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There is a reason why you chose to be here at this particular time, with the increasing undercurrents of darkness that are rising to society’s surface.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to allow your personal undercurrents of darkness to do the same. In this way, you explore what is hidden within so you can make conscious choices.

Is the darkness “bad”?

Or is it simply dark?

Why does it exist within you?

Why does it exist within society?

Take all your findings up to your Oversoul and ask for explanation. You already know. Now it is time to bring that knowledge into focus.

When you understand the depths of your own being and take the time to penetrate the multi-layers/levels, you will in turn take the knowledge into your understanding of the outer world.

Self-knowledge also reflects back to you in the outer world. If you cannot clearly define your own center, how can you possibly know when Self or others are off-center?

If you do not understand your own boundaries, how can you know when others step outside of theirs?

If you do not understand the depths of your own inner levels, how can you identify the deeper levels of others?

Do not confuse darkness with “bad.” The darkness is really the hidden part of yourself. Or, more accurately, that part of Self that is not in your focus at this moment.

Everything serves a purpose. Everything is a part of, and defines, God-Mind in Its Self-exploration.

Does the exploration of undercurrents and darkness bring fear to the surface?

Anchor yourself in your center. Allow the fear to rise up in a way that you can handle. This is your opportunity to face fear and walk through it.

Whatever is hidden, whatever you are avoiding, develop your center and strength so that you can bring it out in the least uncomfortable way. Then, explore and release whatever arises on up to your Oversoul, giving thanks for the lessons learned and assimilated.

When society reflects these dark undercurrents, outer circumstances control you until you can find a way to turn the tables. This puts you in a reactive position.

Consciously choosing to explore the dark undercurrents of Self puts you in a proactive position. A proactive position means you control the situation before it controls you.

By consciously choosing to explore your own inner darkness, you learn to know yourself on all levels.  When you know yourself on this level, you know others and the projections of the outside world for what each truly is.

Understanding Self is always the key to all things. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. When you are capable of knowing your Self on both ends of the spectrum, you no longer fear who you are, what you are, and your own potential.

You control your Personal Power under the direction of your Oversoul and God-Mind.  In the Eternal Now, your experiences encompass both light and dark. Your focus determines your current life experiences. When you function at this level, your control your own experiences rather than your experiences controlling you.

Choose to create your own inner catalysts to explore your own inner darkness.  This not only changes your experiences, but as a result, changes the outpicturing of the world.  Choose to walk through the darkness unharmed and unaffected.  This can only happen when you are brave enough to look deep within. END


It is easy to be a “perfect person” when you are alone, but how about in a busy, hectic world?  You may wish that you live where it is quiet so that you can mediate more and connect even deeper within.

Yet, if you can do this in a noisy environment, you can do this anywhere. The same with a family that you feel is unsupportive; or coworkers that “push your buttons.”

What can you do within an environment that is designed to pull you down?

How strong are you?

Can you walk through the darkness of the outer world stronger and better for the experience?

Or, do you allow outer circumstances to pull you down and into them?

Can you keep yourself clean no matter how deep the mud and muck?

Can you maintain and retain your personal integrity regardless of the degradation of society and its attempts suck you into its pits?

Just because “everyone does it,” do you have to join in?

Do numbers of people make something correct?

Are you strong enough to be your own person regardless of how many people fight against your right of personal self-expression? (cont’d) 





To explore these hidden areas, you must align Self with your Oversoul and God-Mind. To do this, take a look at how far your auric field extends from your physical body.

Then, pull it in close to your body, placing it in a violet bubble. Now you have boundaries of where you start and stop.

Use your breath to find your center. Breathe in from the top of your head to the base of your spine, exhaling in reverse, sending your breath all the way up into your Oversoul and God-Mind. Work with your breath until you feel centered.

Breathe in the strength of your Oversoul and God-Mind, exhaling all that no longer belongs within your being. Breathe in the strength, exhale all that you no longer need.

As you do so, feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper inside of your Self, anchored deep in strength of your Oversoul and God-Mind. Allow your consciousness to sink further inside, into depths that until now you did not even consciously know existed.

Allow yourself access to the deepest levels of Self-knowledge that you can, with the least amount of discomfort. If at any time you feel traumatized or upset, put yourself in brown for grounding and conclude the exercise.

Go as deep within yourself as you feel led to explore. If you feel strong enough, place a clear black color at your pineal gland. The positive aspects of black are depth, mystery, and the hidden.

