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Part 2

Most people who are taught this way follow this imprinting, not recognizing what is in front of their noses—the very fact that the churches themselves are exceptionally wealthy with many “things”, the likes of which are beyond the comprehension of most people.

People believe that the church should have these things but the church teaches that people should not  have things.

In fact, many people donate a large share of their income and time to build their church. They look at what the church has with pride, while denying themselves and often their families the same material possessions that the church has.

Unbeknownst to the majority of people, the churches collect these things to create their own arke of power. If the people give to the churches, museums, and other areas considered to be public domain, then the wealth is taken out of the hands of the “lower classes” and continually kept in the hands of the “upper classes” and beyond.

In addition, when these public organizations are in need of funding, they often put part of their collections up for sale. Who has the funds to buy these things, except for the very wealthy? So, bit by bit, step by step, all that anchors valuable energy streams is removed from the public, falling into the hands of a self-selected few, while the public increasingly settles for owning cheap imitations. (cont’d)

Part 1

Most people are familiar with the “Ark of the Covenant” referred to in the Bible, as well as know about the extensive global search that has kept explorers busy for generations.

By focusing world attention on this specific ark, no one stops to realize that every person is an arke unto his/her self.

An “arke” simply anchors in energetic energy streams to create an energy battery built for a specific purpose.  The physical body of a person anchors in a specific energy stream into this physical reality.

Think of a free-flowing river flowing through this reality. Wherever there is a person, this free-flowing river passes through in a specific order to allow the physical body to exist.

“Things” also anchor energy streams into this reality. Conventional education teaches of “animate” and “inanimate” objects. However, when you look at anything, it has an auric field. Looking beyond the auric field, you see that objects, too, have energy streams that pass through them.

In True Reality, there is no such thing as an “inanimate” object. This false teaching leads you away from the true purpose of  “things.” In fact, the masses are taught to believe that possession of “things” is not a spiritual way of life.

Conventional churches lead people away from “earthly possessions”, directing their attention to “heavenly/spiritual pursuits.”  In other words, “intangibles.”  (cont’d)




Part 5

For example, people who are chronically ill (pain) receive nurturing from doctors, nurses, and sometimes friends and relatives (pleasure). They may not believe that they can receive pleasure for positive reasons, so they keep the pain which they perceive eventually brings them pleasure. Some people never learn to drive which restricts their movement (pain) and are dependent on others to take them where they need to go (pleasure). Some people believe that they are inherently bad, so they create relationship upheavals where the other person screams and yells horrible words and accusations (relief in pain), followed by making up (now the person can accept the pleasure).

The types of pain/pleasure; pleasure/pain cycles are as unique as the people who create them. But, the bottom line is that there are many people who are intricately involved in the pleasure of pain. Do you recognize any of this within yourself? Is there a part of you that finds some kind of pleasure in the pain that life can sometimes bring? Is there a part of you that needs the release of pain in order to feel the pleasure of your next experience?

Discovering these cycles are not new ways to berate and degrade yourself, but a way out to release them once and for all. Once you are aware of what exists within and why, then you have a responsibility to make the required inner changes. Release the need to experience pleasure only through pain. Release the need to be caught up in soap opera-type dramas within your own life. Let it all go, so that you can experience pleasure just because you deserve it. END


Part 4

For all these reasons, on some level, abused people seek out abusers. There is an up and down cycle that was imprinted and maintained for so many years that once the child leaves the parent, the cycle continues on with a life of its own. The grown child rides the wave of this cycle. The cycle moves and controls the person, rather than vice versa. The person is reactive to the cycle.

Often, people who were sexually abused become involved in sexual activity that abuses, such as Sadism/Masochism. These people cannot experience any sexual release/pleasure unless it involves pain and/or denigration in some form. Sometimes, sexually abused people put themselves in sexually explosive situations and then do not understand what happened when they are violated, molested, or otherwise sexually hurt.

If an abused person cannot find an abuser, then he/she may resort to self-flagellation. In its most extreme form, the person may cut, bite, pull out hair, or in some other way try to hurt him/herself.

