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No one does anything “to” you. You only do it to yourself. Any thought-form can be collected, categorized and used against you. You create the weapon and you accept the weapon. Then you wonder why.

This explains the necessity of releasing to your Oversoul moment by moment, every day—so that your thought-forms do not take up residence in the astral realm, strengthening something that is not benevolent or for the benefit of Self or humanity.

These thought-forms can even combine to create astral entities that deem themselves deities – because they take on a life of their own. These astral entities know how to manipulate other thought-forms. To uninformed people, these deities look like gods of darkness.

If these gods of darkness do not have their combined thought-forms pulled back to the originators they can exist eternally. People who partake in Black Magick feed these gods of darkness. ( Cont’d)


Part 4

The astral realm is where your undirected thought-forms hang out as they gather with other like thought-forms, garnering strength and energy. These thought-forms still belong to you energetically. However, they still gain strength and energy from other like thought-forms by intermingling. The thought-forms are still tied to you—kind of like a rubber band.

This is also how anyone who knows how to manipulate the astral realm can use you against yourself. All your undirected thought-forms can be manipulated and gathered into one place. If you have a weak place in your mind-pattern, and someone wants to target you, your own images and vices are propelled back at you. Energetically they hit you like a ton of bricks.

For example, you decide to give up drinking alcohol. Every time you want a drink the thought-form goes into the astral and is captured. If you think 20 times a day that you want a drink, that thought collects with the others in the astral realm.

After a few months, there are a lot of these thought-forms collected. One day you are abstaining from drink and doing really well, and the next day you are overwhelmed into drinking yourself silly. What happened? If you are a target, your own thought-forms were simply directed at the weak area in the mind-pattern. You accept the thought-form because you recognize the frequency as your own.

This same collection happens to humanity. Like thought-forms are collected, feeding a specific aspect of the collective unconscious. When humanity least suspects, this energy is whirled back at them. People wonder what happened and why. Anyone who knows how to manipulate energies can re-direct this collection of energy back to its origin.(cont’d)


Part 3

These astral-bound souls want to continue to experience the flesh even though they are not in the flesh. The closest way for them to continue these experiences is to share the body of someone still living.

These astral-bound souls do not want you to quit any addictive behavior because then they lose their tie to the Earth-plane. These types of souls are often vindictive, manipulative, and controlling. They have no regard for people now or nor did they before their passing. When the physical body is left behind, the active personality remains the same—it just no longer has a physical body.

Others in the astral realm include recently departed who do not yet know that they no longer have a body, or those who have a worry or concern about those people left behind. These souls may try to finish loose ends or fix something that they perceive was not corrected before their passing. These souls usually eventually find their way beyond the astral realm and into hyperspace once they are at peace.

This is why people are told to go to the “white light”—because this will take them into the astral realm where their energy can be used by anyone who wants to manipulate it. People passing out of the physical body need to go to the violet or gold light as these color codes provide safe and easy passage through the astral and into hyperspace. (cont’d)


Most paranormal experiences occur via the astral realm. This is why the New Age directed everyone’s attention to such activities as astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and channelling. With everyone’s attention in the astral realm, no one thought to look beyond into hyperspace. People spent decades trying to do astral projections and learn to channel. What a great distraction for so many for so long!

The astral realm is where souls newly departed from their physical bodies go before journeying on into the deeper hyperspace realms. Many who are strongly attached to the physical have a mind-pattern which keeps them in the astral realm—the true state of limbo. Their mind-patterns do not allow these souls to move on nor go back into a physical body. These souls are stuck here until the mind-pattern changes.

These astral-bound souls are often Earth-bound because of their strong attachment to activities of the flesh, including food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. They hang around unsuspecting people, whispering at them to participate in these activities of their lower animal selves. (cont’d)

In these “End Times” the Astral Realm will play an increasingly important role.  The time lines are being artificially compressed, which in turn affects the Astral Realm. Several people have asked for a copy of this article which I wrote several years ago.  Because I think the information is especially important in this vital period, I am going to post it in several parts for your review.  The first installment begins today:

What exactly is the astral realm and why does it get so much attention?

The astral is the thin energetic band around the Earth plane that holds the collective unconsciousness as well as Earth-bound energies and entities. This energy is easy to tap into because the astral realm is like a bridge between the physical Earth plane and the nonphysical realm of hyperspace. (cont’d)


You must remember that you are the vessel through which God-Mind creates. Release your need to be the Creator. Remember your True Origins. “Remember” that you are already connected. Claim your internal power. Know who and what you are.

Change yourself, change your world. Take back your power. No longer allow the outside world to control you. Stop being the lamb who is led to slaughter. When you stand in your strength and power, you release the need to fear.

What is the True Story of the Original Fall From Grace? Find your own answers. You know them. They are within you. Look, feel, listen, absorb, know. The beginning of this physical reality exists in the Eternal Now.

Locked deep within your genetic code are your memories of your Original Descent into this physical reality. With your mind focused at your pineal gland, visualize the DNA archetype in a deep, dark green. Allow it to open as you stand in your center, anchored firmly in the strength of Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind.