Use this color code to explore deep within your Self. Next, surround yourself in a layer of royal blue, then a layer of violet,  a layer of silver, and finally a layer of gold.

If you have a tendency toward depression or unstableness, omit the black color code at this time. Use only royal blue, violet, silver, and gold.

Before you conclude your work, understand that you can breathe yourself into Alignment, touching into the strength of Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind at any moment necessary. Know that the alignment and strength are always there any time, day or night, 24/7.

Focusing upon this perfect alignment simply brings what already exists into your conscious mind. The true test of your abilities lie in the outer world. (cont’d)



Life is full of deceptions.  These deceptions are not always what you think they are. There are many unscrupulous people who look like they are getting away with everything.

In the same way, there are many who live exemplary lives who may appear to you to not receive what they deserve. This is why it is extremely important to look within the depths of Self via the Oversoul level. Otherwise it is extremely easy to misunderstand/misjudge what is truly happening.

Most people only look at outer appearances. This means they reach outer conclusions. This in turn makes it “easy” to throw stones at those they do not understand.  These people miss the deeper meanings of life experiences.

Your struggles are your “trial by fire” that strengthen and forge the totality of your soul-personality.  Understanding your own darkness is the only way you can understand who and what you are as well as the reflections of the outer world.

As the undercurrents of society rise from their hiding places, coming increasingly out in the open, your personal undercurrents also rise to the surface, ripe for exploration.

Most people explore only their daily life, because this is what most affects them on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, this leads to further self-exploration such as habits, relationships, personal trends, physical issues, etc.

This can keep people busy for years. Underneath lie the undercurrents that few people dare to enter. These undercurrents are not so easily identifiable, yet they propel all of daily life. (cont’d)


Story #2.

Two men were walking together. One was an unscrupulous character known for cheating others. He led a scandalous life. The other man led an exemplary life, helping everyone that he knew.

As they walked, the unscrupulous man found a $20 bill. He was so excited that he started dancing about! In the commotion, the other man’s foot caught in a crack on the sidewalk causing him to fall and break his ankle.  This thrilled the unscrupulous man even more!

He exclaimed laughingly to the other man, “Look at me, I found a $20 bill! Look at you! You, who do only good, got a broken ankle! The joke’s on you!”

Suddenly, an Angel appeared, and said to the unscrupulous man, “You were scheduled to come into a great fortune, but because of your lifestyle, all you got was $20.”

Turning to the other man, the Angel continued, “You were scheduled to be hit by a car resulting in a horrible accident, but since you have lived such an exemplary life, you only received a broken ankle.”  (cont’d)





 Story #1

Two men were traveling and needed a place to stay for the night. They came to a wealthy man’s beautiful home, and asked if they could stay. The man refused, so they begged and pleaded because it was late, cold, and they were hungry.

Finally, the wealthy man relented, putting the travelers in his cold, damp, dark basement with a few scraps of food. Gratefully, they accepted.

During the night, one man awoke to find the other repairing holes in the basement wall. He was surprised to see his friend doing this repair work at this hour. Tired, he fell back to sleep.

The next night, the two men came upon a small tiny cottage belonging to a poor farmer. When asked for lodging, the farmer invited them in.

The travelers were fed the best food the farmer had. They were even given the farmer’s bed while the farmer and his wife slept on the floor.

During the night, the first traveler heard a loud bang. He awoke to see that the other traveler had shot the farmer’s only cow!

Distressed, he asked, “Why did you repair the holes in the nasty wealthy man’s home and shoot the kindly farmer’s only cow?”

His companion replied, “There was gold hidden in the wall of the wealthy man’s house so I made sure he would not find it.

“Here, tonight, the Angel of Death was coming to take the farmer’s wife. So, I gave the Angel of Death the cow instead.” (cont’d)






A runner knows that he/she runs faster when there is a competitor. The faster the competitor runs, the more the runner pushes him/herself, oftentimes beyond what he/she thinks can be endured. The competitor forces the runner into his/her best.

Competition is one way of using an adversary in a positive way. You push yourself into something better because of the perceived adversary.

Everyone uses everyone else to determine where he/she is in life—who has this or that possession, career, relationship, knowledge, etc.

Is this judgment of “good” or “bad” or simply a status report of possibilities and potentials?  Used as a self-evaluation tool, without judgment or criticism, this can push you into new levels of Self.

