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Do you think of yourself as a spiritual warrior? If not, then this is a title to which you might want to give some serious thought. In today’s environment, the tide is against spiritual movement, much less spiritual development. The entire Earth is so heavily and thoroughly bombarded with waves and waves of ELF that the best that most spiritual seekers can hope for is to maintain the status quo.

The Global Handlers  do not want you to find out any more spiritual truths than they pass out through organized, conventional religion. After studying the religions of indigenous peoples and taking their knowledge, the Global Handlers ridiculed these religions as superstitious, called the natives heathens, and turned public opinion against these peoples. This still continues to this day.

As a spiritual warrior, you must develop the mental acuity and perception to delve into spirituality in its purest form. Doing so means that you save not only yourself, but ideals and ideas that are all but extinguished as people are driven to distraction on all levels. Humankind has become mentally bereft of nourishing ideas, emotionally pulled in every direction as relationships become increasingly fragmented and distant, and physically disabled and weak as the food supply dwindles down to only merely enough real nutrients to maintain the physical structure as a shell of its potential.  (cont’d)

Part 2 

Ice blue has many benefits to the body. For example, if you have a fever, you can visualize ice blue in and around your body to reduce or eliminate the high temperature. You can use ice blue in areas of pain or swelling to reduce those symptoms or completely remove them from the body. Ice blue is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and stopping bleeding in any part of the body. Ice blue can make you feel cold, so use it for this purpose as well. Use visual aids of ice blue whenever as needed. Eventually, you will be proficient enough to just think about it and use it at will.

One of the negative side-effects of ice blue is if you hold it in the heart chakra area for too long, it can lead to depression. As with everything, practice knowing when the color is needed and when it is time to stop using it.

Ice blue can help you in a variety of personal, educational and professional ways. Explore the color to see what it can do for you.  END

Part 1

The month of September brings the reopening of schools.  Businesses gear up for an active holiday season which is quickly approaching. One of the biggest issues in education and the business world is that of communication. This is a major challenge as people must communicate properly with each other and with the community that they serve.

A color that is helpful to both the educational system and to business, as well as to the individuals within them, is ice blue which has a function of communication. Ice blue can be used by educators in their quest to communicate their ideas and concepts to students and colleagues alike. Businesses can use ice blue in signage and store décor to better communicate the function of their products to their clientele.

Everyone can use ice blue in one capacity or another. This is why in the physical body it is centered in the throat, or thyroid chakra, area. Activating ice blue in the throat chakra opens the verbal centers of the brain to give you the words to speak. Always practice being tactful and honest when you communicate. Ice blue also strengthens and heals all the organs in the throat area.

Ice blue is a color that is rarely used or understood. Ice blue is extremely versatile and helpful in so many ways. Many people are not able to visualize this color properly, Think of a blue topaz in sunlight or the ice pack that you have in your freezer. (cont’d)


Part 2

If you have an interest in dolphins, you will enjoy reading Stewart’s Healer’s Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace  which specifically discusses how to use the color Royal Blue to communicate with dolphins, either up close or at a distance.

Holding Royal Blue in your mind as you fall asleep leads you into interesting and fascinating dreams. Royal Blue is the entry code color into higher levels of awareness. If you like to meditate, you might enjoy visualizing Royal Blue in the brain at this time. You may be surprised at the information you receive as new pathways are activated which allow new solutions to old challenges to surface. Create new and interesting uses for the color Royal Blue as you explore its various capacities.

If you like to swim and have the opportunity to dive into Royal Blue water, enjoy the enhancement of the water effects. You will be amazed and intrigued at the depth and breadth of the color Royal Blue. Happy August!

*Do you know what color you need in your life for balance and well-being? Most people do not realize that the energy field is comprised of seven basic colors; eight when you consider the brown on the bottom that ties you to the Earth’s gravitational field. These colors fit around you in a cylindrical tube. When in proper sequence they restore and enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  END

Part 1

Royal Blue is a wonderful color to associate with the month of August, especially if you live near the water. On a sunny August day, the water can look a deep royal blue, perfect for diving into, either mentally or physically.