With your internal eyes open, allow the experiences that link “you” to your Original Descent flow to you. Feel yourself in the midst of Creation Itself, moving out from God-Mind for the first time ever, swimming in creative energy, moving through the tetrahedron and into the octahedron, seeing/being archetype, feeling/being color, hearing/being tone.

What is your experience as you move your consciousness back to the Eternal Now?

Who are you really and why are you here?

They control your eating habits, spending habits, clothing habits, social habits. They gently lead the lambs to slaughter. And you obediently follow. No one takes anything from you. You give everything to them. All internal power and knowledge you hand over on a silver platter.

They continually replace what is natural to you in this environment with what is easiest to implement control over the group mind.

They already control your mind—now they only want to make it official instead of secret. A little chip in your brain will make you smarter. Why rely on your mind when you can rely on a chip? You have been lulled into a dull complacency.

You take the short-term route, they take the long-term. They plan for decades and centuries, slowly and patiently, as you are lead away from your idea of the Creator to slowly embrace theirs.

When anyone removes him/herself from the Luciferian energy stream, you bash and pummel them, trying to get them back into alignment with Luciferian energy. You do not go after the top of the pyramid because they are beyond your reach.

Instead, you reach out to your peers and your leaders, who are within reach. Much easier targets. You strike out blindly because this is the way you fulfill your programming- to bring all the people back down to your level to serve your Luciferian god. (cont’d)

They implemented the “Monarch” programming, knowing that the “monarchs” are the kings and queens from God-Mind that are now slaves to the Luciferian energy. This is their cosmic joke.

They have the secret knowledge of your true heritage because you agreed to forget it. They remolded and reshaped your history because you let them. They genetically engineer you so that you can serve Lucifer, their god. They think that they have the right to do this.

They brought your mother and father together to create what they think is genetically superior progeny. They built the bodies, knowing the type of soul-personality that the body would attract.

The Luciferians aid the idea of Separation. They take you so far outside of Your Self that you totally forget your connections. They take away your original foods sources, symbolic of the control that they have over your mental food.

You are fed herd-mentality food, such as beef, rather than animals that are more aggressive and independent like wild game and buffalo. You no longer eat according to season or according to the needs of your body. Many, many indigenous game, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation are no longer even in existence. (cont’d)

The “studies” by “experts” ask, “Are you nervous in front of a crowd? If so, you have anxiety disorder…take this pill.” So, you take the pill. And more pills and more pills until you are so drugged that you do not have a chance of having a sane conversation with yourself or you body.

Or maybe you take “recreational” drugs. Because you are convinced by someone outside of yourself that these are “safe.” Something for everybody is included in the agenda.

Did anyone force the pill in your mouth? No. You ask for it, you pay for it with your own money, and you put it in your mouth with your own hand. Who did this? You! Your gullibility is a weakness that the agenda willingly exploits.

No one questions. No one is a leader. You are so disctracted in the process of procuring things that you do not have any time left for self-exploration. You let others explore and then trust, not even questioning who it is that you are trusting.

Self-justification instead of Self-exploration. Denigrate those who truly have answers so that you can justify that you do not. “Destruction of your Savior” was the programming that was implemented and continues to be imprinted today with the Crucifixion Story.

Destroy those who are here to bring you salvation, or lead you back to God-Mind, while you self-justify aiding the Luciferian cause. Destroy those who are here to help you help your Self.

Now, everyone works for Lucifer as Lucifer goes about creating its playthings. Now, you are the plaything of Lucifer. You work and struggle day in and day out to pay your bills and give your children a better life.

But who benefits the most from your work? The top of the pyramid. They are supported by your efforts, with your labor, by your taxes. They have incomes that are unimaginable to most people.

They have the finest that the world has to offer. They started creating “things.” They believe that these “things” are theirs. They believe that you are their slave creation. (cont’d)

Evil is invited in without questioning or realizing that it is even entered as it is cloaked in “good.” When you do not know your own frequency, how can you recognize that which is within you that does not belong? And, since you are the one who invited this guest in, you are the one who must determine how to get the guest to leave.

Sometimes the guest is purposely invited in as the only way to explore it. Sometimes you decide to eat at the same table as this guest so that you can continue your undercover work to understand it in every way possible so that you can eventually lead it “back” into the God-Mind. You cannot divest yourself, or this reality, of anything unless you know what it is.

This is one reason why many specifically programmed people on some level consent to their programming. They are really spies for the Holy Trinity. This allows them access to the “Unholy Trinity” in a way that no one would suspect. While they look like unwilling participants, they are in fact gathering knowledge and information so that they can lead these negative energies back to the God-Mind as well as others who are caught in this entrapment and cannot find the way out.

Lucifer is simply exploring itself. It creates beings and things. First, you welcome the beings into your life because they promise false comforts. Then, its beings create things for you that you welcome into your life. Lucifer becomes your companion. You do not want to divest yourself of it, regardless of your words.

You are too busy saying, “Look what I created! Look at the home I built! Look at the car I bought! Look at the children I made! Look at the Healing Energy I sent!”

“I, I, I!” Are you any better than those that you criticize?

