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Part 7

During a cleanse, the less water you drink, the more vigorous the cleanse, although a minimum of four cups of liquid is suggested. During cleansing, you may experience headaches—this is the release of old toxins moving from the deep tissues into the bloodstream.

Tiredness and crankiness is also to be expected for the same reason.  Prepare yourself.  Make a decision that you will be comfortable in the midst of any discomfort that your physical body may experience.

A thick coating on your tongue is indicative of the toxins moving out of your system.  A tongue scraper, found in many health food stores, is a great addition to your personal hygiene routine.

You may even want to incorporate a colonic, a deep cleansing of the bowels.  The bowels can be a source of undesirable bacteria.

This is particularly a good idea for anyone with a life-threatening illness, or a body that is highly out of balance.  If you decide to incorporate this into your cleansing, take care to choose a reputable practitioner. Gravity flow tanks are better than machines or “do-it-yourself’ colonics.

In addition, the liver dumps into directly into the large intestine, so once the large intestine is cleaned out the liver can cleanse on an extremely deep level. And, every point within the colon reflexes to other organs.  A colonic is like having an internal reflexology massage.

Be wary of the lubricant used on the colonics scope as Crisco is often the oil of choice. Crisco is soy-based and not desirable to be absorbed if not necessary.

You can choose to bring your own lubricant, such as organic palm oil. The oil should be taken out of the main container and applied to the scope.  The scope should never be taken out and re-used on the same person. Always insist on a new scope if this is necessary.

The scope should never be “double-dipped” in the same lubricant holder. If you observe this happening, question the cleanliness practices and find someone else.  (cont’d)


Part 6

Gaining control over your own body is another way to imprint the mind-pattern that you have control over your life.

Setting the imprint for “successful self-control” definitely aids every aspect of your entire life.

 Consciously cleansing the body tells the body consciousness that you are in control, not vice versa.  The basic mind-pattern of cleansing says that you are finished with all mind-patterns that hold you down or anchor you to parts of your past that you no longer need.

Releasing the old, stored up heavy toxins from your physical body is symbolic of releasing old, stored, heavy toxic mind-patterns that you no longer need.

As the cleansing occurs, your cellular structure becomes lighter, cleaner, more flexible and resilient, indicative of what is happening in the mind-pattern of your mental house.

There are several ways to cleanse the physical body.  Before you start any cleansing program, it is always advisable to discuss it with your primary healthcare practitioner.

If you are on any kind of medication, this is particularly advisable and even necessary, as the old stored medications will begin pouring into your bloodstream.

This can be toxic, and a slow, gentle cleanse is much better than an intense, aggressive cleanse. There are many gentle ways, and ways that are much stronger and more forceful to clean out the physical body.  You can choose one way, or a combination of ways. (cont’d)

Part 5

Establish who is in charge.  For most people, the physical body is in charge.  Whether it is hungry or not, it gets fed. Whatever it craves, from chocolate to sex, the body gets what it wants. 

Most people usually follow the dictate of the body consciousness. Most people have a relationship with their bodies that is out of balance.

If you do gain control of your body, there are plenty of disinformation programs to continue to throw you off-track, such as vegetarianism, breatharianism, macrobiotics, raw foods, low/no-carbohydrates,etc., etc.

Some may be appropriate as a healing diet.  But, too much of any one thing can throw your body out of balance.

The real goal is to gain control over the body only long enough so that you can learn what your specific body consciousness needs.  Then, you can work together to support the vehicle in the most efficient, effective, consciousness-evolving plan for all intelligences involved.

If your own body can control you, the one organism with which you have the closest symbiotic relationship, then what leads you to believe that an external force cannot easily control you as well?

If you do not take the time to know your own body and mind, someone else will.

Someone else will gladly run your body and mind for you. The more “minions” the powers that be have, the happier they are.Controlling your body is an important step to controlling your mind.  (cont’d)

Part 4

You can consciously cleanse the physical body in preparation for it to hold more of your soul-personality energy.  This is the equivalent of cleaning an electronic device.

The cleaner the device, the clearer the communication and transmission of information. To develop clear, clean communication between Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind in this realty, it is important that your device, or body, as well as your energetic field, be as clean and clear as possible.

The outside world does not support a clear, clean body.  In fact, just the opposite.  The powers that be want your physical body only healthy enough to be a productive worker, nothing more.