The deeper the Original Imprinting, the more complicated it can be to extricate oneself from the cycles. First the person has to realize that there is a cycle and label it. Then it is important to start identifying the part of self that feels like it deserves to be abused. Affirmations are important to help replace the Original Imprinting with self-worth and self-love. Forgiveness and release work is important for those that created the imprinting, as well as for the parts of self that allowed this to happen. Finally, it is important to identify the individual cycles of pleasure/pain, so there can be a conscious effort to proactively stop them. (cont’d)


Part 3

When the child is old enough to leave home, he/she is left with much psychological damage, and sometimes even physical scars, from the mind-patterns imprinted. He/she looks for a way to work this out. So, a cycle of pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain begins to run the grown child’s life. This cycle may be perpetuated in other relationships, career, physical health, or a myriad of other ways.

First, the person finds something or someone that he/she hopes will give him/her pleasure. This lasts for a while. Then, something happens with the experience that gives him/her pain. Then, that goes away for a while and the pleasure starts. But, there is always a need for another pain. The person does not “feel right” without the pain, simply because this is what the person is accustomed to experiencing.

Without pain, the abused person feels like something is missing. On some level it is a relief to be physically and/or emotionally beaten up. The person knows that it is coming. The person expects it on some level, so once it happens, there is a sense of relief that it is over. And, the imprinting says that all people of “their caliber” need to be physically/emotionally beaten, so they know that they deserve it. Only after the release, can they feel pleasure again. (cont’d)




Part 2

The child has an Original Imprinting of a twisted version of “love.” He/she associates love with punishment/pain because everything comes from the same person. Because the parent is working out his/her own issues, the child may be receive an extreme punishment for a simple thing, like spilling a drink, not liking a specific food, grades in school, etc.

For all of these reasons, the child grows up with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and perhaps even shame that he/she is such a worthless human being. After all, if the parent does not “love” the child, then how can the child love him/herself? This is also mixed in with guilt for “not being better,” and rarely, and perhaps never, being able to please the parent. The child never feels “good enough.”

As the child matures, he/she knows only emotional and physical pain from the people who provide the “pleasure” in life—keeping in mind that the “pleasure” may encompass such basics as food and shelter. Or, if the parent feels guilty, it may come in the form of overcompensating with hugs and pleas of “I’m sorry” to expensive presents to try to make up for such behavior. The cycle of abuse continues—pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. The child’s imprinting strengthens and grows. (cont’d)




Part 1

There is a great deal of emotional and physical abuse in this society, which seems to be self-perpetuating, generation after generation. A person is abused in some way as a child. The abused person then has a child. The abused person needs retribution and release, so the abused person becomes the abuser in order for this to happen. What the abused person wanted to do to his/her parent, he/she instead now does to the child. The abused person is now in control.

While this sounds extremely harsh, it is important to remember that the abused person often acts on survival instincts. The abused/now abuser is not able to get past his/her own pain. The child has no real identity to the abuser. This is the only way that the abused/now abuser knows in his/her attempt to work his/her way out of his/her own Original Imprinting. He/she has a need to control his/her own childhood situation, and this is the best replication of that experience. This does not justify the action, only explain it. Thus, the cycle perpetuates itself.

Emotional and physical abuse most often happens to children who are inherently very wonderful. The parent physically and/or emotionally punishes and humiliates the child, yet the child has no choice but to remain dependent upon this person. In addition to the pain that the parent gives, the parent is also the one who doles out the rewards, from food and shelter to “love” and “affection.” Because the people who are supposed to protect these children alternately punish and “love” them, the child becomes extremely emotionally confused at a very early age. (cont’d)



Part 5

You can go into your genetic structure and remove all that your soul-personality no longer needs. You can break the genetic chains that you have chosen to enslave you so that you are no longer at their mercy.

You can open the DNA that holds your rightful heritage.

Learn about who and what you are. Know that no one and no thing can put you down or “make you be a certain way”.

Reaction is totally your response—no one “makes” you behave or feel a specific way.

Are you willing to take responsibility for conscious directed power that flows through the instrument that is your physical body while on this plane?