Energetically, Royal Blue is the color of the Pineal Gland area which encompasses the top of the forehead to just below the nostrils. Any problems that you have in that area of the head can be alleviated by visualizing Royal Blue in that place, especially including eyes, ears, and nose. For example, if your eyes feel strained, mentally close your eyes and flood them with Royal Blue to relax and revitalize them.

If you have a vision issue, make it a point to mentally hold the color of royal blue in your eyes everyday for 33 seconds to help correct the imbalance. If you have a summer cold, allergy, or sinus issue, visualize Royal Blue in the nose and sinus area. Swimmer’s ear?  Use Royal Blue to see the difference. Holding Royal Blue in the brain helps build and strength your mental faculties, as well as improve concentration and memory.

You can also wear the color Royal Blue to help enforce your mental work and to use it as a visual aid. Add it to your décor, both home and at work, to increase mental productivity. Using Royal Blue in the brain also helps to balance the left and right brain hemispheres, as well as regulate the Pineal Gland which acts as the regulator for the endocrine and hormonal systems.  (cont’d)


Part 2

 The gall bladder symbolizes bitterness. If you suppress or do not express this emotion properly, you may wind up with gallstones. The stomach is symbolically used to store what you are learning about yourself in life while the intestinal tract is the method of slowly understanding and accepting this information. The spleen creates blood cells and represents your ability to nourish yourself and support life. The lower lobes of the liver are your method of processing current experience.

Each day, practice visualizing the color Pale Yellow permeating and surrounding this section of the body. This enhances the physical energy and supports your assimilation of knowledge and experience.  Whenever you have a physical issue in this part of the body, ask yourself what part of experience or information that you just learned are you rejecting or questioning?  Trust the first image or response that comes to mind. 

Make June your month of self-exploration and understanding. As you look at Nature around you, observe how that reflects your inner self. Enjoy the process! END 

Part 1

Do you know that each month of the year has a color most closely related to it? For the month of June, the color Pale Yellow such as forsythia and scotch broom flowers, is most appropriate. Pale Yellow represents the sun or masculine side of nurturing. Everything on the Earth needs the sun to grow. Through growth comes learning, understanding, absorption, and acceptance, or assimilation. 

Father’s Day, which is in the month of June, is a celebration of the masculine side of Creation. Thinking of your Father may bring up all kinds of thoughts, emotions, and memories; some pleasant and some that challenge your own understanding and acceptance of self. Who you are today is a direct result of what you absorbed and understood about yourself as a child under the influence of your Father figure.

Pale Yellow is closely associated with the solar plexus section of the body which is located from the sternum to the navel. There are several organs of digestion/absorption located in this area, each with its own set of symbolisms. For example, the pancreas represents your ability to process or reject your happiness in life. If you are diabetic it means that you are unable to feel the happiness in your life. (cont’d)



Part 2 

Medium Green is a great color to use to aid the health of the heart muscle, the bronchial tubes, and the lungs. All of these areas of the body have to do with your emotions. Have you heard the expression “she died of a broken heart”? There is truth to this statement. (con’t) 

The bronchial tubes and lungs all have to do with taking in the breath of life. If you have any issues in this area, mentally flush the areas in Medium Green to aid the physical health of the organs. Mentally, ask yourself in what areas of your life do you feel emotionally overwhelmed, so much so that your breath, your life force, is being challenged to flow comfortably in and out of your body?  

Allow May to be the month that you decide to nurture your emotional self. You may be amazed at the results you receive when you add the color of Medium Green to your life! END 

Part 1

You may find that each month of the year has a color most closely related to it. For the month of May, the color of Medium Green, like freshly fertilized grass, is most appropriate. Medium Green represents oxygen which helps all living things to grow, flourish, and be nurtured. 

Mother’s Day, which is always in the month of May in the US, represents a celebration of nurturing and growth. Thinking of your Mother may bring up all kinds of thoughts and memories;  some pleasant and perhaps some that challenge your emotions and connections. This is a great opportunity for you to bring healing and balance to this aspect of your life.