If you keep your body clean with too much inner communication, you just may be able to determine how to circumvent their plan for you and society.

If you want to become master of your own fate, one of the primary things that you can do is to become master of your own body.  This is your vehicle through which your soul-personality operates.

Your vehicle has its own consciousness and will follow the group programming if you allow it.  (cont’d)

Part 3

The easiest way to increase your frequency is a proactive one. This means that you search out the experience before it seeks you out.

The correction at this point may not be pleasant or easy, but at least you are in control of it rather than vice versa. Usually this is less uncomfortable than being in a reactive position.

This can be accomplished in two ways.  First, release all old, unnecessary vibratory imprints up to your Oversoul.  Watch them flow and flow and flow out the top of your head. Remember that these all have color, tone, archetype, weight, form, and consistency.

All of these vibratory imprints built up slowly over time and take up space in the physical structure, as well as in the auric field.  In this way, you consciously cleanse the auric/energetic fields before the energy settles further into your physical body.

This is why an “illness” can be detected before it physically manifests.  Illness exists in your energetic field first, gradually becoming heavier and denser until it matches some part of your physical body.

Once the nonphysical frequency matches the physical frequency, the frequencies merge, settling into the more dense physical body.

When this happens, your physical body becomes “sick” or “ill.”  This is really an outpicturing of your mind-pattern. (cont’d)

Part 2

If more of your soul-personality tries to enter into the physical body than the cellular structure can hold, the body literally “burns up”. This is because your soul-personality is comprised of an energy frequency. The physical body is also comprised of an energy frequency. In order for the soul-personality to comfortably operate symbiotically with the physical body conscious, the two frequencies must match.

You can increase the amount of soul-personality that your physical body can hold.  This is accomplished by emptying out anything that you have accumulated in your cellular structure that you no longer need.

As the cellular structure becomes less dense, room is created for more soul-personality energy to pour in from the Oversoul level.  At the same time, it is important to strengthen the cellular structure so that the physical body continues to match the frequency of the entering soul-personality energy.

This is sometimes accomplished through illness and/or accidents. Illness and/or accidents often shake up the cellular structure enough so that old, unnecessary mind-patterns are physically released.

This creates space for more soul-personality to flow into and function through the body.  This is why that sometimes after a major illness or accident you hear that a person experiences some kind of sudden change. This may be acquiring new abilities, attributes, personality traits, liking different foods, etc.

Illness and/or accidents are “reactive” situations—this means the method of correction, or balance, seeks you out in such a way that you have no choice but to change. (cont’d)

Part 1

When  your soul-personality enters into the Earth plane, only the smallest fraction of it can operate in the tiny baby’s body that is first born. As the physical body increases in size, so does the amount of soul-personality/energy that can function in and through it.  Your Oversoul pours in more soul-personality as the body grows.  Eventually, the physical body ceases to grow.

At this point, the amount of soul-personality operating in and expressing through the physical body also comes to a stop. This does not mean that there is no more soul-personality to put into your physical body. This simply means that your physical body cannot hold any more of “you”.

Most people remain at this level, or even “decrease”. As the physical body fills with toxins, there is less and less  room for the soul-personality, so the soul-personality begins its retreat back to its place of origin. When the body is all used up/filled with toxins, there is no more room left and the soul-personality exits, and “death” of the physical body occurs. (cont’d)


Part 2

Your mind is now in control of the food, rather than vice versa. As you learn more about your mind and emotions, you release the need to overindulge. Eating becomes a natural part of life instead of one more thing that you can use to feel bad about yourself. Develop a new attitude for the new year and enjoy wonderful new beginnings filled with everything you love, including good food.

Don’t let the powers-that-be continue to strip away your self-esteem and ability to feel good about yourself. Every body outpictures the owner—you don’t have to look like the pictures in magazines and television. Be who you are and the body follows. Be proud to be YOU!

Release your negative self-talk with this affirmation :

I now have a magnificently healthy, well-nourished, strong body and mind!

Now reap the physical benefits of your own mental work within Your Own Mind–FOR FREE!


Part 1

There is only ONE thing you need to know about permanent weight loss, and it’s FREE! You already own it ! No one wants you to use this because then they can’t sell you everything else. Tips are now rampant throughout the media, from Internet to television to magazines, touting how to eat less, lose weight so you look better for the new year, vacations, as well as the upcoming spring and summer. In addition they tell you to exercise more, harder, longer, etc.