Are you willing to throw off the cloak-and – dagger mentality in exchange for the creative, talented, mantel that is rightfully yours?

No one can stop you from creating the path that you desire except you.

The world is your oyster.

Accept nothing less than the best, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Make what was once your ceiling now your floor.

Consciously make your choices, be unstoppable in reaching your goals, align yourself with your Oversoul and God-Mind to clean up the “past”, and set your “future” in motion.

Put all your abilities to positive use, create your path, refuse to let the outer world stop you.

Move forward with the strength and determination that puts you firmly and sure-footed on your narrow, focused, refined path into continually deeper levels of existence within the Mind of God, and thus within your

Self. END


Part 4

What happened to your faith in Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind?

Who “took” it from you, or rather, who did you willingly give it to and why?

Who is really your worst enemy?

Would you dare point the finger at your Self??

When you have had enough of it all, you will pull in your unchecked, misguided energy and power.

You will loosen its hold on all that is around you.

You will pull it into your Self to examine exactly where this energy went and why.

You will do this so that you never, ever have to experience this again. You have done it once, so why continue to repeat the patterns?

You will do this so that you can explain to your Oversoul and God-Mind what happens to undirected flow of God-Mind—what happens to it, how it transforms as it exudes and is “tainted” as it passes through every cell of your being on every level.

You give it all to your Oversoul and God-Mind so that it can be recast and you can follow it upward for a change instead of allowing it to pull you down into your own seemingly self-destruction.

You know what happens with chaos, so now you can explore order.

You know what happens with self-destruction, so now you can explore self-enhancement.

You know imbalance, so now you explore balance. (cont’d)



Part 3

Most people like to look at what they have done and the damage that has ensued. Regardless of their words, they enjoy their discomfort and wallowing in the products of their creations.

This is what you know and this is what you keep. The strength of the mind-pattern that created the seeming chaos and mess holds it to you, and on some level you purposefully keep it this way.

Stay in the drama, yell “woe is me,” blame the world, wallow in self-pity, cry endless tears of inner pain, curse God and humankind alike, along with a few aliens, hybrids, and Reptilians just because you know they exist, too.

How low can you sink, how much suffering can you tolerate, knowing that it is inescapable?

Even with physical death, if this is your mind-pattern, your life will follow you beyond this plane, eternally haunting you with increasingly more viciousness and destruction!

The closer you are to crashing through your own self-imposed ceilings, the louder the internal cries that stop you from making your getaway into a liberated plane of existence.

You create your own mental traps, you allow the self-sabotage, you accept the self-doubts that rear their ugly heads, you stage the outer world to appear as though it is unnavigable. (cont’d)



Part 2
Visualize yourself standing still, with a volcano of never-ending, undirected lava flow-like fountain of power pouring out every pore of your being and into the world around you.

Where does it go?

What does it touch?

What does it do as you stand there, silently observing?

What kind of havoc are your undirected, misunderstood mental powers wreaking upon your personal world?

As you stand there, observing the very world that you have participated in creating, from world geography and political structure to your health, home, relationships, and finances, what do you see?

Everything that exists is somehow touched by you and what you have allowed to exude through your being, whether conscious or unconscious.

And, now you complain because of what your life is?

Well, this is your wake-up call, loud and strong.

The more undirected energy is “dumped” into the world, the worse it becomes and the harder it is to extricate yourself from this personal and global situation.

You have a responsibility to clean up yourself, thus reining back in all the undirected and misdirected energy that has spewed forth from you.

This is not an easy task for most people.

Pulling back in all that you have cast out means reviewing all to which your energy was attached.

This can happen with the strength of one thought, or you can spend eons of time moving through this.

It is always your choice. (cont’d)



Part 1

What you draw to yourself is an absolutely amazing and perfect depiction of what exists within your mind-pattern. From the moment that you are conceived until your departure from this plane should you so choose, you are the center of your universe and everything does revolve around you!

The power that is in your mind is astounding!

Even without conscious direction, the power that flows through the instrument of your body creates and shapes everything that exists in your world.

Your thought power brings everything to you.

