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 Part 3

As you mature, your perception changes as you gather a different set of facts.  This new set of facts allows you to reach new conclusions to old experiences.

Does this mean that the first conclusion was incorrect? 

Or does it simply mean that you reached a correct conclusion for one layer of experience, and now you are into a second layer of the same experience? 

Is the second conclusion more correct? 

And if so, does this mean that there might be a third layer with different facts which will bring you to a third conclusion? 

And so on.

When you have a thought or feeling that will not go away, or continually pops up now and then, this is a thread that you can follow into another layer of yourself.  Place this thought at your pineal gland, or third eye area, on a background of royal blue, and hold it there.  Bring the bigger picture to yourself by holding the clue that you have in focus.

As the picture grows, use a journal to write down your findings.  Remember, no matter how young you were, there is a part of you that knows exactly what happened, by whom, how, and why.

Breathe yourself into your center, anchor yourself in your Oversoul and God-Mind, and go within.  If you become traumatized in any way, ground yourself in brown, and give everything a rest.

If you come upon a layer of trauma, this may be a way of stopping you on your search.  Go slowly if you need to, but go. Allow yourself to see what you need to see, a step at a time, releasing as you go.  Be aware that many people who have been through traumatic experiences have “masked memories.”  This means that what you think is trauma from one experience, is really trauma from another.  Or there may be an underlying trauma that is being suppressed while you deal with what you think is your core issue.  (Cont’d)



 Part 2 

You do as you are told and you learn what you are told.  This information is stored, and you have no reason to question it. The people who care for you take you to school and you go.  Through the process of transference, you assume the teachers are telling you the truth, as they further imprint your mind based upon what they are given.  The teachers, in turn, trust these materials given to them by their authorities.  The cycle continues to perpetuate itself because each person is imprinted to respect, obey, and trust whatever authority is above him/her.

Everyone is imprinted that those in authority are here to help the masses, from parents, teachers, politicians, to spiritual leaders; that these leaders all have nothing but the magnanimous good of the people at heart. With this imprinting in mind, you hold within you a certain level of trust in the information that you receive. You build your belief system and your perception of yourself and the world around you by trusting that this information is correct.

There is a part of you that subconsciously models yourself and your goals based upon what the outer world imprints upon your conscious mind.  You do not have a reason to question it.  With this information, you build and define your world. (Cont’d)


Part 1

Most people do not realize that they are programmed from birth, beginning with parents who dictate all kinds of rules and regulations.  Your conscious mind is clear and ready for imprinting. The first time you experience anything, you are imprinted and therefore greatly impacted the rest of your life. 

In order for the initial imprinting to occur, there has to be something within your soul-personality that pulls these experiences to you.  As you go through the rest of your life, these first imprints are the “pea in your mattress” a la “The Princess & The Pea” story—no matter how many mattresses are stacked together, the Princess can always feel the pea.  Those imprints, or peas, are felt through all experiences.

This means that if you are taught that humans live approximately 75 years, this is your imprint, and you will fulfill that.  If you are taught that God is a man sitting on a throne in the sky to judge you, you skew your life in that direction.  At the early age that you are taught these things, you do not consciously have the tools to question—you are led with blinders on down the path of your life.  You really do not have a choice to do anything but follow. Consciously, you know nothing else.  (Cont’d)




Part 5

The deeper you get into your inner state of “re-organization” the more chaos you may find. The deeper layers are more chaotic than the surface layers. These are the layers that have been suppressed for eons of time that have been pushing, pushing, pushing their way to the surface on their way out.

Take control of the process. Stand in your center. Anchor Self in Oversoul and God-Mind. Feel your internal strength. Stay focused as you re-organize. Know that some days are better than others. Realize taking a few step backwards may be the only way to gather enough strength to propel yourself forward.  You are moving through thick, heavy, energy and as this happens, the outer world is going to outpicture it.

So, think again—is the chaos that you see around you a necessary tool for moving the inner chaos out?