Mentally place the color Medium Green in the heart chakra band, located between the collar bone and sternum. Observe how the color makes you feel. Observe what thoughts and emotions surface into your mind. Think about which thoughts and emotions you would like to keep and grow, and which ones need to be released. Take a few minutes to write your observations down so that you can think about them later. (cont’d) 


Part 5

Visualization for Brown

  1. Start with several cleansing breaths in through the nostrils and out through the mouth. Do this until you feel completely relaxed.
  2. Balance your T-Bar Archetype (refer to technique described in ‘The Hyperspace Helper’ )
  3. Center your consciousness at the pineal gland, which is located behind the center of the forehead (sometimes called ‘The Third Eye’ )
  4. Visualize in front of you a brown equilateral triangle, with a brown circle. Inside the circle, see the most perfect image of whatever you wish to create in your physical reality (e.g. a new home, a great job, a new love, pizza, etc.) When the image is as perfect as you can imagine, surround the image, circle and triangle with brown. Surround yourself with brown. Release the image from your mind and come out of the visualization. Do not think about or repeat the image exercise again unless you wish to change some aspect of it. END.

Part 4

Brown is effective as a safety net during mental exercises. If you are in the midst of a visualization or meditation, and something arises which traumatizes or distresses you, and you no longer wish to remain in the exercise, simply go to brown and come out of the experience. Brown, from a hyperspace perspective, represents the current time period or the here and now. It brings you back mentally from wherever you have sojourned and protects you from whatever effect was working on you.

 Brown also has an interesting effect on the body. It helps to bring a person down from a high powered event. For example, if you are having an out-of-body experience, or if you remain in meditation for a long period of time, there is sometimes a feeling of dissociation from the body which can lead to a lack of interest in physical reality.

In order to reverse that sensation, it is important to use brown for a certain of time in order to ground the mind back into the body.  Otherwise the body may weaken significantly from being disconnected from

By swirling brown in and around the leg areas, you will be strengthening the energy of the body from the feet to the upper thighs. (cont’d)


Part 3

The brown tells the mind-pattern and the hyperspace energies to create the image exactly as is in the here and now, immediately. Try it with something as simple as a parking space or a letter. Then move on to something more complicated.

Spend the next couple of weeks to a month using and practicing brown before moving on to another color.

Something during the day disturbs you and you feel like you are going to get upset or angry, just take a few cleansing breaths in through the nostrils and slowly exhale through the mouth.  Then surround yourself with brown from head to toe, both inside and around the body. Feel the color brown as if you had actually become the brown itself.

Sometimes, if you have trouble visualizing colors, it helps to use a visual aid, until you can mentally perceive the color in your mind. For brown, you may want to hold a dried leaf in your hand or even touch some sand or soil. You could also wear a brown bathrobe or sweater, or wrap yourself in a brown towel or sheet.

They even sell sunglasses that that  have lenses with various shades of brown. The Chakra windsock is also available from Expansions and can be used as an excellent visual aid for the correct chakra colors.  Always use whatever is necessary for you to learn how to use your mind exclusively so that you no longer need to rely on external crutches. (cont’d)

Part 2

Where there’s Smokers, There’s Brown

If you can see auric fields, you will note that when a person smokes, their auric field turns a shade of brown. Since smokers tend to be more nervous than others, they subconsciously feel the brown in and around them when they smoke, thus creating a grounding, calming feeling for them. If you smoke and want to reduce the number of cigarettes you use or even quit smoking, try this:

Every time you feel the urge to light up a cigarette, take a few cleansing breaths and surround yourself inside and out with brown. Hold the color until you start feeling the calming, grounding effects. If done properly, your urge to smoke will dissipate and be eliminated. By using this method every day, your need to smoke will eventually disappear. You can also visualize a cigarette with a big brown X through it. That tells the mind-pattern that this image is no longer acceptable. You can actually use this method with whatever you are trying to eliminate from your mind and life. (cont’d)

Part 1

By swirling brown in and around the leg areas, you will be strengthening the energy of the body from the feet to the upper thighs. Any injuries or illnesses that you have here will be corrected or reversed by instilling brown and holding it for up to a minute.

Those of you who are attempting to raise your Kundalini energy must be careful not to allow the flow of energy to get out of hand and create a premature situation. By first using brown around the leg area, you will circumvent any problems that would cause energy to rise too quickly or too powerfully. There are many people in mental institutions, prisons and cemeteries who did not take the proper precautions.