There are reasons for everything. What you label “bad” and/or “negative” exists for reasons beyond your comprehension until you are strong enough to understand.

Appearances can be deceiving unless you have the inner strength to delve into the mud and muck to determine the ultimate forces at work. Consider these two stories (cont’d)









All is only a projection of your own mind-pattern, and that of society’s as a whole. You can stay and play the game of the collective unconscious group-mind. Or, you can claim the totality of your own soul-personality.

You can move through the group mind and out the other side into individualized consciousness. Whatever/whomever you see as your greatest adversary is your greatest teacher.

Pay attention and learn, rather than run away.  Stand up and greet that force, for it is only a reflection of your deepest, truest, most inner Self. Rather than fight it, embrace it, for it is a part of your True Totality.

The Earth Plane is a side-trip that you choose to take. What do you think is the next journey for your soul-personality when it finally releases from this prison-cage of “frozen light”?

What other rules/worlds are waiting for you to explore?

Do you want to be strong enough so that you can reach them and be functional within them as well?

What kind of soul-personality are you forging through your trials by fire?

What kind of strengths are you gaining?

Are you being forced into the depths of self-discovery as far as you are allowed within this dimension? (cont’d)







Consider the analogy of a butterfly inside its cocoon. When you see the butterfly struggling, you are tempted to peel the cocoon off to free the butterfly so that it can fly away.

But what happens to a butterfly when it does not have the necessary struggle to free itself from its cocoon? Its wings are weak. The butterfly soon dies. The truggle makes the butterfly strong.

Think of yourself as a butterfly, locked in your cocoon. Your struggle gives you strength. Without the struggle, you will not be strong enough for the next phase of your life.

At times you may want someone else to resolve your issues for you, wishing for less on your plate. But, like the butterfly, if someone solves these issues for you, you will not grow strong enough to move into the next phase of your life.

The Earth plane is equivalent to the butterfly’s cocoon.  This reality is designed to pull you down so that you have to struggle to get out of it. This struggle teaches you about who and what you are; what you can and cannot do.

The struggle is what pushes you further into your depths than you ever thought possible. The struggle forces you to examine your darkness when you finally realize that the light does not contain all of your answers.

The struggle is your path to freedom, whether you consciously recognize it or not.  

The “dark forces” are only a magnification of a part of your own totality that you choose to ignore. When you deal with the darkest parts of Self, then the outer magnification is no longer necessary, fading away. (cont’d)










Do you feel that you are struggling in more areas of your life than you think that you would ever consciously choose? Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are career, relationship, health, relocation, financial, self-identification, information, disinformation issues simultaneously pushing at you from every direction? Do you feel that you are on overload?

Welcome to the club! Everyone who is growing right now feels all of the above pressures. Everyone is struggling though a myriad of issues. No one person is dealing with one single issue.

Every person is dealing with multiple issues coming at him/her from all directions, seemingly unrelentingly.  When the light at the end of the tunnel becomes clear, you start moving that direction. Then, something else falls in your way, blocking the light.

When that obstacle is removed, another, and another, keeps coming at you, faster and faster.  Struggle, struggle, struggle.

Everyone is struggling, struggling, struggling, for breathing room. You may feel that there just does not seem to be any.

Do you feel pushed up against a wall, with nowhere to go, and no room to breathe? When you think that you are almost out of breath, are you pushed until you find a little more?

And then, when you absolutely know without a doubt that you are out of breath, do you get pushed again to find just one more gasp? This happens again and again until you really are ready to give it all up.

At this point, you are set free to fully breathe once more. This is happening to every growing soul-personality right now. (cont’d)





My thoughts about this even brought me to one of my favorite foods and perhaps one of yours: chocolate.  It is dark yet always portrayed as slightly “forbidden.”  Rich and smooth are descriptions often balanced with guilty and sinful. Why?  Because the Global Handlers don’t want you loving the dark sides of life, much less the dark sides of your Self.

So, once again, you work to “conquer” your love of the dark instead of embrace and merge with its goodness.

Are you willing to do this? What are you trying to conquer rather than merge with? Are you trying to conquer your dark side so that it isn’t in charge of you? Or are you merging with the richness of its mysteries? Is this the next step in this reality, through this reality, or beyond this reality?