Could you get from Point A to Point B without it?

Is the existence of chaos in the outer world a natural outpicturing of the inner growth of your own soul-personality?

Is chaos a part of the natural order of the universe, and therefore, a natural part of yourself?

Must one always pass through the tunnel of chaos to reach the doorway of inner peace?

And if so, what kinds of attractive distractions will catch your attention?

Will you become enamored by them? Will you stop and embrace them?

Or, will you keep moving toward your goal?

Chaos is, and always will be, a mystery to those who allow themselves to be caught up in and by it.

Only by appreciating and learning from it will you survive the strength of its grasp.

The End.

 Part 4

Everything that you see is an outpicturing of your inner state of being.

The more you study it, the more you finally learn about who and what you are.

You can stay in this state of chaos, complaining about it, and perhaps even fearing it. Or, you can use what you see and experience as an opportunity to move your own internal chaos out of yourself and up to your Oversoul.

Moving through the chaos is a challenge that, should you accept it, strengthens you in ways unimaginable. But in order to move through it, you have to:

  •  Recognize that chaos exists.
  •  Recognize that this is only an outpicturing of your own internal state.
  •  Be willing to look at the chaos.
  •  Start releasing the chaos, bit by bit, piece by piece.
  •  Learn from the chaos so you do not have to experience it again. (cont’d)


Part 3

The geological climate of the world reflects your own internal chaos, as who you are struggles to find a way out through all the extraneous junk frequencies that you have accepted into and onto your own soul-personality.

If you are a volcano of emotions ready to explode, then does it not make sense that the world is full of volcanoes about ready to explode?

If you feel overwhelmed with a flood of unexpressed and unresolved emotions, then does it not make sense that a sea of water (tears) will flood and overwhelm the land (your so-called place of ‘grounding’)?

If the deepest parts are trying to shake the rest of you into awareness, then does it not make sense that the Earth upon which you stand is reacting to this by trying to shake you also? If you cannot feel your own inner shaking that attempts to awaken you, then perhaps you might finally “get it” when the Earth itself gives you a great shaking?

If you are warring inside of yourself, then does it not make sense that the world outpictures this warring side of you?

If you cannot find peace within yourself, then how can you create an outer world of peace?  (cont’d)

Part 2

Where is your internal drive??

Where did it go??

Why do you allow yourself to be passively plied with other people’s hopes and spend your time in outer-world-directed daydreaming instead of actualizing your own inner potential?

Do you have any goals?

Or are you numbed by ELF bombardments?

Do you feel hopeless and miserable because you have not “achieved” whatever is being touted as the current trend?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others who “have” what a part of you feels “should” be rightfully yours?

Are you allowing yourself to be buried in a world of chaos where every time you start to dig yourself out you are thrown back into the pile?

Have you been beaten down so many times that you have lost your will and way?

Have you acquiesced to the chaotic system where the chaos has control over you instead of you having control over the chaos?

Who are you and where did you go?? (cont’d) 

Part 1

The chaotic times in the world are representative of the chaotic times inside of yourself. Nothing is real, nothing is connected; everything and everyone is simply adrift on the ocean of life on this planet.

If you are not “real’ to yourself, then you create an outpicturing of this kind of food to hold that kind of a mind-pattern in place. It is difficult to find “real” food even in a supermarket. There are plenty of chemicals, preservatives, and dyes, but where is the food? It is sad when “homemade” means you added water to a boxed mix rather than picked it up ready-made at a restaurant or deli. People are “forgetting” what real food is and how to create it. Food is symbolic of knowledge; people are “forgetting” what real knowledge is. They are trying to satisfy their hunger for food/knowledge with substance/ideas that are no longer “real.”

People are losing their creative abilities as they grab every fascinating distraction that catches their fleeting attention span.

Why create from within when others are creating from without?