The brown tells the mind pattern and the hyperspace energies to create the image exactly as in the here and now, immediately. (cont’d)

Part 5

Compartmentalization occurs on the Out-Breath. 

Unification occurs on the In-Breath.

Both answer the same question from a different perspective.

Together, they are the answer. 

In True Reality there is only One Soul.

This One Soul can never separate from Itself. 

Compartmentalization via the illusion of separation is the best that It can do.

Unification is only an illusion as well, as God-Mind can never separate from Itself in True Reality.

Have you ever heard someone say that he/she is “only a novice” or a “beginner” when it comes to metaphysics? 

Or, “I wish I could communicate with my Oversoul and/or God-Mind?” 

These people are definitely “into” the illusion of separation! 

 There are no novices or beginners! 

 Everyone is in communication with his/her Oversoul and God-Mind!  

There is no separation!

 Only illusion that allows the continual, fascinating process of Self-Exploration. END. 

Part 4 

 When the soul-personality is compartmentalized as much as it deems necessary, either by self or others, then it is time to create another illusion—that of “unification.” The reverse process happens. As each piece “reintegrates,” each cell brings its own unique set of knowledge to add to the whole.

Now, the “pieces come together” and the whole understands the totality of Itself through unification.

Consider this simplified model:

Subpersonalities/alters unify with other subpersonalities/alters

Subpersonalities/alters unify with main soul-personality

Soul-personality unifies with Oversoul

Oversoul unifies with God-Mind

This is the natural rhythm of the Universe, or the Breath of God-Mind. As God-Mind breathes Itself out, the soul-personality feels itself moving “away” from God-Mind. As God-Mind breathes Itself in, the soul-personality rides the breath “back” to its Source. As a microcosm of the macrocosm, the physical body replicates this breathing in and out. (Cont’d)


Part 3

When you think that you cannot compartmentalize/separate anymore, you find out that you can. The sub-personality of God-Mind must explore Its ability to compartmentalize until It cannot compartmentalize any more. Every cell must compartmentalize until there are no more ways left to compartmentalize. Only then can Its exploration be complete.

Consider the following simplified model:

God-Mind compartmentalizes into Oversouls

Oversouls compartmentalize into soul-personalities

Soul-personalities compartmentalize into subpersonalities/alters

Subpersonalities/alters compartmentalize ad infinitum

Each compartmentalization perpetuates the illusion that it is separate from the whole. These compartmentalizations allow all aspects of God-Mind to continually experience Itself via the illusion of separation.  In this artificially created scenario, the soul- personality becomes angry and despondent as it seemingly wanders further and further away from its Source. It is so fully immersed in the illusion that it looks to find its way “back” to God-Mind. (Cont’d)


Part 2 

Physical beings are merely another compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind.

Every type of physical being that you can imagine exists somewhere, someplace. In Its quest for Internal Knowledge, physical beings are continually compartmentalized into more subpersonalities of God-Mind so that It can continue Its Self-Exploration.

On the soul-personality level, this compartmentalization is enhanced via the illusion of separation. As a cell within a subpersonality of God-Mind, the individual stays focused in its own compartment via this illusion.

Within this illusion, the soul-personality asks the following questions:

What is separation from God-Mind?

From my Oversoul?

From my parents?

From my family?

From myself?

From a physical body?

From others?

How many ways can I separate from others?

How many ways can I separate from myself?

How many ways can others separate me from myself?

Keeping this in mind, understand that group or individual mind-control is a continuation of the compartmentalization process.

Mind-control is another way that the illusion of separation is perpetuated so that compartmentalization can occur. (Cont’d)



Part 1

Physical realities are the natural Self-Compartmentalizations of God-Mind exploring Itself. In True Reality, God-Mind can never separate from Itself, only create this illusion for the purpose of exploring Its own totality. Physical realities provide a vehicle for this Grand Internal Dissection.