This is a part of the understanding of Duality. You must understand the Positive side of every situation as well as the Negative side. The dark and the light. Opposite sides of the same coin to define the coin. Once the definition is met, what next?  Will embracing the dark side bring an end or a transition into something else? What do you think?

I know I hit onto something important. I will continue to study and explore this concept.  And in the meantime, I  for one, am glad that my journey has been recognized. Yes I HAVE gone to the Dark Side and Proud of it.  And if you are too busy trying to ensnare, enslave, and conquer your Dark Side to journey with me, then thank you for calling it quits.  This path is not for the weak or feint of heart.  If you are strong enough to journey along my path, I welcome you as a companion.  The End.




As I have also mentioned to you, I have literally seen people “go off the deep end’ after spending time with Stewart and I; they simply cannot accept others being nice to them because they cannot accept themselves.  It is easier to throw stones at us than to accept a place in this world where they are deemed “ok as is.”

This is replicated throughout society.  Power Games abound.  What can I get from you? How can I use you? Who do you know that you can connect me to? People forget that they must depend on their Oversoul and God-Mind. This is “who” they know; this is “what” can connect them; this is  what each person must “use” to get what he/she wants from life.

When I  wrote my first book I was so thrilled. I didn’t realize that the challenging part was actually selling it.  One day, I was complaining to myself about how I didn’t “know anyone” who could help me and my Oversoul said, “You have Me.”  How could I argue with that?

Yet, because we are in a human experience we want “people, places, and things” that feel more tangible in the moment.  We have to learn to rely upon our Spiritual Nature to surpass the limitations of this reality.  And this means merging with it into the totality of Self. (cont’d)

I recognized at this point that I had “gone to the dark” side because I have embraced the dark part of my Self and thus, the God-Mind.  The totality of Its richness. The hidden; mysterious; purity; power.  I have looked beneath what most people seek to avoid.  And then dug deeper.  I have embraced all aspects of my Self and love all aspects unconditionally, recognizing that all aspects have brought me to where I am today.

This reality is about conquering and enslaving whatever is  not understood.  People who are different are not honored for the different aspects of the God-Mind that they represent.  People who are different are used for what they can be used for and then discarded like trinkets only to be replaced with the next flavor of the day.

People work to enslave and ensnare,  not to understand and appreciate.  I have been admonished more times than I can count because I did something nice for someone else “just because.”  The recipient looks at me like “what do you want from me” first before even considering appreciating the kindness. (cont’d)


I realized while we were on our “Exploring Atlantis” cruise that I have gone to the dark side.  But not in the way they intended; not in a “bad” way. But in a positive way.

On the ship I had the opportunity to observe the frequency of the Black Race.  Because we were in the Southern Caribbean, a lot of the Black Race had been brought there as slaves, so this frequency is rich within this region.

One group that entertained during the day by the pool was a group of young Black men from Guyana.  I was entranced by the intrinsic beauty that emanated from them.  Through them, I tapped into the Pure Black Frequency.

I touched into the deep, dark secrets that the Black Race has been entrusted with.  I felt the Purity and the Power inherent in this frequency.  It is mysterious and goes back to the process of Creation Itself.  I felt the Black Frequency in the deepest part of soul—at least as deep as I am able to access at this point in time.

I was so touched and enamored with my findings.  I felt like I was floating in a pool of calm, serene water that was bottomless.  I felt the Oneness of the Black Race with its Natural Environment, which is much difference than my Native American genetics allow me to feel.  Yet, it is the same type of experience. (cont’d)


I like to tell you about my life and my struggles, because I think it is important for you to realize that I am just like you. The only difference is I have spent more time looking at my inner world.  Because of this I have the opportunity to share with you what I know and what works for me.

As you know, these past few years has truly been a year of clearing for me.  One of my biggest challenges was when two people I considered my absolute biggest supporters left my life.  They sent a long letter explaining their decision, but there was one thing they said that to me was the most ridiculous of all.

They said that I had “gone to the dark side.”  I just couldn’t get over this accusation.  Every time I thought of them, this kept coming up in my mind.  I kept “brown x’ing” out my thoughts of them, because to me it was just like not one, but two, people had died –amongst many others they took with them in the fallout.

I did my best to release them from my mind.  Then I went through a period that summer when I kept running into them wherever I went.  I acted like they were the strangers that I realized they had been all along—the false happiness and false support that had to be removed. But still their accusation that I had “gone to the dark side” stayed with me.  Out of the multiple pages of accusations, this was one that continued to stay with me.