They want you to buy their weight loss products from pre-packaged meals to pills and vitamins to exercise equipment. January is the month where they rope you in, as this constant media pressure fills you with guilt and tension when you try to live up to these artificially implemented standards. None of this works! AND it is expensive and time-consuming!

What do you already own that no one can take away from you? Your OWN MIND filled with all the mind-patterns that you have already created! Mind-pattern is everything. If you are eating too much, then you are trying to fill the empty holes in your life. If you are too heavy, then you are insulating against the life you have. If you need more physical exercise, then this means you need more mental exercise—a strong, well-exercised mind is outpictured in a strong well-exercised physical body. Strong mind = strong body.

January is the first month of the new year, when you can really delve into the mind-pattern behind your physical issues. The physical is simply another reminder that your mental house needs to be put in order. Release the need for fancy diets and complicated exercise programs that eventually fall by the wayside as the strength of the old mind-pattern takes over your new resolve. Take the simple, easy road.

Use your mind to release the tension of eating which in turn releases the mind-pattern that holds onto the food in an incorrect way within your physical body. Create a new mind-pattern that lets the food nourish and flow through the body in appropriate proportions for you. (con’t)



Happy New Year!

The beginning of a New Year gives everyone the feeling of a clean slate and fresh start. You feel like you left your baggage in the old year, and you can now move forward unencumbered and free! These are great feelings ~ while they last. Regardless of your New Year’s Resolutions, they generally follow the same theme. You adhere to them for awhile. Then, you fall back into the old patterns. Finally, life returns to the “same old thing.”

The secrets to sustaining your New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

1. Continue to release the old baggage. While you may want to leave it in the old year, there is a strong probability that you brought it along. Most likely, you are simply ignoring it.

2. Set attainable goals. Take your goal, no matter how large or small, and break it up into steps. This sets you up for success.

3. Recognize every step attained as an accomplishment that imprints your mind-pattern with the frequency of “success!”

4. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Rather than beat yourself up for what you perceive you have not accomplished, focus on what you have accomplished.

5. If you set a goal, no matter how small, and do not attain it, know that it is okay. Not everyone reaches the goal the first time. You are not alone. You are not the only person to which this happened.

6. Know that you can start again, and again, and again…if you need to. The most important thing is to start. The second most important thing is to persevere.

7. Whatever happens, use it as a learning tool to keep moving forward rather than use it as a stumbling block to stop you.

8. As you evolve, allow your New Year’s Resolutions to evolve with you.

9. Be compassionate with yourself.

10. Keep Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind in alignment as best as you can.

Regardless of what goes on in the outer world, this can be your best year ever. You are the one who ultimately is in charge of your experiences. You have the motivation, you have choices, you have tools, you are prepared for whatever comes your way. Prove yourself successful; know that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. Happy New Year!


Part 3

You may think that if you could only go somewhere else, you would be “healed”.

Maybe you think your “healer” is a geographic location. While this can be a crutch/aid/support, ultimately, you are the only one who can heal you.

If you allow someone or something to “heal” you, then you will only re-create the situation somewhere else with someone or something else .

Until you change, nothing else truly changes.

You can run, but you cannot hide anywhere.

You are the creator AND the healer of your life.

Never put anyone on a pedestal. Everyone is always equal.

If someone says that he/she can “heal” you, think twice, and then twice more, and if you still are not sure, you better continue your evaluation process.

No one ever successfully heals another.

Do yourself a favor—declare yourself your own best and true healer.

Gather your tools; prepare to do your work. Stay focused and maintain your Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind connection.

Your path becomes narrower and also more defined.

More boundaries, more rules, more success.

There is nothing like triumph from within, a step at a time.

These are the lessons from which you learn; these are the lessons that you remember; these are the experiences you finally and ultimately, complete.

The secret to being healed is realizing who the Healer really is.



Part 2

Only you can dismantle the situation, whether it is mental or physical. Everybody and everything else is only a crutch/aid/support that ultimately can only re-direct you back inside of yourself. You got where you are by yourself, you have to get out of there by yourself. You may create support to help you move on, but only you can actually do it. This is your task; this is your mission. It may not be as grandiose an objective as you would like, but the ultimate journey truly is and only can be fulfilled by you.