Why create when you can passively sit back and be fed useless information via radio, television, and electronic games? “(cont’d)



Part 4

In True Reality, there is no time, so these kinds of people can stay there for as long as they like. After all, someone has to explore the ramifications of going in circles for eternity.

Change always means growth and movement.  Change means an opportunity to examine where you were and where you are now. Change does not necessarily equate with “comfort,” but it can start to have a modicum of comfort when you realize what the change process involves.

You can be comfortable with change when you accept that you may –

not like everything.

 need some time to find your way.

 have to work via trial and error.

find yourself thinking about the old ways.

wish for the old ways.

wish that the change had never happened.

doubt yourself and your abilities.

  All of these thoughts are extremely normal. The majority of people go through this process when they go through change. Rather than beat yourself up for these thoughts, accept  that you are going through a transition period and that whatever you want to think is okay.

There is nothing “wrong” with you or your circumstance.

Everything is as it is supposed to be, and on some level you agreed to it all. So, rather than turn away from the opportunity, use your creative energies to help pull you through in the least uncomfortable way.

Change happens; it is inevitable. Learn to easily adjust by acknowledging and accepting the process. END.

Part 3

When stagnation sets in, the soul-personality withdraws its energy stream, or life force, from the physical body. This is the way it forces change, for what is the point of existing in this reality if there is no movement?

Change really is about learning to move with the twists and turns that the God-Mind makes, as this really is the Force behind the Oversoul level and on into the soul-personality level. Each level reacts to the other.

Some people have a tendency to become complacent with the status quo. They become comfortable even in the midst of their discomfort. They create an energy stream and then stand still within it, exploring it over and over again, until there is nothing left to explore. Yet, instead of giving it up to their Oversoul, they re-explore, so here they stay. They are doing something, so it is different than stagnation, but there is no upward movement. (cont’d)

 Part 2

Sometimes, circumstances happen in an instant that change your life forever, directing it on an entirely different path than you had ever imagined. Sometimes change seems to come out of nowhere, unsettling a world that you thought was totally settled; a world that was comfortable for you to handle; a world where you knew your way around.

Everything is a product of your own mind-pattern, including “sudden change.” Change is a constant, so sudden change simply is the result of subconscious activity that has been building for a while. This means that on some level you were putting the change into motion, but your conscious mind was unaware of the process. The perception is that the change is sudden, thus shaking your world and forcing you to change.

Amongst all of these diametrically opposed feelings is the inevitable—change happens. God-Mind is always in the process of change. It bends and twists Itself constantly in its process of Self-exploration. As a reflection of the ever-dynamic God-Mind, each soul-personality is also ever-dynamic, bending and twisting itself in its self-exploration. (cont’d) 

Part 1 

Change is one of the most challenging enigmas of life. Everyone wants change, yet everyone fears it. Everyone wants “good” change, but that can be just as difficult to deal with as unpleasant current circumstances. People work to bring about change, but once they have it, they are not sure that they even want it.

Even people who work for weeks, months, and sometimes even years for change, wonder if they made the correct choice in bringing the change about. After investing so much time it is egotistically difficult to back out of what was so painstakingly arranged.

In addition, the change came about because the involved energy streams were re-directed. These energy streams are an actual flow of energy, much like a river, that is effectively rerouted. To redirect the energy stream again takes more time and effort. So, before you set something in motion, think about your choices. Explore the ramifications on the Oversoul level so that you make the best decisions possible for everyone involved. (cont’d)



Part 5

When the child alter/sub-personality is active, you can feel a bubble of energy well up. Often, there is a part of you that you simply cannot break through this energetic build-up, and may not even want to break through. When you get to this stage, simply objectively observe without criticism and/or judgment.

At some point, you will gain the strength to release all that you no longer need to your Oversoul, and work on the reintegration process. This is important so that you can grow on in an effective capacity and continue the work that you came here to do.