Well, now I know why.  Because it’s true.  And I’m going to tell you why.  (con’td)

Many people are now choosing to exit the Earth plane for a variety of personal reasons. It is not anyone’s place to judge these decisions, but you can evaluate and decipher what is happening and why on the Oversoul level.

All you have to do is ask your Oversoul to contact the Oversoul of the person involved. Tell your Oversoul anything that you would like him/her to know.

Ask that this message be passed on via his/her Oversoul.  His/her Oversoul will relay the message without disturbing the soul-personality, and the work that he/she is currently doing.

You can also ask that any messages that he/she wishes to relay back to you be done in this way via the Oversouls.  On some level, your souls are already communicating. In True Reality, there is only One Soul and no separation.  There is no true disconnection from one another–only the illusion that is perpetuated in this reality.

There will come a time when physical death ceases to exist. Instead, the soul-personality journeys on in conscious awareness.

What will be your next step in the upward evolutionary spiral? 

What kind of choices will you make? 

How will you build your mind-pattern to determine your next phase of existence? 

 What is important to you? 

What kind of possibilities can you dream?

If you can think it, somewhere, someplace, it already exists.  Now, hold your focus there, and bring it to yourself.

Consciously create your own transitioning, wherever it may be, however you desire it to occur. As always, the choice is yours. END


Your mind-pattern creates your experiences, regardless of the dimension, plane, or reality in which your soul-personality exists. After a period of acclimation, you may “wake up” from this experience.

Or, you may be subject to your “mentors” who automatically make the decision of where you need to go next.  Your participation in the creation of your lifestreams depends upon how willing you are to be responsible for your Self at that moment.

If you are flamboyant, or adventuresome in life, you may want to experience this type of physical death.  What may seem painful and traumatic to others may be exactly what you need and want to experience.

Perhaps you choose a dramatic exit to be remembered. Sometimes the most quiet, shy-appearing individual choose to make a statement in this way.  What couldn’t be said in life is said in death.

Those that leave young may have had only a few things to accomplish; then it is time to exit.  Or, they have lessons to teach those they leave behind. Or, they have choices—to stay or to go.  They will go where they feel they can make the best use of their life–this Physical Reality or somewhere else. (cont’d)

Whatever you give out in your life is what you experience at the moment of physical death.  If you caused harm to another, you will feel that harm being done to you.  If you wished anything harmful on anyone for any reason, you will experience what you wished.

The more energy you put into the negative, the more you experience it.  If you put enough energy into creating this, you actually create what you think you hate.

Your next life stream will then put you into the same situation that you wished for the recipient of your ill will.  You will learn about the totality of your life experience.  You always receive what you give out.

Where does the soul-personality go?  It goes to wherever the mind-pattern pulls it.  Remember, your world is held together by your mind-pattern. If you believe in heaven and hell, that is where you go.

If you believe in the “white light” that is what you experience. If you believe you will be greeted by family and friends, that is your experience. If you believe in nothingness, that becomes your next reality.  (cont’d)

When any organ, or part of the body, starts to fail, it does not suddenly happen. The psychic energy, which is the energy that runs the physical structure, starts to leave with every negative thought you think. For example, if you “hate,” even if you feel it is justifiable, your cells respond by life force leaving. Thus, you destroy your body. When you send out positive thoughts, you maintain and increase your psychic energy and your body responds by building itself even stronger. You can read “Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto to further understand this principle.

Yes, pass up whatever comes in front of your inner eye, always remembering to replace it with something so that you do not draw the old back in. Yes, holding the card, or visualizing the archetype will help with your release work.

In the Catholic religion, the priests took on the role of the Oversoul in daily confessional.  Instead of going directly to your Source, the Catholics ask you to go to a priest who communicates with your Source for you, thus removing you one more step away from who and what you are.

While in this body, using Oversoul work, you review your day, what you experienced, and what others experienced.  Then, you assimilate your lessons, make adjustments, and give that knowledge and information up to your Oversoul to pass on into God-Mind.  You are done.

By doing this you lessen what you go through at the moment of physical death. You still review your life, but because most of your life has already been reviewed, it will not be so intense.  (cont’d)

When the going gets tough, some people do consciously think of leaving through the method known as suicide.  Suicide is not on the upward spiral of evolution. Suicide throws you backwards instead of forward. It is an effort to escape rather than a fortification that allows your soul-personality to move forward.

