without help from your Oversoul and God-Mind?

Or, do you hear the guidance, but decide to do it your way, anyway?

As a reflection of your own multidimensional, multilayered self, the outer world has no choice but to reflect this back to you. Understanding this means understanding your own inner nonphysical world. Choose wisely in awareness how to accomplish this, making your way through the distractions into completion of the soul-personality’s multidimensional and multilayered goals for this lifeline and beyond.

The End.


Part 3

While this example speaks only to one part of the body, think about the millions of cells that comprise the body, each one holding part of your genetic lineage. Each one is processing the family genetics as well as what your soul-personality adds to each cell. In addition, your soul-personality may have used this family genetic line multiple times, so there may be more of you in your cellular structure than what you consciously realize. Family genetics have the potential to hold you back, creating blocks and difficulties for the soul-personality.

As the cells process without releasing their experiences, they outpicture their knowledge—this is what causes diseases of the physical body. The disease is really just the cells outpicturing (creating) their experiences experientially. They will continue to do this experientially until the experiences are released up to the corresponding Oversoul and on up into God-Mind.

While you are experiencing your  moment-by-moment life within your mind and body, you have multi-layers of experience going on in your body within every cell—not only what you brought with you, but the family genetics as well.

Every part of your life is multidimensional, from the minutest bit of consciousness to the grandest one that you can possibly imagine. Every experience is multidimensional with multilayer upon multilayer of meaning. You can take each experience at surface level and consciously stop there, or explore the reasons upon reasons why each experience happens as it does. On some level you know them all—but is it consciously important to know all these reasons? Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. Ask your Oversoul to direct your awareness. (cont’d)


Part 2

The body is one giant sensory organ that your soul-personality utilizes as its bridge between it and this physical world. Each cell in your body continually processes all of your life experiences. Anything that was not completely processed in other lifelines that influences you now continues to be processed once a physical body is created in the womb.

Each cell holds so much information that it is difficult to consciously assess it all. And, besides your personal experiences, your physical body also holds the awareness of its genetic lineage. So, if, for example, it is in your pre-birth mind-pattern not to speak up for yourself, you may find yourself automatically drawn into a family with a genetic predisposition to thyroid problems.   The genetics exacerbate your mental condition.

You not only have your own issue, but because this issue is genetically embedded in the family genetics, you have a greater challenge before you. Although your mind-pattern drew you into the situation, the situation can literally become your prison “cell.” You are forced to push deeper within yourself to balance out your “inability-to-speak-up-for-yourself” mind-pattern. (cont’d)


Part 1

 Most learning is taught linearly. You go to a book, you read, you have an answer. If the answer is not in the book, you find another book. You are taught from the time you are born to look outside of yourself for answers. By default, you are taught to distrust your own thoughts and ideas. You are taught to circumvent your most direct connections to All That Is and instead focus on a long and winding road to nowhere.  Linear learning disconnects you from your intuitive side and your innate ability to know by knowing on a multidimensional level within your multidimensional self.

 In truth, you learn multidimensionally every second of every day—you just do not consciously realize this because you have been purposely “defocused” from this process. Every cell in your body gathers information at every moment, whether you stop and think about it, or not. When you sit on a chair, the cells register what they are sitting on—hard, soft, type of material, padded, not padded, wooden, cold, hot, etc.

When you go into a room, you have an awareness of where you are—the position of all the people, furniture, windows, exit/entry points, ceiling, floor. You move through the room in multidimensional awareness.

At the same time, your skin registers air temperature, as well as feeling the texture of clothes surrounding it. Your nose senses any strange or different smells. You hear a variety of sounds around you—people talking, road noises, wind blowing, etc. Your eyes continually scan your environment, instinctively cataloguing the visuals. (cont’d)


Part 4

There are always a lot of emotions surrounding “who I might have been if this or that had not happened.”