When you start this work, and push comes to shove, you may find yourself pulling that child alter/sub-personality back in because this is what you know; this is the familiar. That is okay. This is part of the process. As long as you are aware of the process, you will keep moving forward and you will reach a point where you are reintegrated in a comfortable way. Then, the child alter/sub-personality no longer exists in the same way.

Once you reach this point, your life again changes in ways that are yet unimaginable. As an adult, with adult tools, and emotional and mental capacities, your entire life flows smoother and becomes increasingly more manageable. Take the step. Investigate, explore, acknowledge, reintegrate. Become the person that you designed yourself to be! The End.


Part 4

Many people with child alters sometimes have childlike mannerisms and speak in childlike voices. They may prefer childhood nicknames that are not really names, but were often devised upon what a child said, did, or even watched on television, such as Oopy, Porky, Hats, Tib, Sport, etc. Some child alters even take on the names of animals, such as Kitten, Pet, Boots, Sparky, etc.

Really take a look at yourself to determine if you have any active child alters/sub-personalities. Once you realize that you have a child alter/sub-personality, you have the opportunity to decide in conscious awareness how you wish to deal with it. When you feel this happen, become the objective observer. Observe when this happens and how often. Observe if the child alter feels he/she has no other choice but to express this way.

Recognize that you are now an adult and you do have personal power and choices. When this happens, work on merging and re-integrating the child alter/sub-personality back within you. Do your best to merge and balance self so that you are the one in charge—not some emotionally stunted child alter/ sub-personality. (cont’d)



Part 3

Children can have difficulty setting boundaries, as most boundaries are imposed upon them. Therefore, as an adult, people with this kind of background do whatever they want without anyone to tell them “no.” To balance out the childhood feelings of not having boundary control, these types of people set the boundaries “first” regardless of who or what is in their way. The child alter will do anything to maintain this type of control over others. And, the child alter will go out of his/her way to ensure that no one tell tells him/he what to do—even when it is in the best interest of the person.

Child alters that come out can argue, fight, and express anger anyway that he/she wants. He/she can yell, stomp, hit, scream, throw things, explode with rage—it does not matter.
The child alter simply is doing what an unfettered child would naturally do under similar circumstances. The child alter feels entirely free to act out this type of behavior.

Child alters have no rules, no boundaries, no one bigger than them to say “no.” Some adults with child alters choose to eat candy all day, or stay up all night and sleep all day. Some choose to do nothing but eat candy and junk food. Some are messy and filthy just because they can.

Most child alters start to form around the age of two to three when the child really starts to “get” that “this is the way it is.” By five, most children realize what their life is. A child alter has no rules except the rules of a two- to five-year-old. They can now set their own rules, and they do. You cannot reason with a child alter. Have you ever tried to reason with a two- to five-year-old? It just cannot be done.

Additional child alters/sub-personalities often form at certain ages of natural maturity, such as eight to ten, twelve to fourteen, and then again at sixteen to eighteen. At this point, most children are physically free to leave home. But the mental and emotional patterns are already installed, and this is what stays with them the rest of their lives.

Child alters are not able to take responsibility. It is never “their” fault. It is always “your” fault. Child alters view the world as “doing something to them.” They definitely are the victims! (cont’d)


Part 2 

As with all original imprinting, this child alter continually tries to work out the situation with whoever is handy. The greatest challenge for most people is to consciously discover these child alters within themselves. Because you are so accustomed to the child alter, you generally just accept this behavior as a part of your “adult’ personality without questioning its appropriateness. You do not realize that this is an entirely separate sub-personality who “comes out of his/her closet” whenever he/she has the opportunity to work through his/her issues. You cannot “fix’ something if you do not realize that it is broken.

When your child alters are active, there are some distinct characteristics that come out. Some people are extremely egocentric. This means that the world revolves around him/her. If this did not happen as a child, then the person may try to recreate this scenario, except this time, he/she is the center of attention. Or, it could be that as a child this person was the center of attention and now cannot accept when he/she is not.