You are your own guru/teacher/healer. Only you can “fix” any imbalances. If someone else comes in and does it for you, then he/she learns—not you. You may find that healing yourself is not fun or pleasant; you may find that it is a struggle. You may find people who say “let me do it for you.” Let me touch you and it will go away. Let me say a magic jingle, or light candles, chant, or anything else their imaginations can come up with. That may sound more interesting to you, and more exciting to you, then you doing your own boring work. And, of course, it definitely sounds much easier than you doing it yourself!

A balanced life is not just about “happiness” –a balanced life is a myriad of emotions and experiences so that you enjoy the full embodiment of what this reality has to offer. “Happiness” is a much overrated catch-word that is not a “stand-alone” emotion. It needs support and grounding from a myriad of other emotions and life experiences. The garden of your life is deeply enriched by the manure that is used to fertilize it.

Stop looking for a “healer” to help you. Another person can help direct you to where you need to be, or help you determine how to unravel the tangle that your life has become. Sometimes you “cannot see the forest for the trees”—you are simply too close and too involved to be able to see how you got to where you are. Then, allow the strength of your mind-pattern to pull the correct information to you that helps get you through your muddle. But, no one else can do it for you. You may garner tools “here and there” but you are the only one that can use them. No one else can use them for you. (cont’d)


Part 1

When your mind-pattern is out of balance, all areas of your life are affected. Life becomes increasingly muddled, complex, and consuming. Even though it takes many weeks, months, and sometimes years for these situations to catch your attention, they usually have been building for a long time. They rarely just happen overnight. This applies to all issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, relationship, financial, etc.

When you finally realize that you have an issue, you most likely want a quick fix. Because these situations make you feel “bad” you want someone or something to make you feel “good”—immediately!

People choose a variety of routes to achieve this “good” feeling. Some people choose allopathic medicine which suppresses the physical symptoms, or surgery, which simply cuts out the “bad stuff.” Some people choose legal or illegal mood-elevating drugs that promote a false sense of well-being.

Some people believe that if they remove specific people from their lives, that everything will be fine. Or, if they have a different job, they will be happy. Or, more money . . .this seems to be a great “problem solver.” In the minds of most people, this “healing” that they are looking for will make them “happy” once and for all. Most people think, “if only this or that was different, I would be happy.”

The majority of people are determined to find someone or something outside of themselves that will heal them or their life situation. This simply does not exist. You put yourself in a specific place in life for a reason. You did not just fall into your life. You created it one step at a time. Even if you think it was unconscious, a part of you knew exactly what was happening. This part of you allowed you to create your current circumstances. Because this part of you created your life step by step, this part of you knows how to dismantle the uncomfortable situation step by step.(cont’d)


Part 5

My life has become extremely rich and full because of the awkward, frightened steps I took decades ago. An entire new path of life opened itself up before me. Not that it has been easy, but it certainly has been interesting. I have to ask myself, how would the other path have been for me?

I know it would not have been easier, and perhaps would have even been harder. You must answer this same  question for yourself.

What kind of a path am I on?

Is it a path of isolation or a path of freedom?

How can I release myself from isolation?

Am I willing to step out?

How many other people out there have the same or similar story as I do?

The only way you can find out is to step out and see what happens. I know that for me, what I have now is certainly preferable to my life before I extended myself and took the risk of exposing my internal self. There will always be people who do not understand, but if I let that stop me, I let them control me and I will never be comfortable in this lifeline.

I want to experience who and what I am. I want to connect with other like-minded people. I want to learn and grow in a supportive environment. I have worked hard to create this kind of life for myself. Even with its ups and downs, I know that I am being true to myself in every sense of the word. I am doing my part to enrich myself, others, and thus the collective unconscious. No one said that this was going to be an easy lifeline.

I’m okay with that. I can do it alone, but it is so much more fulfilling with company along the way.  I hope that you will reach out and find your company, and expand what you are already doing.

How many people are waiting for you to begin?



Part 4

Baby steps are fine in the beginning, but it is time to step up to the plate and take some giant steps. Go to your Oversoul, not only ask, but demand, that those people who are waiting for you to end your isolation so that they can end theirs, be made ready to share, because you are ending your isolation.

Do not let your fears stop you from reaching out to others. If you do not do this, the powers that be will again win. They are counting on you to be afraid. They are counting on you to want to share but not be able to break through your fear. They have worked for eons of time to instill these actions in the population and they are counting on their work to speak (or not speak, in this case) for itself.