Now, take the additional step to recognize who you are because of what did happen. It is easy to focus on what you lost, but more challenging, and ultimately realistic, to determine why you chose the route in life that suppressed a part of your innate characteristics.

There had to be a reason and purpose that served the overall soul-personality for your life to have occurred as it did. The soul-personality knew the characteristics of your parents and guardians. Your soul-personality specifically chose this life, knowing that parts of you were going to be redirected and refocused.

The more you dig around the moment of inception into this reality, the closer you are going to come to determining why you came here. The reasons are most likely multidimensional and multifaceted. You may find more reasons than you expected.

You most likely did not choose an easy road, but it becomes more bearable when you understand why you chose it. Keep proactively searching, and you may be amazed at the many layers that you uncover. All of these are clues to the soul-personality, as well as to the very reason for your existence.

Perhaps the suppression of parts of you was necessary for the growth of the overall soul-personality in a balanced way not easily understood or explained via the human experience. But as your toolbox grows and your knowledge deepens, and the soul-personality has accomplished some of its goals, it is time for you to consciously know more about who you really are. As you answer the question, “Where did I go?” the reasons begin to make more sense and clarify the bigger picture of the soul-personality.

This is a challenging question that is sure to bring forth more inner revelations.

The End.

Part 3

Once these aspects of Self were suppressed, i.e., effectively “removed,” you were left with a gap in the original personality. Once a gap is created, then you have to fill it in with something.

What did you use to fill in the gap?

Was it silence, shyness, or acting out?

Was it fear, anger, frustration, bitterness?

Was it jealousy, envy, or sadness?

Spend some time thinking about:

  1. The Original Soul-Personality
  2. What you lost
  3. What age you lost it
  4. What you used to fill in the gaps

How did this change in personality affect your behavior?

Did you begin to change more and more of you to suit the outside environment when you realized the outside environment was not changing to suit you?

Did you become combatant with the outside environment when you realized that you were not allowed self-expression?

How do you think these personality changes affected your life choices and path?

Can you imagine your life without these changes having taken place?

What would you and your life be like?

Would you have even entered into this life cycle if these changes had not taken place?

Did you come here to learn something specific that could only be accomplished if these parts of you were effectively “removed”?

Could you have accomplished your goal any other way?

Could your parents have been your parents if these changes had not taken place? (cont’d)


Part 2

What were the experiences that stripped you of your sense of identity?

How young were you?

What was taken away from you?

Was it your sense of joy and hope?

Was it your ability to love and be loved?

Was it your sense of safety and comfort?

Was it your communication skill?

Was it your self-respect, self-appreciation, and self-worth?

What did you “lose” as a result of your early lifetime experiences? (cont’d)


Part 1

”Who are you?” is the question asked throughout millennia.

In this reality, the question should be, “Where did you go?”

At the moment of your birth, the soul-personality was formed, whole, and complete. It had expectations, goals, and desires as well as thoughts and intense feelings. The soul-personality had a desire to express and communicate.

At some point in your early journey, you stopped being you. Perhaps you were an infant crying for comfort, food, or warmth, and no one came. Perhaps you stretched your arms out for a hug and were rejected one time too many. Perhaps you shared your hopes and dreams only to be laughed at or ridiculed. Perhaps someone stopped you as your joy was pouring forth when you skipped and experienced a carefree moment.

Think about your early experiences that left you feeling less than whole and complete.

When did you realize that your expectations, goals, and desires would go unfulfilled?

How were your desires to express and communicate squashed and suppressed? (cont’d)


Part 4

God-Mind is much too vast for anyone to grasp Its workings in Its entirety, yet people often feel frustrated with themselves for not understanding. Why is that? Accept the fact that God-Mind has an entirely different set of logic than the system in which you are trained.

Release your linear logic, and embrace your True Nature of multidimensional God-Mind logic. Understand that you may not always understand the why’s and how’s of your life until the event is complete and you are able to look back, study, and release. This is how you remember and re-embrace your multidimensional self—through experiential learning. How can one really teach you about something that you must experience?