Usually child alters are deeply imbued with a “fight or flight” reaction to controversy of any kind. This is because these are the only tools a small child knows and can think of to do. Pay attention to see how you resolve conflict. Are you able to talk about your issues as an adult, or do you just fight or run away like a child? Children do not have the emotional capability or verbal skills to react with words. They want to run away, but they cannot. They want to fight, but they cannot. But, in an adult body, they can do both—so they do! (cont’d)




Part 1 

Most people have child sub-personalities and/or alters in some form. These child sub-personalities and/or alters are really energetic compartmentalizations of the original soul-personality. Trauma of some sort usually precipitates and installs this kind of mind-pattern. Whatever age the child is traumatized is the age of the child alter/sub-personality that forms and stays, living in perpetual childhood within the emerging soul-personality.

Almost everyone has some kind of trauma that occurred at some point in his/her childhood that he/she did not have the mental, emotional, and/or physical tools to handle. This can be as “simple” as a parent who did not give enough attention to as traumatic as explicit physical/sexual abuse. At some point, the child realized that the situation was something over which he/she had no control, and could not resolve to his/her satisfaction. The child literally had no conscious choice but to accept the unpalatable situation.

This kind of trauma creates a split in the child’s personality. Mental illness can develop at this point, memory loss can occur, and sub-personalities form. Sometimes even alters form personalities within a personality, such as a “tough guy” that can deal with anything comes forward while the tender, sweet part of the child hides within the depths of the personality. What happens within the conscious mind is extremely personal and quite specific to a particular soul-personality. This sets the current child behavior at that particular age. That part of the soul-personality never develops, just living within the rest of the soul-personality. This leads to a myriad of childlike behavior patterns. (cont’d)





Parasite—something that takes more from you than you get back.  

Do you have a mind-pattern that attracts parasites?

What or who is parasitic in your life?

What takes from you without giving back, or at least giving back enough to make you feel like you are in a win/win situation?

As you cleanse your life of parasitic situations, do the same for your physical body.

Your physical body may be holding physical parasites that anchor in nonphysical parasitic conditions that need to be released.

One symptom of physical parasites?


Parasites thrive on sugar.

Your cells need sugar, which as I have discussed before, comes in many forms, including all carbohydrates.

When you have parasites, they get the sugar BEFORE your cells.

So, eating sugar simply means that you feed the parasites, they continue to multiply and your cells continue to be starved of sugar.  Your cells are crying for sugar so you continue to fill up on sugar but your cells continue to be hungry for necessary food that is going to parasites!

Stop the sugar cycle by doing a parasite cleanse.

Use Para Formula 3


Lapacho, also called Pau D’Arco, is known to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It also demonstrates antioxidant activity and may help prevent free-radical-induced damage to cells and DNA.

Ajenjo, also called Wormwood is known to kill adult and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites.

Black Walnut Hull is known to kill adult and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites.

Amargosz, also called Chaparro Amargosa is known to kill giardia, protozoa, ringworm and other skin parasites.

Papaya Seeds are used as a parasite killer.

Olive Leaf is used to kill amoebi, cryptosporidia, giardia, pinworm, and roundworm, as well as less familiarly known parasites.

Other ingredients:  Purified Water, 27% Whole Grain Alcohol.

These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Dosage:  15-30 drops, 2 or 3x per day, or according to your healthcare practitioner.  It is suggested that you use the product for a minimum of 3 months.  Longer may be required depending upon your personal needs.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.


Part 5 Conclusion

Energy streams get tangled together. They have substance, form, weight, color, and consistency as well as tone and archetype. They need to be untangled and released so that they can snap back to where they belong.

The more you work on untangling yourself from the energy streams that are intertwined with yours, the faster you will get your answers about yourself, your life work, and your life journey.

You cannot expect to keep looking at everyone else’s “stuff” and then wonder why you cannot figure out who and what you are. You cannot make these determinations when you are congested with multiple energy streams that are not your own.