Without conscious guidance, your power can create through building or destruction.

Most people are great at building through destruction, because this is exactly what happens when your mental capabilities run rampant and unchecked. (cont’d)




Part 6

Do you want to add to the upliftment of the collective unconscious mind?

Do you want to be a way-show-er for others to follow?

Or do you want to hide in the comfort of the herd mentality?

And that includes “New Age” herd mentality!

Is it just “peace, love, and light”?

Is it “vegetarianism”?

Or “crystals”?

Or whatever happens to be “in” at the moment?

Whatever you do, KNOW what you are doing and why!

You can do some very bad things even with the best of intentions when you do not know what you are doing! Often people think that something is better than nothing, but that is totally incorrect.  Don’t go for the short-term effect, go for the long-term.

Are you adding to the degradation of humanity or to its upliftment?

What kind of lifestyle do you have?

Is it full of fluff-n-stuff that looks great on the outside, but leaves you empty inside?

Are you settling for ideals that others bestow upon you, or goals that others give you?

When enough people wake up from their sleep to realize that they are here to feel their own strength and power in conjunction with the strength and power of their Oversouls and God-Mind, watch out, because there IS a New World Coming! END.

Part 5

The more you allow yourself to be exactly who you designed yourself to be, the more opportunities exist for others to find out who they are. Let them be uncomfortable.  Let them feel insecure. Whoever said that growth is comfortable? It is not your place to learn their lessons for them. You can guide, but you cannot take on their lessons, because if you do, you are the only one who learns.  Let their feelings of discomfort and insecurity be their teachers.  Give them motivation for looking at themselves.

What is your function here? Why did you choose to come in these turbulent times?

Are you a leader but you have never taken the time to recognize it? Being a leader is the loneliest job available.  You have the most responsibility; everyone scrutinizes your every move. The true leader has the least freedom. The true leader has great moral and ethical responsibility.

Be a leader wherever you are, whatever your position in life. Humanity needs leaders who are sleepers to awaken now. How else will the masses have access to TRUE leadership unless the leaders live and work among them, and know what the people need and want? Make yourself available where you are right now.

Do not wish you were “somewhere else, in a more spiritual career.”

Redefine your definition of “leader” and “teacher”.  These are not formal positions! (cont’d)


Part 4

People DO need to be led. But the reason is because that is how we help each other. There is always someone on the next rung of the ladder above you who can reach back and give you a hand.  And, there is someone on the rung of the ladder behind you to whom you can reach back and give a hand.  But to find that helping hand, you must look above you, and move vertically, not horizontally. Horizontal movements do not pull you up on your quest. They only distract you from finding the help you really seek. People need to be led into their upliftment, not into their enslavement.

If others feel insecure around you, that is their problem, not yours. Have compassion for them, offer your hand, but if they refuse to take it, do not force the issue. Hold your head up and keep moving forward. There is an old saying, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” (con’td)



Part 3

Have you ever consulted a “psychic” because you want to know if you should: marry someone, divorce someone, date someone, stop seeing someone, see a certain doctor, not see a certain doctor, move to a new location, stay in your current location, buy a house, rent an apartment, change jobs, not change jobs, etc. etc.

And, if you consulted a psychic, did you stop with one?

Or did you ask several the same question?

And, are you still looking for the perfect psychic?

Do you think that the ones that charge the most money are the best?

Can you buy your answers from someone?

After all, isn’t that easier than finding your own answer?

At some point, everyone looks for someone to  tell them what to do!


Because it is the easiest way out of any situation! But because it is the easiest does not make it the best solution! (cont’d)



Part 2

Do you realize that the reason the wise man goes to live in the mountains is not because the wise man cannot stand the people but because the people cannot stand the wise man? When the people see a true wise man, it makes them look at themselves and their own shortcomings and failures. Because they cannot stand to look at themselves, the wise man makes them uncomfortable.  They do not welcome him with open arms, waiting to learn from him. They make him an outcast so that they do not have to deal with themselves, for he is a reflection of their potential.

The people would rather have false leaders, for it is far easier.  Then they can be led down a path that is more familiar, thus more comfortable.