Every species of plant, animal, mineral, and physical being that exists is a compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind. A part of God-Mind becomes the species to understand and know Itself through experiential exploration. Every individual within the species is a cell within God-Mind, each one unique with at least one differentiating characteristic from all others. God-Mind “isolates” Itself, cell by cell, for Self-Exploration. In this way, each subpersonality within God-Mind continually explores and defines Itself.

For example, there are 20,000 known species of butterflies alone. Within each of these 20,000 known species, there is every variation that can possibly be imagined. This species is really a compartmentalization of God-Mind, twisting and turning on a Self-Exploratory journey. (Cont’d) 


Part 9

When you are specifically targeted, keep in mind that the programmer knows you better than you know yourself. Inside and out, strengths and weaknesses. Strengths may be hidden or “countered” while weaknesses used against you for control.

Remember, all mind-control/programming is only an enhancement of what already exists within you. If someone outside of yourself has molded, shaped, and compartmentalized you further into the illusion of separation, you can mold, shape, and reintegrate yourself back into your True Form.

If you can do this in a proactive way, there is less chance that it will pop out on its own and surprise you, putting you into the reactive mode.

No “deprogramming” process is easy, whether it is from general mind-control or if you are/were a specific target.

However, the soul-personality obviously has deep lessons to learn, and it is important to understand the underlying themes of knowledge woven into these intricate experiences. As a microcosm of the macrocosm, self-exploration is ultimately Oversoul/God-Mind exploration. END.

 Part 8

 Taking notes is important, as this will later help you go back and put the pieces together. In the beginning, you might not be aware of any patterns.  But as the notes grow, patterns begin to emerge. Even if you begin with a phrase here, or a shadowy memory there, this is still a release of information.  This tiny release starts the pattern, allowing more and more information to rise up. Soon the trickle begins to grow as more information has an outlet.

Keep in mind that all experience is energy comprised of color, shape, form, consistency, and weight. The suppressed information is energy that is compressed into the soul-personality. Removing anything begins the act of decompression, providing an “escape valve” so that the energy now has a way of releasing itself.

Just like opening up anything that is under pressure, it must be opened gradually, or it will blow up.  You do not want to be a kettle that explodes, so proceed with caution, slowly and gently.

It is important to begin to understand your programming so that you can begin to control it rather than it control you. If you continually start something positive and worthwhile only to end it with a self-sabotage routine, you can begin to recognize what you are doing, how and why you are doing it, and you can finally get to the imprint that creates this.

You take control of your life, rather than some suppressed subpersonality/alter controlling you from its hiding place within. (Cont’d)


 Part 7  

Whatever happens, or happened, during programming, a part of you knows, and knows well. Being separate is only an illusion. “Not knowing” is an illusion.  Using the merger symbol, you can begin to reintegrate these parts into the main personality.

With the programming continually rising to, or pushing upon, the surface, and alters flip/flopping around, it is difficult to progress in any area of your life. Natural mind-patterns of self-sabotage have been enhanced. It may be difficult to live a “normal” life with “normal” relationships and careers. With enhanced self-sabotage routines hidden within yourself, you may continually set yourself up for failure without ever understanding the depth of all that affects you.

Because these programs/memories/alters are hidden so deep and well, it is important to assimilate all conscious mind-patterns so that you can find and integrate the deeper ones hidden away. Start with today, cleaning out the conscious mind of all that is no longer necessary.  Then, as a natural process, the memories hidden in your subconscious mind will start surfacing from the multi-layers and levels below. This must be done in a way that can be integrated, understood, and emotionally handled. (Cont’d)


Part 6  

These programming experiences are “piggy-backed” upon natural behaviors, inclinations, and existing environments.  If, for instance, there was/is discord in the home the target’s natural feelings of confusion and low-self worth might purposefully be enhanced by the controller.

Messages from angels, aliens, ascended masters, and/or guides may be overlays of the controller’s messages, often referred to as “masked memories.” Missing time, or periods in your life that you simply cannot remember, are often symptoms of specific programming.

A memory of sexual abuse by a parent might actually be covering sexual abuse perpetrated by a programmer/controller/handler.

What you think may be an out-of-body experience brought on by being “spiritual” may be the result of being forced out through sound, drugs, trauma, etc.

Thinking that you are having a “spiritual experience,” you may even help the experience along by moving into it rather than working to stop it.