The cleaner, clearer, and tangle-free that  you can make the energy stream that passes through you, the sooner you will find your life coming into an order that you can understand and accept.

As you do your daily release work, spend some time in the energy stream that flows in and through your physical body. Determine what belongs to your specific stream and what does not.

Letting them go creates a much smoother inner and outer flow.  The more you untangle, the more you come into your own full expression of the Self that is the True You.  The End.

Part 4

Now, it is difficult to determine which energy stream belongs to who or what. Without proper training, everyone and everything has bits and pieces of a multitude of various energy streams intertwined.

These unconscious connections make it extremely difficult to sort out who and what you are, as you have too much of other people’s energy streams living within your own space.

The energy stream of your father’s anger or your mother’s bitterness The energy stream of your father’s anger or your mother’s bitterness may pass through your energy stream, for example. This means that you sometimes view your inner world,  react to the outside world, as if you are your father or mother. Take this example, and multiply it by all the people, places, and things with which you interact on a daily basis.  (cont’d)



Part 3

Do this with “inanimate” objects. Begin to get a feel for the flow of energy streams that permeate this reality. Look at all that is around you with different eyes. Use your ability to objectively observe.

From a distance, everything appears to be in its proper order. You can see/sense/feel the energy streams that come down from God-Mind, through the Oversoul level, and into this reality and beyond.

Compare this to looking at the Earth from an airplane. From a distance, the Earth looks like it is in order. You can see the clouds, land, and sea. But, as you get closer, you can see that some clean-up work is definitely needed.  This is the same for the energy streams that are around you. As you fine tune your perspectives, take some time to see how these energy streams are inappropriately enmeshed with each other.

Notice how the energy streams of most people, places, and things are not clear and free-flowing, but instead are twisted into each other. (cont’d)


Part 2

You begin to develop a greater awareness of how your soul-personality expresses and interacts in this reality. As you move your consciousness up and down this energy stream, you most likely have a sense of other influences from simultaneous existences and other timelines. Your horizons automatically start expanding.

Now, move your consciousness up to the Oversoul level. From here, take a look at the people around you. Move your consciousness beyond their bodies, beyond their energetic fields, and begin to sense the energy streams to which they are connected.

Gain an awareness of the greater picture of how everything is connected. Do this with animals, vegetation, and geographic locations. Do this with “inanimate” objects. Begin to get a feel for the flow of energy streams that permeate this reality. Do this with animals, vegetation, and geographic locations. (cont’d)


Part 1

Many people look at the body as the finite resting place for the soul. Many others choose to look beyond the borders of the body to acknowledge the energy field that surrounds it.

People label this energy field an “aura.” The New Age has pushed the study of the mighty aura forward, encouraging people to spend a lot of time exploring it and the implications of its existence.

When most people develop an awareness of the “aura,” they often stop here, exploring only where they have, once again, been expertly led. As always, when your eyes begin to open, your attention is directed and focused by outside forces. Your vision is narrowed with specific parameters as goals.

To keep moving forward and deeper in your personal growth, it is important that you find new questions to ask, rather than continue asking the same ones over and over again.

The new questions become:

“What is beyond my energy field?

What connects me to my Oversoul and God-Mind?”

Take a moment now to extend your consciousness above your head as far as you can visualize/feel, and below your feet as far as you can visualize/feel. As you do this, you begin to have a greater sense of the energy stream that flows endlessly through the physical body, into the holographic grid of this, and other, realities.  (cont’d)

Part 13:  Conclusion

A thin body is not necessarily a healthy body. You must look at the cellular structure to make this determination.  Often a body is thin, or too thin, because the mind-pattern of the soul-personality operating within it says that it does not deserve to live.  People who are bulimic and/or anorexic have this mind-pattern.  A part of them does not feel like it deserves to have a body and live here on the Earth.

People with bodies that are too thin have bodies that are underfed and/or undernourished.  Your stomach can be full while the body is actually hungry.  White flour and white sugar will make you feel full, but neither contains enough nourishment to adequately maintain a healthy cellular structure.