Anyone that thinks he/she is escaping his/her lessons will find that suicide only intensifies the lessons.  Plus, they have to deal with the emotional distress of those left behind.

People often fear physical death, and/or its consequences, because without fear, it would be too easy to simply leave this dimension whenever life is perceived as too difficult.

At the moment of physical death, the life that a person has just passed through appears before that person’s inner eye in such a way that the person re-experiences it.

This experience is often called “purgatory.” This is why it is important to release everything to your Oversoul at the end of every day and night. (cont’d)


When a person is ready to transition out  of the physical body, regardless of chronological age, the life force diminishes.

The soul-personality starts the  journey out of the body long before the body ceases to function.  Always remember that each cell of the physical body contains its own consciousness.

The body can remain animated without much of the soul-personality left.  When the soul-personality makes the final tug, pulling the rest of its life force out of the physical, then the body ceases to function.

If the person has many unresolved emotions, he/she may have sent the energy of the heart, which is the center of emotions, out of the body long ago.

This can result in anything from heart problems all the way to death when the final vestiges of life force is wrenched from the body as the soul-personality takes its flight of perceived freedom. (cont’d)

If you have emotional issues that you feel are smothering you and you cannot deal with, then you may develop lung cancer.  This simply means that the life force leaves the lungs first.

 How can you stop the physical body from degenerating if the body follows the mind?

The mind-pattern must be reversed for the body to reverse its course.  You may be able to put the physical deterioration on hold to try to force the mind into a new pattern.

If you are successful with the mind, then the body is given what it needs to boost the newly forming mind-pattern.

No death is really ever “sudden” even though it may appear so. When you look at a person’s energy field, you can see how much “vital force,” or psychic energy, exists within the body.  (cont’d)

However, as you allow your soul-personality to evolve in the natural upward spiral, your outer world reflects this evolution.

You naturally begin to explore other worlds, realities, and dimensions.  And, your experiences naturally flow along this course, continuing to support the mind-pattern that you hold.

Physical death is now the accepted vehicle that allows the soul-personality to transition from one phase of life to another.  Physical death of the body simply reflects a mind-pattern that needs the death of current situations.

The soul-personality is ready to go onto something else.  Because the conscious mind doesn’t know how to halt, the subconscious, or God-Mind connection part of your mind, takes over.

Subconsciously, you slowly start experiencing physical death.  Your energy starts leaving the physical body long before the physical body ceases to exist.  This is why there are apparent diseases and degeneration. (cont’d)


With enough control over your own thoughts and mind-pattern, can you “shapeshift” yourself into other dimensions, realities, and/or forms?

 Most people do not have the fortitude to do this, because they do not want to leave the known.  They do not want to be done with their lessons and move onto something else, regardless of their words.

People want to cling to whatever they have, whether it is material possessions, thoughts, things, or relationships. They forget that they are totally evolving energy on a journey into and through God-Mind.

That is the illusion, or delusion, of physical reality.

This is also what keeps you focused in the present moment.  Experiencing too many realities at once would not allow you to focus on your specific purpose at this specific time.

If you cannot deal with your life as it is, why add the burden of other lifelines? (cont’d)

You most likely assume that you will experience death of the physical body. This is what you are taught and how society indoctrinates you. In school, you are taught that humans live approximately 75 years.

This is the imprint with which most people live life.  You categorize life from infant, youth, middle age, and old age, culminating in physical death.

The quest for the “fountain of youth” is unending, whether it is in eating a specific food or herb, or through oxygenation, injections, and surgery.  If the mind can dream it, someone is trying to find an outer “cure” for physical death.

This imprinting is generational and strong. People live in this illusion. Most have forgotten that regardless of what happens to the physical body, the mind-pattern is the ultimate determining factor.

Is physical death as it is now known absolutely necessary?

Is it possible to transmute the physical body into something else? 

Is it possible to lighten up the cellular structure?  (cont’d)

Part 10

To stop others from easily accessing the astral realm the early churches often constructed their buildings on these grounds. This is why the churches are used for ritual. Even the hymns and prayers are developed with intonations (tones) that feed the astral as well as open the worshippers to receive the astral and today, ELF bombardments.