Silence is letting them win. Most people are not good at communication because effective communication is not encouraged. Discord, disagreement, and disharmony are the norm. This is what keeps you isolated and distracted. The more, the merrier.

You can fight the battle of “good vs. evil” by taking control over your mind and your own environment. You can speak up for yourself and share who you are with the world. Release to your Oversoul all that you no longer need, and create what you do need, even if you are awkward at first. Everything needs practice, including sharing more of yourself and your interest. (cont’d)




Part 3

If you close yourself off because you are afraid, then bemoan the fact that you are alone, you have to take a look at what you are doing to yourself. Most people have an inner person and an outer one that they show the world. This means that a large part of you is closed down most of the time, living in virtual isolation.

We are fortunate to have the website with all of our blogs, podcasts, and articles where you  have the opportunity to learn from us…and US from YOU. This is people helping people on all levels.

Stewart and I both take the attitude that we are always being watched, monitored and tracked. These days, the reality is that everyone is being watched, monitored and tracked. You can live your life in fear, which is what “they” want, or you can get on with your life. They want you to live in a self-monitored prison. They don’t want you to find out who you are, much less who your friends are.

The more risks you take as far as sharing what is going on in your life, the greater the payback, meaning that the more you put out there who you truly are, the greater chance you have that like-minded, supportive people will respond.

Yes, you also run the risk of being ridiculed, but who doesn’t? Risk happens in many facets of life, including work and play. You may share an idea with a co-worker, or try a new sport—all these run the risk of ridicule. But if someone laughs, does this mean that you should shrink back into yourself, or become bolder, continuing to move forward?

No one can find you if you don’t extend yourself. The powers that be are depending on you to be in a self-created state of isolation. They are counting on you to have shallow friendships and relationships, of living in a state of fear, and keeping your thoughts of self-exploration to yourself. If you dare to venture out, then they have planted all around you a myriad of distractions to run you around in circles until you go back inside and hide again.

This is the only way that they can control you—is to play games with your mind until you are conditioned to play games with your own mind. Then their work is done and you are done. Case closed. You destine yourself to a life of isolation. You accept and agree to this, and then you complain about it. (cont’d)






Part 2

This really was my first step out of isolation. I developed a group of close friends who became my support system. It was this group of people who encouraged me to write my books and do consultations. If I hadn’t made the effort, I might still be sitting alone in rural Eastern Washington State, bemoaning my fate.

I took a big risk.  I remember mentioning to a woman at the time something about meditation, and her response was, “you better be careful about using that word.”

A part of me was frightened—what would people think of me?

Would I be ostracized?

Would people think I was weird or strange?

But I found out that the more I honored who I was inside, the more I attracted others who also honored the person that I was. Someone has to be the one who takes the first step.

I also realized that almost everyone has had at least one strange experience that he/she is not able to explain or understand, so on some level, people can relate. Sometimes you have to put out little things to see where people are, like what sign are you, did you read the astrology column in the paper? Or maybe mention a strange or interesting dream and ask what they think about it. Start with a little tidbit that isn’t too threatening and see who steps out. You might be surprised—I know I really was.

And people came from all walks of life; from business owners to a Catholic nun, even the postmaster of a nearby town came. I really began casting my net upon the waters to see who was out there, waiting for me to take my next step. (cont’d)








Part 1

I thought about how I feel about all the people that I know around the world, and how I would feel if those connections did not exist. I realized how isolated and alone I would feel, and then I started remembering the time before the Internet, and before I really started reaching out to people.

Some of you may know my story about how I lived in a farming area in rural Eastern Washington State. I was extremely isolated—I traveled 50 miles one way just to go grocery shopping, so basically it took my entire day whenever I need to buy food. Because I didn’t have children or go to church, I really did not have a way of meeting people.

I was very lonely and isolated, so I decided that if I was so lonely and isolated, there had to be other people feeling the same way. So, I took out an ad in several of the local papers in the surrounding communities that were within an hour’s drive. It was only about 3 lines, but it just stated something about a metaphysical group forming to discuss a variety of topics which I listed with my phone number. I had almost 30 people show up at my first meeting. And that was almost 35 years ago. (cont’d)


Part 5

Before going into any social situation, be sure that you have your T-Bar archetype balanced, your brown merger archetype in place, your chakras in the correct color/order, and you have your protection in place. You may want to place an extra layer of brown for grounding around yourself.