Why move out of familiarity?

Why become uncomfortable?

And, while they may protest, a dictatorship is more efficient and an easier place to be. Someone to tell you what to do and when to do it. (cont’d)




Part 1

A “sleeper” is usually thought of as a mind-controlled individual who is programmed to perform a specific task at a specific time after activation using a specific code of some time.  In general, the word “sleeper” has a negative connotation, and that is what the powers that be want you to think. You would not want to be a sleeper would you?

Or WOULD you?? Maybe not all sleepers are programmed for destruction. Maybe this planet is filled with individuals who are positive sleepers, waiting to be activated so that they can rise up, join thought energy, and change the course of history…for the POSITIVE.

Most sleepers never feel like they belong. That is because they do not. They do not belong to herd mentality, and never will no matter how hard they try.  And some have tried extremely hard with devastating personal consequences.

Have you cloistered yourself because others do not understand you? Have you allowed your inner greatness and power to die down within yourself because you know if you let it out you would so outshine everyone around you that you would never be accepted? (cont’d)


Part 5

Compartmentalization occurs on the Out-Breath.  Unification occurs on the In-Breath.  Both answer the same question from a different perspective. Together, they are the answer.  In True Reality there is only One Soul. This One Soul can never separate from Itself. Compartmentalization via the illusion of separation is the best that It can do.  Unification is only an illusion as well, as God-Mind can never separate from Itself in True Reality.

Have you ever heard someone say that he/she is “only a novice” or a “beginner” when it comes to metaphysics?

Or, “I wish I could communicate with my Oversoul and/or God-Mind” ?

These people are definitely into the illusion of separation! There are no novices or beginners!

Everyone is in communication with his/her Oversoul and God-Mind!

There is no separation! Only illusion that allows this continual, fascinating process of Self-Exploration. END.





Part 4

When the soul-personality is compartmentalized as much as it deems necessary, either by self or others, then it is time to create another illusion—that of “unification”.  The reverse process happens. As each piece “reintegrates” each cell brings its own unique set of knowledge to add to the whole.  Now, the “pieces come together” and the whole understands the totality of Itself through unification.  Consider the following simplified model:

Subpersonalities/alters unify with other subpersonalities/alters

Alters unify with main soul-personality

Soul-personality unifies with Oversoul

Oversoul unifies with God-Mind

This is the natural rhythm of the Universe, or the Breath of God-Mind. As God-Mind breathes Itself out, the soul-personality feels itself moving “away” from God-Mind.  As God-Mind breathes Itself in, the soul-personality rides the breath “back” to its Source.  As a microcosm of the macrocosm, the physical body replicates this breathing in and out. (cont’d)






Part 3

Keeping this in mind, understand that group or individual mind-control is a continuation of the compartmentalization process. Mind-control is another way that the illusion of separation is perpetuated so that compartmentalization can occur.

When you think that you cannot compartmentalize/separate anymore, you find out that you can. the subpersonality of God-Mind must explore Its ability to compartmentalize until It cannot compartmentalize any more. Every cell must compartmentalize until there are no more ways left to compartmentalize. Only then can Its exploration be complete.

Consider the following model:

God-Mind compartmentalizes into Oversouls

Oversouls compartmentalize into soul-personalities

Soul-personalities compartmentalize into subpersonaliteis/alters

Subpersonalities/alters compartmentalize ad infinitum

Each compartmentalization perpetuates the illusion that it is separate from the whole. These compartmentalizations allow all aspects of God-Mind to continually experience Itself via the illusion of separation.

In this artificially created scenario, the soul-personality becomes angry and despondent as it seemingly wanders further and further away from its Source.  It is so fully immersed in the illusion that it looks to find its way “back” to God-Mind. (cont’d)




Part 2

Physical beings are merely another compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind. Every type of physical being that you can imagine exists somewhere, someplace. In Its quest for Internal Knowledge, physical beings are continually compartmentalized into more subpersonalities of God-Mind so that It can continue Its Self-Exploration.