Without conscious memories of these experiences, suppressed memories, experiences, and feelings rise to the surface, often resulting in behavior that without explanation may appear irrational.  People with obsessive-compulsive behaviors are often highly programmed.

Feelings of extreme low self-worth and selfesteem may be enhanced through these suppressed memories, as may be depression and any suicidal tendencies. Unexplained nighttime vomiting may be the body’s way of expelling programming drugs, or as with bulimia, trying to vomit out emotional pain and trauma. Promiscuity, or the suppression of natural sexual expression, may be the result of programming. Gender identity and sexual orientation issues are often a result as well. (Cont’d)


 Part 5

Everyone is targeted for mass programming, but it is estimated that approximately one to two million people, or ½% of the total US population, are specifically targeted due to genetic/DNA heritage. If you are part of this target population, then it is especially important that you work on merging your subpersonalities/alters with the “main system.”

For those of you who have received specific individual programming, extreme trauma is purposefully induced to enhance the natural ability of the soul-personality to compartmentalize. With severe trauma that is inescapable, a child or adult, goes continually deeper and deeper inside until a compartmentalization, or “split,” occurs.

These compartmentalizations are carefully orchestrated and guided with drugs, hypnosis, mantras, words, lights, pictures, sound, and implants to achieve the programmer/controller/handler’s goal. The subpersonality/alter is taught to rely on the controller rather than on the soul-personality from which it is split. The physical brain is altered so that the neuro-network is purposefully distorted. This keeps the alters from finding their way to the surface, or to each other. In this way, the natural ability of the mind to compartmentalize is used to create definite alters for specific purposes. (Cont’d)


     Part 4

 Until you reach all involved subpersonalities/alters and either bring them into agreement, or integrate them into the system, you will find these discrepancies of understanding. This is why it is a good idea to always speak to someone on the Oversoul level first. Remember that you only speak to your own Oversoul, and it is your Oversoul who does the rest of the work.

This way, your Oversoul is able to reach all subpersonalities/alters that are involved in the situation. When you realize that you also may have subpersonalities conversing with others’ subpersonalities, you understand the more intricate levels of communication.   You may both be flip/flopping around. You may not really know who is speaking to whom.

To reintegrate the system, it is important that all the “splits” from your childhood years, or from adult trauma, merge back into the main personality.  All alters suppressed deep inside must have a voice and be allowed to speak. This will tell you where the imprinting occurred so that you can effectively integrate them.  By doing this on the Oversoul level, you give these parts of yourself a voice.

No longer suppressed, alters can finally say and/or do on the Oversoul level that which they had no power to do many years before. This brings growth and awareness to the rest of the “system” so that it can successfully reintegrate. Use the merger symbol below at the pineal gland to help with successful integration.  Subpersonalities are also discussed in detail in my book, Decoding Your Life.

You have worlds hidden within worlds of your soul-personality, all a reflection of the activity within God-Mind. The trauma that is experienced in the outer world is a tool  used for self-exploration. Challenging lessons that push you into the core of who and what you are. Are you up to the challenge? (Cont’d)

 Part 3

The consequence of this illusion of separation means that as the child develops more conscious tools to deal with life, the alters are not used and become forgotten. They stay  tucked away deep inside the child without opportunity to grow and evolve along with the rest of the soul-personality.  These alters are not “reintegrated” into the system, but are merely left behind and overshadowed.

Like all things that are suppressed, these alters may occasionally pop out on their own. This is why sometimes you are doing really great with your personal work when suddenly, you find yourself self-sabotaging and reacting with such emotions as stubbornness, willfulness, anger, resistance, fear, etc.  You may wish that you could get through these walls, but you simply cannot. This is because the walls actually exist.  You built them long ago in a time now forgotten to your conscious mind.

Or, you may speak to someone thinking that you are in total agreement, or reach a great understanding, only to find later that this was not the case.  You may have spoken to a subpersonality of that person who in the sense of illusion, is separated from him/ herself.