Check your throat chakra to ensure that you have a good ice blue color there. Mentally wrap your throat area in maroon for courage to speak up. Make sure you do not have anything there which symbolically keeps you mentally restricted—high or buttoned collar, tie, choker-type necklace, etc. Open up the throat by wearing less restrictive clothing and/or accessories. These things do make a difference. Plus, the other person to whom you are speaking picks up on these “closed down” type of clues, similar to body language.

Realize that you are not alone—probably everyone to whom you speak has a form of social anxiety on some level, somewhere in his/her life. Use the Oversoul level to determine what is really happening, versus what your filters tell you. Also use the Oversoul to prepare everyone in advance for your conversations.

Use the correct color codes to make a difference. Think about the clothing that you wear, as well as the colors. Do they promote or close down communication? Think about the words that you choose. Recognize your own weaknesses. Then proactively push yourself a step, or a half-step, at a time, to move beyond your own self-imposed boundaries. Do your release work on those people who you perceived added to this mind-pattern, and include yourself!

Think about how you would like to be, hold the vision, use your affirmations to get yourself there, and allow your Oversoul to guide the process. Make an effort not to judge or criticize your progress, but instead observe it, let it go, and know that each time your efforts and results will improve—even if the improvement is to stop judging and criticizing yourself! You really are no different than anyone else—it is just that this is something that most people do not discuss.

No one really watches you as closely as you watch yourself. You can make a million “mistakes” and you can probably list them in detail one by one. But no one else can. You are your own harshest critic. Most other people really do not care, so do not build their view of you into something that it is not accurate. Release your need to be harsh with yourself and fill the void with the pale pink of Compassion from your Oversoul. Self-love, self-worth, self-confidence; you can do it by beginning the process now. END. 

Part 4

When you do try to communicate, you have your own set of filters that process whatever communication comes back to you. Most likely, somewhere between the other person’s lips and your ears, their words flow through your own set of filters. What you actually hear may not be what the other person actually means to say. This is why it is important to use your Oversoul as a filter so that all your preconceived ideas on all levels are removed. This is the only way that you can truly objectively hear what the person wants you to hear. Listening through your Oversoul may not reduce the anxiety level of your “output” communication, but it can help with the “input” process.

Once the “input” process becomes less threatening as you hear what is really being spoken versus your filtered version, your “output” communication becomes less reactive. You can send your “output” through the Oversoul levels. This aids the other person in correctly hearing what it is you wish to communicate. All of this helps for cleaner, clearer communication that does not get muddled within life experiences that have absolutely nothing to do with the intended communication process.

There are many things that you can do to correct and balance your own personal social anxiety. First, recognize that you do have a challenge when it comes to hearing what other people actually say/mean, so learn to use the Oversoul level of communication.

Pass your fears out through the top of your head to your Oversoul. Allow it to flow and flow and flow.

Even when you use the Oversoul level, you find that some people do communicate with malice.

These people become your “test.”

Are you worth standing up for?

Can you stand up for yourself and be heard? (cont’d)



Part 3

In all cases, your sense of self-worth and self-confidence diminish, sometimes seemingly to the point of no return. As an adult, you most likely do not remember each and every incident, but most likely focus on the end result—which is your own lack of effective social interaction and your nervous to paranoid reactions.

Most people have some degree of social anxiety. For most people, regardless of background, sharing, speaking, and interacting does not automatically denote “kindness, compassion, understanding, caring, mutual challenge solving, and/or relief of emotional/physical pain.” Instead, the very actions that could “save” you become the actions that torture you.

People with social anxieties perceive each time that they share, speak, or act, as an opportunity for someone to emotionally or physically hurt the, or remind them on some level of a time when this happened. The communication process or attempts thereof, remind you of your lack of worthiness to even exist. These realizations, whether consciously acknowledged or not, exacerbates the anxiety that already exists within.

People with social anxiety look for ways that people can hurt or disappoint them. Because this has been your experience, you automatically set your defenses to “high” before you determine if there is any justification for this. This does not set up the process for successful communication. (cont’d)




Part 2

Usually, you bring these mind-patterns in when you are born. Your environment either helps you proactively overcome the mind-pattern, or enhances your inner situation, making it increasingly difficult to effectively communicate in any social situation.