If you have closed yourself off to your True Nature, then your True Nature must be re-opened, and re-learned, or re-membered so that you can get back into the True Nature of Self. You can learn to look, plan, and dream beyond linear logic. You can visualize “wild and crazy” scenarios without limitations and then allow them to happen rather than squeeze them out by trying to force a linear, logical series of events your way.

Remember, you can force your way, but that does not mean this brings the best results. By doing so you squeeze out what your Oversoul and God-Mind have planned for you. Your proactive participation in your multidimensional self allows for the macrocosm to become more fully functional in Its way once again. Why set your life up so that It must fight you to give you what you want? How crazy of a system is this that you have studied and accepted?

God-Mind Logic is definitely not linear logic; God-Mind contains linear logic, but also contains a multitude of other kinds of logic that are an important part of the functioning of all realities – including your current one!

The End.



Part 3

Yet, the impatient you might not recognize the “maybes”. You might think “I want one now” and “No one is listening.” Maybe someone is listening, but sees the dangers in immediate manifestation and prefers to get you in order first so that when the time comes you can handle the responsibility and all that comes with owning a car.

So, instead of driving your beautiful sleek car that you envision, life becomes more challenging and complicated. Unbeknownst to you, these are the challenges that make you ready for the correct car at the correct time. You become frustrated that “nothing is happening” and your mood swings run from ranting and raving to feeling sorry for yourself.

All the while, your Oversoul and God-Mind are doing everything in their power to get you to the point where you can have your car. But because you did not recognize these steps to getting there, you feel let down and denied. The linear logic of your mind already sets up the path of how and when your car is arriving. Since this is not happening, obviously something is wrong—with you, the system, your Oversoul/God-Mind connections, etc. Frustration builds and eventually you give up.

Once you give up and stop trying to direct the action, your Oversoul and God-Mind can work more quickly and efficiently. You may still see the challenges as overwhelming and defeating. You may choose to beat yourself up, or you may greet the challenges as you conclude that you have no choice anyway. (cont’d)


Part 2

True geniuses always think “outside the box” – the linear box, that is. True geniuses do not let the constraints of the educational system box them in. They constantly daydream and allow their minds to wander into the world of “what if” without limitations. They get off the linear line. True greats are often described as “they did it their own way” or “they had their own style” or even, “they were completely self-taught.”

When you put your requests out to your Oversoul and God-Mind, sometimes it appears that your requests are denied or not even heard. This is because once you do this, you create a picture in your own mind of how and when your request will be answered. In True Reality, as soon as you make the request there is an answer, but most of the time you do not recognize it.

If you request a beautiful new car but do not know how to drive, manifesting one immediately might not be the most appropriate action for you at the moment. Maybe your personality is rash and would not properly handle the responsibility of piloting a mass of steel down the highway. Maybe your personality would need some adjustments before you could even deal with a driving instructor. Maybe your area does not have proper roads. Or, maybe the roads you have will soon be under construction, but you do not know this yet.

Maybe if you have a car too soon, someone might get hurt. Maybe “your car” is not ready for you yet—the correct frequency of your vehicle is extremely important since your car is an outpicturing of you. This list of “maybes” can go on and on, and “maybe” all of the above describes you! So, before the car manifests, you have a lot to get in order. (con’t)


Most people think in terms of linear logic because this is the way they are trained. . Linear logic means that if you do “x” then “y” will follow. For example, if you study hard in school (x) then you will get good grades (y).  Or, if you put a pot of water on a hot burner (x) then the water will eventually boil. The world is full of such neat and precise logical situations, always moving you from Point A to Point B to Point C and so forth, in a straight “linear” line.

There are numerous books designed to teach you how to think using linear logic. The entire educational system enforces linear logic. The more education you have the more linear logic is expected of you. After all, how can you function unless you can project what effect “x” will have on “y”?