On the soul-personality level, this compartmentalization is enhanced via the illusion of separation. As a cell within a subpersonality of God-Mind, the individual stays focused in its own compartment via this illusion. Within this illusion, the soul-personality asks the following questions:

What is separation from God-Mind?

From my Oversoul?

From my parents?

From my family?

From myself?

From a physical body?

From others?

How many ways can I separate myself?

How many ways can others separate me from myself? (cont’d)






Part 1

Physical realities are the natural Self-Compartmentalizations of God-Mind exploring Itself. In True Reality, God-Mind can never separate from Itself, only create this illusion for the purpose of exploring Its own totality. Physical realities provide a vehicle for this Grand Internal Dissection.

Every species of plant, animal, mineral, and physical being that exists is a compartmentalization/subpersonality of God-Mind. A part of God-Mind becomes the species to understand and know Itself through experiential exploration. Every individual within the species is a cell within God-Mind, each one unique with at least one differentiating characteristic from all others. God-Mind “isolates” Itself, cell by cell, for Self-Exploration.  In this way, each subpersonality within God-Mind continually explores and defines Itself.

For example, there are 20,000 known species of butterflies alone.  Within each of these 20,000 known species there is every variation that can possibly be imagined.  This species is really a compartmentalization of God-Mind, twisting and turning on a Self-Exploratory journey. (cont’d)







How do I recognize other people in my Oversoul?

First of all, they feel like a part of you. This feeling is something that you do not have to question or doubt. It is like finding an arm or a leg—you do not have to question whether it is yours or not. Secondly, they will not be “exactly like you” because one Oversoul would never have two soul-personalities going through the same experiences.  Every soul-personality will be complementary to the other, but not duplicate another.

Do animals have Oversouls?

Everything has an Oversoul for effective communication with God-Mind. Sometimes these are referred to as a “group-mind”. There are many Oversouls within the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and within each species. This forms an efficient hierarchy of communication all the way up to God-Mind.

Where can I find more detailed information about Oversoul Communication?

The best place is inside of yourself. You can also read my “Decoding Your Life” book.  This is a basic book about Universal Law.  No matter where you are on your path, you need strong basics to build a strong foundation.  You are never beyond the basics.  END.

Can I access information about other lifetimes?

Absolutely. But, again, spend your resources wisely.  Only do so if this serves a purpose. Curiosity is an expression of ego. Who cares if you are Queen Elizabeth in another lifetime unless it serves a purpose? And if so, how does it directly affect your life experiences now?

Can I contact other dimensions, species, and/or even the departed through my Oversoul?

Absolutely. But again, spend your resources wisely. You can be led on a horizontal chase on any level that you attain.  Focus your mind-pattern on vertical growth. Go as deeply and quickly into your source as you can. Whatever you choose to study, do so with awareness. Release your need for game playing and entertainment. Accomplish your goals. Time is of the essence.

Are there other people in my Oversoul?

There are many soul-personalities experiencing God-Mind through your Oversoul, some in this dimension, some not.  Each individual is important to its Oversoul.  Each individual consists of unique experiences that contribute to the whole. As an analogy, think of the cells and organs in your body. Each cell and organ has a specific role and function. Your heart contributes something that your liver does not, and vice versa. your body does not need two hearts or two livers. In the same way, each individual that belongs to the same Oversoul contributes his/her own unique experiences in his/her exploration of God-Mind.  (cont’d)

Can I still have my spirit guides and helpers?

Go to your Oversoul and ask your Oversoul to explain who and what your “spirit guides and helpers” are. They may or may not be legitimate and/or helpful. They may simply be a product of your own mind-pattern. Only your Oversoul knows for sure. Go to the highest source available to you, then looking down, gather your explanations.

Can I still use stones and crystals?

You can do whatever you want. Ask your Oversoul for explanation. Have it contact the Oversoul of the crystals and stones, and bring that information back to you. Find out your own information.

What about automatic writing and channeling?