For example, did your primary caregivers encourage you to express your opinion, or were their opinions the only ones allowed to be spoken? If you are innately introverted, but are lovingly encouraged to say your inner thoughts, you create a positive and proactive way of strengthening one of your weaker attributes—that of effective communication.

If you are innately introverted and when you gather the courage to speak you are ignored, ridiculed, or punished, then you certainly are not going to venture out with your words very often. Or, if you have a natural exuberance and are a great communicator, but are ignored, ridiculed, or punished, you react to the outside world by inherently shutting yourself down.

As children, most people are encouraged to listen to the teacher, acquiescing to him/her rather than encouraged to mutually resolve personal differences. While not every teacher is this way, the system where most children spend their early childhood is designed to meet the unspoken needs of the group rather than any concerns voiced by the individual.

In addition, if you are a specifically programmed person, you are most likely programmed to not speak about your programming experiences and memories. If you do, then most often you are physically punished, with emotional and mental trauma following. This adds to a mind-pattern of isolation and further ingrains social anxieties.  (cont’d)


Part 1

Do crowds make you nervous?

Does the thought of speaking in a group put knots in your stomach?

Is speaking in front of a group practically unthinkable?

Do you get “tongue-tied” in social situations and cannot think of anything to say?

Do you have entire conversations in your head, but cannot seem to get the words out of your mouth?

Do you later think of what you “should have/could have” said?

Do you spend time criticizing what you did manage to say?

Do you think that people are watching or judging you wherever you go?

Do you even avoid speaking on the telephone?

If so, then you are not alone. “Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today,” according to the Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association.

The bottom line for all of these situations is really lack of self-confidence and self-worth. (cont’d)





Part 4

With your emotions running strongly, you may feel ELF bombardments even stronger than normal. Be sure to use your protection techniques, as well as your balancing and grounding techniques. Do your affirmations, link up and center yourself in your Oversoul and God-Mind. Take sea salt baths, and do your best to eat properly and take your vitamin and mineral supplements, including those that build the immune system. When you feel the most vulnerable is when you need to make extra efforts to take care of yourself.

Sooner or later, this too will pass. You will break through whatever it is in your mind-pattern that continues to create the same people, same situations. You will get to the other side of your issues. You will look back and recognize where you were, where you are now, and where you are going. You will get to the place where you know which relationships to keep and why, and how to correctly deal with people from your past. As difficult as everything can seem in the moment, eventually everything gets better. How fast is always up to you.

Enjoy the holiday season for the issues that it surfaces within you. Work with these issues and through them. Enjoy the “surface level” issues that come along this time of year, remembering that as a multileveled person, you attract people and situations that fit all levels. Some levels are more challenging than others, but that is okay. They are all a reflection of you and your inner learning. You can either get caught up in the holiday hullabaloo and let it run you and your decisions, or you can get yourself centered and in control of your outer circumstances. Everything changes, including you. End.

Part 3

Giving up is not much of a choice. Giving up means to stay exactly where you are and be miserable, or removing yourself from this physical plane of existence. Of course, the latter choice means that you will feel exactly the same, except you will not have a body, and your lessons will become exponentially more difficult. For these reasons, this is not an option.

Starting again is really the only option. This means that when old acquaintances surface, there might be value in visiting with them. There might also be value in dealing with relatives who come into your life again. All these people may be important keys to your uncompleted lessons. Revisiting your issues with them may be a chance to find that one final piece in your mind-pattern that holds you back. Do not overlook obvious opportunity, even if it is a bit on the difficult side.

Also remember that there is nothing wrong with having a few “surface level” friends. Some people will never know the depths of your being, and you will never know theirs. This is okay, too. Sometimes it is nice to relax without the intensity that comes with deep friendships and bonds. Enjoy all who are in your life. Understand why they are there, and deal with them appropriately.

There may be people who you will never be able to have contact with, even when you would like this. This may sadden you, so do your release work and let them go. Ask your Oversoul to bring in a new support system that understands and elevates you on all levels. (cont’d)’



Part 2

You can run all you want, you can change geographic locations, jobs, careers, and relationships, but those same people and situations will continue to be there, waiting for you. Because until your mind-pattern changes, you draw the same people and situations to yourself like a magnet.