Studying linear logic (x) effects you by narrowing your focus away from multidimensional logic (y) – another brilliant and well-implemented plan to keep you away from the capabilities of your true self.  Because you are so accustomed to thinking linearly, thinking in multidimensional logic, which is your natural state, becomes a challenge.

Always remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as such, whatever is within God-Mind is within you. God-Mind does not “think” in linear terms. This is why events in your life appear to happen haphazardly. From a linear logical standpoint, there is no order, only chaos.

To truly understand the scenario of life, one must move into the True Nature of True Reality, which does not run in a straight line from Point A to Point B to Point C. This is why you can plan and plan, and plan some more, yet what you think is going to happen never happens, or happens in a completely different way than you ever imagined. This is because you live in a linear box. (cont’d)



Your most challenging oppressor becomes your greatest teacher, unknowingly and unwittingly leading you to become the greatest spiritual warrior ever! Your tactics increase, your tools grow, your skills are enhanced, your spiritual muscles are exercised and nourished in ways you never would have accessed were it not for the obliging nature of the oppressors.

Stronger and stronger you become, winning back your own identity, fighting to get out of the prison into which you have willingly walked. You are a spiritual warrior! You have overcome the oppressor, because the oppressor is only a reflection of you! You have come full circle, meeting yourself where you started by lifting the lid off your own oppression and releasing the need to have your internal oppression outpictured for you and to you by others.

As the old “helpless, woe-is-me” mind-pattern dismantles, there is nothing to hold the oppressor in your space. You find that the spiritual warrior within has found true freedom at last. That which you are looking for is truly inside. Correct your own inner imbalances and the outer imbalances automatically correct themselves under Universal Law. Behold the mighty spiritual warrior! You have won the battle against yourself and in doing so, the battle in the outer world ceases to exist. END.

Are you through with the distractions and pettiness of the world?

Are you ready to turn the tide and reclaim the life that you designed for you?

Or would you rather suffer at the hands of those who want you to feel pitiful and small?

Listen within and you will hear the still, small voice that is not so still anymore, that is crying louder and louder through your internal distractions in hopes that you can finally hear it.

Feel the heartbeat of your own internal spiritual warrior. Reclaim your right to a healthy mind, body, and soul; a whole and complete lifestyle; true knowledge and the wisdom to use it appropriately. Hear your battle cry in your effort to save yourself from going down with the ship when the ship is an illusion and the water is life-giving not life-taking.

As you develop your spiritual muscle, the oppressors will not be pleased. They will take new, more powerful action against you, forcing you into retreat. But the joke is on them, because the more they push you, the more you learn how to develop your spiritual muscle out of necessity; out of spiritual soul survival. Spiritual muscles that have lain dormant for far too long now awaken, strengthened and encouraged with each memory that finds its way into your conscious mind.  (cont’d)

As a spiritual warrior, you must be strong enough to fight to regain your lost spiritual ground. You must dive deep into your own internal waters quickly because the outer world is doing everything it can to lead you anywhere but where you can find your own personal power. There is a thick, sticky, energetic ELF soup that is layered in the atmosphere, permeating everything beneath it, from the food that you eat to the buildings where you live, work and play and into your own physical body to befuddle your brain so that your true mind can only barely function.

This is not a battle, this is a war; a war to save your own soul from further sinking into a myriad of mass confusion. You are at the mercy of the advanced technology that in the hands of a few, tricks you into believing that the technology is more powerful than your own mind; your mind that is consciously connected to your Oversoul and God-Mind, the most powerful force that can possibly exist.

As a battery with a never-ending power source, how could the Global Handlers trick you into believing that you are helpless and they are all powerful?

Why do you live in fear of their lies and deceit?

Are you not a microcosm of the macrocosm?

Are you ready to stand up and claim your power?

Do you clearly hear your own inner war cry that is trying to catch your attention; to force you to remember who you are and from where you come? (cont’d)

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