Automatic writing and channeling from your own Oversoul is one thing. But other than that, why would you want to allow any being or entity to possess your body? Each time an entity goes in or out, it is a tremendous shock, as well as destructive to the physical body. If you are only “listening” then writing and repeating, realize that you do not truly know the origins of these entities, or their goals. A con artist not in body is as dangerous as one in body. Access your own source. Stop looking for outer answers that will be as accurate as your own inner answers.  Spend your resources wisely. (cont’d)

Will this change my perspective on life in general?

Moving your energy up and down, rather than back and forth, means that you look at life from above rather than horizontally through your own accumulated vibratory imprints that exist in your auric field. This allows you to function as an objective observer. This, in turn, allows you to gather less subjective, more accurate information.

Do I still have free will?

You learn to align your will with the will of your Oversoul and God-Mind. You begin to function as a funnel of energy.  You are at the bottom, being constantly filled by your Oversoul and God-Mind. Rather than keep this energy, you constantly recycle it back up to your Oversoul.

You will learn that everything works like a fine-tuned machine when you recognize your constant state of communication with your Oversoul and God-Mind. you can still do whatever you want, but you will find out that when you listen to your Oversoul, life flows much easier for you.

Can a novice do it?

You are already connected. Simply become aware that you are already connected. “Novice” is a term designed to complicate something that is simple. Just do it! Release the need to complicate. (cont’d)

How do I know when I make contact with my Oversoul?

With your hands, feel the space that sits above your head. This is the area that contains your thoughts.  You must use your breath, or consciousness, to push up past your own thoughts to get into the space that holds your Oversoul.  In the beginning, it may be difficult to know that anything is happening. Your communications may be so subtle that you are not able to separate them from your own thoughts and feelings.  That is why it is important to push up above the space that contains your own thoughts.  The more you use the channel, the more perceptive you are to the communications that flow down it.

How will my Oversoul communicate with me?

You will learn the language of your own Oversoul, which is the language of feeling. You will learn to know by knowing. You will recognize how much you already know, then build on that knowledge. Once you know the language of your own Oversoul, ask your Oversoul to communicate with all other things for you, then bring that information to you. Your work becomes much easier, because instead of having to learn the language of everyone and everything, you only need this one, simple language. (cont’d)

Is an Oversoul the same as my Higher Self?

“Higher self” can mean many things, but an Oversoul is your specific birth point out of God-Mind.

How do I contact my Oversoul?

Your Oversoul is a constant.  You are always connected no matter where you are or what form you take. You are always connected whether or not you are consciously aware of this.  Your Oversoul recognizes you by your frequency—a vibration that is unique to you.

How do I develop awareness of my connection?

First of all, visualize a clear, elasticized channel that connects the top of your head up to your Oversoul. Using your breath as a tool, exhale your breath up through the top of your head, up through this channel, all the way up into your Oversoul.  Inhale it back down the channel.  Exhale it back up, then bring the breath back down.  if you see or feel any dark accumulated debris, use your breath as a scrub brush to clean it out. As you move your breath up and down, pass the loosened debris on up the channel to your Oversoul. Your Oversoul always stays clean and clear. (con’t)


 What exactly is an Oversoul?

Your Oversoul is where YOU come from. As an analogy, think of God-Mind as your grandmother/grandfather. Out of God-Mind came smaller portions of energy called Oversouls.  Think of an Oversoul as your mother/father.  Your Oversoul is your Point of Origin out of the God-Mind.

What does an Oversoul look like?

Each Oversoul is an energy mass of intelligence.  For visualization purposes, you can think of it as looking like the sun on a bright day.

 What function does an Oversoul perform?

Your Oversoul provides an intermediary link between God-Mind, an extremely vast energy and you, a small portion of that energy. Your Oversoul is a type of buffer between yourself and God-Mind. For example, you could not plug your kitchen toaster directly into an electric generator at a dam.  The powerful wattage from the electric generator would be too powerful and would burn out the toaster.

All of your experiences originate from your Oversoul.  Your Oversoul sends out your experiences by casting out a net of energy.  You pull that net of energy into yourself as you experience.  Then, you can choose to hold onto that energy and continue to repeat the experience, or you can consciously choose to give that energy back to your Oversoul so that the energy can be cleaned up and recast into new and different experiences. (cont’d)

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