Over and over, your life repeats itself. This is the glory of getting older. With more experiences to choose from, it becomes easier to identify the relationships and situations that you continually repeat. Some people never even make it to this point. They stay stuck in the cycle of life without ever realizing that they are even in the cycle!

For the “lucky” people who recognize the repeating cycles, the next challenge is to dig through the inner recesses of the soul-personality to determine the mind-pattern that holds them in the cycle. This seems to happen piece by piece. Never underestimate the complexity of the mind-pattern! Just when you think you have figured out your own internal blocks, you find another. . .and another. . . and another. . .

And the next thing you know, you feel like you are at the beginning, asking the same questions, dealing with the same people, in the same situations. You feel depressed because you wonder if you have made any progress at all. You question your every move, what you should do and how and with whom. At this point, you have two choices—either start again, or give up. (cont’d)





 Part 1 

This is the time of year when everyone’s emotions start to run rampant. This means that your emotions start to run you all over the place, seemingly without guidance and direction. All the people whom you have been avoiding, or think that you have left behind, start coming into your thoughts and sometimes into your life. The discomfort of “push-me, pull-me” situations begin to consume your thoughts and actions.

Questions of whom you should include in your life, and how, begin to take precedence. Sometimes you have pressure from relatives to contact other relatives, or friends to contact mutual “friends.” So, even though in your mind you have removed certain people from your life, they keep showing up again and again!

This is the time for you to re-evaluate the reasons why you have disassociated yourself from these people in the first place. Sometimes it is important to keep a safe distance from people who bother you just so you can get strong enough to deal with them. Then, the next step is to be able to deal with them in such a way that they no longer bother you. When this happens, you know that your lessons with them are finally complete.

Most people never get to this stage—they simply avoid anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. However, when you simply avoid someone, eventually someone just like them will come into your life. And you probably know the answer why…because it is your mind-pattern that pulls them to you in the first place! (cont’d)



Part 5

Learn about your own energy stream, and study the energy streams of everything that is around you. Pay attention to how you feel, and study under the direction of your Oversoul.

Your self-confidence in your own answers is often undermined by the imprinting of linear learning. Release that imprinting to open up to your true method of learning.

Recognize the distractions that pull you outward. Walk away from them. Regardless of how tempting they look, they serve you only in the moment.

Go for what pulls you up into your natural and unique evolutionary state. Be purposeful and conscious in all that you do.

Create your own energy arke that pulls to you absolutely everything that you need to comfortably exist in this reality, from mind-patterns to people

Create your own energy arke that pulls to you absolutely everything that you need to comfortably exist in this reality, from mind-patterns to people, places, and yes, even “things.“

Ignore the imprinting that would have you do otherwise. When you finally do this, the power of that imprinting loses its hold. You are free to express who you came here to be, and to experience what this reality holds for you.   End.

Part 4

Your home is one giant arke that if properly put together, creates an extremely powerful energy arke. And, if you create your home on a geographic location that is in alignment with your frequency, the boost of this battery pack is even more powerful.

Once you extend your concepts beyond the body, beyond your auric field, and start exploring energy streams, you realize how much more there is to the overall force of Creation.

You also understand why it is important that everything you do is done with purpose, intent, understanding and awareness.

As you learn to gain this knowledge through experiential learning, rather than through linear learning, the process is fantastically enhanced.

Modalities such as feng shui begin to teach you about creating arkes, but again, your actions are led by what the book says. This leads your attention outward instead of inward.

What if you like your desk in a specific position but the book says this is not good? What if you are correct and the book is incorrect?  (cont’d)


Part 3

When you realize that “things” are not inanimate objects, you begin to understand the true, intrinsic value of what are considered “material possessions.”

Each material possession has its own frequency,  or energy stream, that passes through it. When you take specific energy streams and arrange them in a specific way, you create a new energy stream that allows specific events to occur.

This is exactly what the Illuminati does when it creates rituals. It has a specific goal that needs to be accomplished. The Illuminati know how to put together specific energy streams to bring the goal into fruition.

There is a recipe to follow for specific results.  This includes mixing  the energy streams of specific people, geographic locations, and “things.” This is accomplished in conscious awareness.

You create your own energy arke every day, except you probably do not do this in conscious awareness. Every piece of clothing you wear has an energy stream flowing through it.

How you arrange your clothing on your body creates a specific arke of energy. Every piece of food has an energy stream running through it. Every object in your house has an energy stream. (cont’d)



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