Or you can eat foods that are mismatched for your frequency.  They may be nourishing foods, but not nourishing to your specific body.

Or, you may have an absorption issue–something that is all too common these days.

You may want to use one or more of the following affirmations to help you in the process:

  I easily cleanse and release all, old unnecessary mind-patterns from all levels of my being.

 I easily cleanse and release the need to insulate.

 I deserve to exist.

 I create a healthy relationship with the physical consciousness of my physical body.

 I increase the frequency of my soul-personality operating in and through my body consciousness.

 Personalize any of the above affirmations in a way that work for you. Write them and place them around your home or office so that they emanate throughout your living space. Carry cards with your affirmations written on them, or place them under your pillow while you sleep.  Or, simply write them in a journal and/or notebook.

Using all these techniques help you know yourself on all levels, gain self-control, and increase the amount of frequency, or soul-personality, that can function through your physical body.

In turn, this increases and deepens your Oversoul and God-Mind connection. The more that you clean out your physical structure of old debris on all levels, the more room you create for more of the nonphysical portion of your soul-personality  to function in this reality.

This increased frequency gives you access to new information that propels you into new layers of personal growth.  Opening the body to hold more of “you” changes your life in ways that you will never know until you start the process.  So, take a deep breath and begin! The End.


Part 12

Whatever you drink and/or eat, ask that it be blessed and cleansed by your Oversoul and God-Mind for the most effective and efficient use by all levels of your cellular structure.  Ask that the body keep what it needs while allowing what it does not need to pass right on through.

A byproduct of a cleanse may be weight loss.  This means that you are shedding old mind-patterns that you were holding onto.  The mind-pattern behind excess weight is needing to insulate against the outside world.

Specific places of weight gain represent the part of your life that you are insulating against.  For example:

  • excess weight on the stomach represents not digesting what your life is giving you;
  • weight gain on the hips are childhood issues;
  • weight gain on the buttocks represents carrying your past with you. 

Some people eat very little, yet still cannot lose weight.  This is a perfect example of how strong the mind is—it can create weight from virtually nothing!

Weight gain from water retention is a perfect example of this.  Water has absolutely zero calories, yet many people retain excess water as a way of insulating against life.  Of course, cutting down on food does not reduce weight, because the excess weight is not from food—it is from water—and the strong mind-pattern that holds it there!

See how powerful you are?

 Water weight may also be the result of suppressed, unshed tears. Sometimes water weight represents issues of others that you hold onto yourself.  So now, your strong mind-pattern is creating weight from other people’s stuff!

Pretty incredible how strong you really are. (cont’d)

Part 11

1.     Apple Juice/Cider Fast

A home juicer is a good investment. There are many good brands on the market for under $100.  While they do take a few extra minutes to clean, the fresh juice retains the best nutrients available. Organic produce does contain less pesticides/herbicides than non-organic, but nothing these days is totally pesticide/herbicide free.  Drink as much apple juice/cider as you desire for 24 to 72 hours to pull toxins from your system.   Use a reputable colon cleanse product, such as the one put out by www.blessedherbs.com –let them know when ordering that you are an Expansions referral.

2.     Vegetable Juice Fast

Two raw carrots for skin toning, inside and out;  two raw ribs of celery for your nervous system; one  2”x3” cube of raw beet for iron;  raw beet tops for calcium and iron: and a raw fresh apple if desired to pull out toxins and make the drink more palatable.  Add in any other kind of leafy greens you desire. You can drink this with or without a good protein powder, depending upon your requirements. .

3.      Vegetable/Juice Fast

Drink fresh vegetable juice in the morning; fresh fruit juice throughout the day.

9.  Liquid Chlorophyll

Add liquid chlorophyll to steam-distilled water. Great for toning and strengthening the cellular structure, either while fasting or on a daily basis.