This explains why many churches have heavy energy, keeping the buildings dark and dimly lit, preferring candles to natural light. Many old cathedrals also have extensive burial chambers underneath them, or display old relics and bones. These are all ties into the astral realm.

There is a lot to explore in the astral realm. Some people do it consciously and willingly. Some explore it without understanding or caution. To enter the astral realm, you must be extremely strong on all levels to withstand all that it contains.

If you overestimate your strength, the astral will use you faster than you can blink. You can easily already be an unwitting pawn in this bridge between the Earth plane and Hyperspace. But, now that you are aware of Hyperspace, connect with your Oversoul and God-Mind. Allow your Oversoul to explain the specifics of the astral realm and any connection you have to it. You might be surprised at what you learn, so if you ask the question, be prepared for the answer, whatever it is. END




Indigenous peoples knew how to navigate and use the astral realms. They used it in conjunction with Earth energies. They were experienced astral navigators. They passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. Sometimes they used hallucinogenic drugs to help enter the astral, but they knew what they were doing and how to do it. They prepared themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

They cleansed their bodies and strengthened their mind-patterns. They became strong so that they could remain focused and balanced regardless of what they faced in the astral. Usually these people were the shamans of the tribes. The shamans had respect for its dangers as well as the knowledge that could be accessed there. This was not a hit and miss activity. Entering the astral was structured and purposeful.

There are Earth energies that support the astral realm and also provide easy access to the astral. Often these areas are swampy or dark areas. Many times burial and ceremonial grounds as well as churches are built on these geographic locations. The indigenous peoples knew that these grounds helped the passing of their peoples from one level to the next. These peoples used the boost of the Earth energies into the astral for their ceremonial grounds. (cont’d)


Part 8

Sometimes these energies are already attached to you because of simultaneous existences when you might have been involved in Black Magick or activities of the flesh. Without awareness, these entities will continue to stay with you. Once you develop awareness then you can make your decisions.

This is why it is important to find out who you are by finding out who you are not. As you discard and dismantle who you are not, you go deeper into your own core. Ridding yourself of this extraneous baggage allows you to more clearly see yourself. Once you know what to look for, your decisions and choices become clearer, even though perhaps increasingly challenging.

Visiting the astral realm can be enticingly exciting. Most people hunger to know what lies beyond their current existence. The astral realm provides part of the answer, but not all of it. People do not look beyond the astral, thinking that the astral is the answer. The astral is exciting compared to the monotony of everyday life that most people experience.

But, the astral is fraught with danger. Most people do not know how to navigate or use the astral, so the astral winds up using them. People get sucked into it because the energies there consider the people gullible. The energies act friendly and benevolent until as some point, once the energies are adequately attached, they turn, using you when you least suspect it. (cont’d)


Once in you, these entities and energies are not always so easily disposed of. This is why some people have flashbacks after using drugs. They are not really having flashbacks—they are having another, new experience as they make contact once again with the astral.

These astral energies can attach to you, often when you are very young. If you have a traumatic experience, feel alone, and/or frightened, these astral energies will take the guise of friend and comforter. This usually happens when you are young enough to still see them.

You accept the energy because this is what gives you solace in your time of heartache, grief, and loneliness. Your acceptance is really an invitation. You invite the energy in, it attaches to you, and you do not realize what you are doing.

As life goes on, you are so accustomed to this energy that you do not even realize that the astral energy is not a part of you. These types of energies create havoc. Besides the physical issues previously mentioned, they stir up emotional issues.

For example, they do not want you to have stable relationships or happiness in your life, because then you might not need them any more, casting them out. These astral energies want you isolated, alone, and frightened so that the part of you who knows them, keeps them. (cont’d)


Sexual Ritual feeds the astral realm as this is where unharnessed, expended sexual energy hangs out. This is why wanton sex is encouraged. Everyone is told to have sex because it feels good. If you are not having sex or sex does not give you pleasure, then the current mode of thinking is that you need help.

The sex act is a great energy generator. When this creative sexual energy is not directed, it goes into the astral realm for collection and later use. This sexual energy is gathered in a giant holding pen, then turned on like a faucet and directed by those who know how to use this energy. Sexual energy is used to create a pathway to bring the nonphysical into the physical.

Use of hallucinogenic drugs opens you up to the astral realm. The drugs loosen the buttons of the chakra bands so that you are not tied into the body very well. This allows astral energies to enter into you as well as influence you. (cont’d)


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