This is also why you may need to repeatedly explain a certain concept or viewpoint to someone, or you find this happening on occasion with yourself. Each alter within, and there may be a myriad of them, are literally having the conversation for the first time. (Cont’d)



Part 2

When a child is continually pushed into traumatic situations, the child retreats inside at increasingly deeper levels until he/she actually compartmentalizes a part of the personality.  This effectively isolates and shields various aspects of the personality from emotional harm.

Through a natural process of self-preservation, the child develops “alters” that he/she calls upon to deal with life on an as-needed basis. This suppression may enhance another aspect of the personality that can more effectively deal with the outer world, such as an anger or hostile subpersonality/alter. An adult faced with severe trauma may also react by compartmentalizing the self in the same way with the same results.

Think of the personality as a self-contained plastic bubble filled with gel.  When one side is pushed down, or suppressed, the other side expands because the gel has to go somewhere.  The self- altering, literally, rearranges the personality so that it can survive. Without this self-rearrangement, the only other choice would be for the bubble to burst, metaphorically speaking. Literally, the soul-personality would vacate the physical body.

This is a natural form of self-compartmentalization as the soulpersonality begins to explore itself in this lifeline.  This illusion of division within self is a natural reflection of the illusion perpetuated by God-Mind that within physical reality everything is separate. As a reflection of the macrocosm, the child creates the illusion within him/herself that he/she is separate from him/herself.

In True Reality, there is no separation in God-Mind. In True Reality, the child cannot separate from him/herself, just as the macrocosm cannot separate from Itself. (Cont’d)



Part 1

 Because the imprinting of the mind-pattern in this reality most often occurs by the age of five, a child does not usually have tools to deal with any trauma that he/she experiences. When a child experiences trauma, he/she cannot just walk away, get in a car, or leave.

The child has no conscious choice but to remain in the circumstance and fully experience it. Left without tools to deal with trauma, he/she retreats in the only way he/she knows how— and that is to mentally close out the outer world and emotionally retreat inside. Keep in mind that a child’s perception of trauma may be quite different than an adult’s.

This emotional retreat may be expressed in a variety of ways. Physically, these expressions might show as the following symptoms with the corresponding mind-pattern:

»     Accidents/broken bones— a release and rearrangement of pent-up anger

»     Bedwetting/bladder infections—being angry/“pissed off” about outer circumstances

              »      Chills – fear

»     Colds – confusion and doubt, congestion about outer circumstances

»     Earaches— not wanting to hear what is being expressed  in the outer world

      »       Fevers— internal angers

      »         Sore throats—suppressed words that need to come out

      »         Vision/eye problems—not wanting to see what is going on around

Without proper tools to deal with outer circumstances, these are common childhood reactions to internalizing emotional trauma. (Cont’d)






Part 5

Schools and churches both bring people together for mass education purposes.  Is this for the good of the people?  Explore the hierarchy of leadership and see where it leads you.  Who sets the precedents, and why?  Use your own abilities to formulate your own conclusions.  Explore the energy behind the words. 

Put people, places, and experiences up to your pineal gland, surround them in royal blue, and look for yourself.  And, when you are satisfied with your answer, look again, because most likely there is another layer that is buried beneath that.

Life has a way of layering itself in such a way that you cannot even identify the layers, much less sort which facts belong to which layer.  This is purposefully programmed within you to squelch the inner and outer quests, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

As long as your attention can be diverted outward and held there, you will be diverted from inner exploration and peeling the layers of mind-control and programming. The only way to really know who you are is to sort out who you are not. END

Part 4 

The deeper you go inside your issues, the more you find out who and what you are. Multidimensionality becomes an active part of your learning process as you realize that every experience that you have is multi-layered.

In the same way, realize that the outer world is also multidimensional, with many layers of experience. You are accustomed to seeing the world the way you did as a child, trusting the information that you received as well as the people who imparted it.  It is inconceivable to that part of yourself that anyone could be passing on suspect information unknowingly, much less knowingly.

However, on your multidimensional, multi-layered exploration of the outer world, think about what you studied in school to formulate your own conclusions. All the information that you are taught via the outer world is suspect.  At one time, everyone was taught that the world was flat.  Now, this thought seems ludicrous.  But at the time, the flat Earth theory was acceptable and the thought of a round Earth was ludicrous. (Cont’d)


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