10.  Milk Thistle Herb Liver Cleanse

Support your other cleansing work by using this herb for 7-10 days only. Follow the directions on the bottle.  (cont’d)

Part 10 

1. Vegetable Cleansing Soup

Using cooked, low carbohydrate, non-starchy vegetables, this is a great cleansing soup. Eat as much as you want for three days, without adding any other foods. Once the bowels are moving, follow with intense red meat protein, such as steak, to replenish and maintain iron and amino acid levels. Or, use the soup to replace a regular meal or two.

2. Distilled Water/Fresh Lemon Juice

If you cannot find steam-distilled water in the bottled water section of your supermarket, look in the ironing section. Steam-distilled water is used to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits in irons. Fresh lemon juice cuts the mucous build-up in the cellular structure and intestinal tract. You can just add this into your daily routine, or use it as a fast. Because lemon juice alkalizes the system, best to drink between meals. Sweeten with stevia if desired.

3. Distilled Water/Lemon Juice/Maple Syrup/Cayenne Pepper

To steam-distilled water and fresh lemon juice, you can add a tablespoon of pure maple syrup. Many maple syrups in the United States use formaldehyde in processing, so either purchase Canadian or ask at your health food store. The maple syrup gives your body some natural, easily assimilated sugar along with some trace minerals. Cayenne pepper capsules boost body metabolism. Add this into your daily routine, or use as a fast.

4. Sugar/Wheat/Dairy Fast

Simply eliminate refined sugar, wheat, and/or cow dairy from your diet. These weaken and inflame the cellular structure, often resulting in swelling, aches, and pains. Formaldehyde is often used in the processing of white sugar.

5. Caffeine/Alcohol/Tobacco Fast

If caffeine, alcohol, and/or tobacco controls you, then eliminate it long enough so you know that you are controlling it. Use brown around your auric field to ground yourself. Visualize pale yellow in your nervous system. Add Omega-3 fish oil tablets to your diet, as well as greens—steamed greens with olive oil and garlic – and/or liquid chlorophyll. (cont’d)




Part 9

If you feel like going on a long fast, the first three days may be the most difficult.

Seven to ten days are the longest that you should attempt without direct supervision from your healthcare provider. During a lengthy or vigorous fast, you may even vomit toxins from the gallbladder, pancreas, and/or liver.

During the fast, while your digestive system is resting, the toxins are coming up from the deep tissues.  They may sit in your digestive tract until you start it moving again.  A minimum of two cups of raw, shredded cabbage plus one cup of raw grated carrot dressed with two to three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice is a good way to start your bowels moving again.

If they do not evacuate after two to three hours, eat the same combination again.  Repeat this every two to three hours until your system is moving on its own.

Several cleansing suggestions follow.  You can choose one, or combine two or three ways that work for you.  Rather than wait for “the right time,” pick one, and get started.  Even if you do not follow it “perfectly” it is still a start.  Doing something counts for a lot.  It means movement and growth. (cont’d)



 Part 8 

Fasting promotes a quicker, more vigorous cleanse. If you decide to fast, your body will probably try to tell you that it is starving and needs food.  Most likely, the body will not starve to death from skipping a few meals.

Talk to your body before you begin, let it know your plans, and then put yourself in charge.  Even when you follow this preliminary routine, there is a strong possibility that your body will rebel.  If this happens, remind yourself and your body consciousness that you are in control.  What you are doing is the best for all involved.

While fasting may sound difficult, remember most people fast every night from after dinner until breakfast the next morning.   A twelve hour fast is not unusual.  Some people skip breakfast (break– fast), and do not eat until lunch or perhaps dinner, thus a fifteen to twenty-four hour fast for many people is not abnormal.

For these people, just extend what you are already doing.  Go one more night—any easy twelve hours, for a total of 36 hours.

If you are doing well, you may want to extend this for another twelve to twenty-four hours, continuing to take advantage of the night hours when you are sleeping.

Suspend taking herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. during the fast to give your digestive system a rest.(cont’d)

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