Luciferians simply explore their Creator as they understand it. They explore the opposite end of the spectrum of God-Mind. They help God-Mind understand Itself through Duality, through Separation.

You are a willing participant in their study. You allow yourself to be lead outside of yourself for answers. You send your children to classrooms to read out of books. Are the books correct? You look to “experts” for the answers. Do you question who the experts are?

Mesmerized like a cobra, the outer world now run by Luciferian energy simply plays a tune and the entire group consciousness follows without question. This week they play, “Eggs are bad for you,” and the collective conscious mind sways to the tune.

Next week they play, “Eggs are good for you” and again, the collective conscious mind blindly follows. Hypnotically, slowly, methodically, minds are dulled and numbed to their own Source until the people are led like children of the Pied Piper into the river to drown.

Things are the most important part of people’s lives. They easily hand their children over to the care of strangers to raise them while they pursue their things. What would the children rather have…things or their parents?

Pursuit of things; fascination with things–this is what got you into trouble in the first place. You want to create. You want to be God rather than allow God-Mind to operate in and through you. You follow the path of Lucifer who wanted to be God.

You want to be God so that you create instead of being the vehicle through which God creates. The “New Age” even taught people to say “I AM God.” This is incorrect. You are like the wave upon the ocean. You contain all the same elements of the ocean, but you are not the ocean. You are wrapped up in things. This is your distraction and imprisonment.

Now, it is time to remember that you are simply the vessel through which the God-Mind creates. Stand still. Allow this intelligence to move through you rather than going seeking outside of your Self.

“Be still.” This does not mean to sit in silent meditation for endless hours. This means to acknowledge the inner connection from which you are not separated and have never been separated.

Lucifer always seeks vessels through which to operate. It gains an increasingly greater hold in its own insidious way. It inserts frequency into what ordinary people judge as “good.” Then the frequency is piggybacked with an “evil” frequency that walks right in through your front door.

Lucifer continues to look for outlets to express itself. It has tricked the other faction of God-Mind into believing that they create, rather than acknowledging that God-Mind creates through them.

The devotees of Lucifer meet the needs of all before anyone even knows that he/she has a need. Go into any store needing absolutely nothing. There will be some “thing” that catches your eye. Suddenly, you “need” that thing! The object of your desire is created outside of you before you even realize that you have a desire for it.

You come home with an armful of material possessions that keep you occupied. You do not even have to think about thinking for yourself. Why bother. Someone else can do this for you.

You place your devotion in things that you will believe will take care of you. You place your devotion in the people who bring you these things. You sell your soul for things and then beg for more. You put things ahead of all else, with the pursuit of things as the ultimate goal.

You are lulled by things as you continually move further away from your own internal ability to express God-Mind creating through you. You are lulled by people who you believe can bring you these things, forgetting that all people have the same innate properties. You can bring to your Self all that you need simply by remembering your own Internal Connection to All That Is.

As a reflection of the Unholy Trinity, the other faction began to think, “See what I created?”  Considering that God-Mind is the Intelligence behind all creation, whether acknowledged or not, this continues the illusion of Duality and Separation.

Because Lucifer started the descent, its function is to create the greatest separation from the God-Mind (or the appearance of) that it possibly can. Now, most intelligent beings believe the illusion that they are separate from God-Mind.  They have fallen into the fascination of personal creation as opposed to God-Mind Creation.

Lucifer looks for ways to express itself through its creation.  This is its play, entertainment, and ultimately self-exploration.  It moves in and out of its creations–people, places, and things.  It is an intelligent energy that creates and continues to explore the depths of Duality and Separation within the Mind of God.

Now, people do not think about how to do anything for themselves. If the body is sick, they go to a doctor to heal it.  They have forgotten that all they have to do is use the power of their minds to heal. If they want to learn about nutrition they go to the library to read a book because they have forgotten their Source.  If they want to travel, they get into a vehicle. They have forgotten that their minds can take them wherever they need to go.

People have forgotten that the body does not need to age.  They go to a plastic surgeon to correct the effects of aging rather than look within.  They go further and further away from God-Mind as Creator.  When they build a car, they say, “Look what I created,” or when they secure a wonderful business deal, they say, “Look what I created,”  just like Lucifer.  They forget the Intelligence working through them.  (cont’d)

Because God-Mind is always in balance, other Intelligent Energies had to follow to correct the imbalance. As these Intelligent Energies followed, they also divided and split, learning how to create in the same way as Lucifer.

In a sense, they became like spies—absorbing Luciferian knowledge so that eventually they could “lead” these mesmerized intelligences “back” to their Source in True Actuality.

As the “spies” created they became fascinated with what they, too, could manifest. Eventually, they fell deep into the illusion of separation from their Source. Unlike Lucifer, they longed to be reunited with their Source but “forgot” the way.

As Luciferian energy descended and created, it became increasingly enamored with the power that comes with creation. It learned to make its creation exponentially dense, and then continued to split itself so that it could inhabit its creations.

As a response to the Luciferian method of creation, the other faction of the Angelic Hierarchy had no choice but to do the same so that it could inhabit its creations and manipulate physical reality in the same way. (cont’d)

God-Mind continued to explore Duality through this process of reshaping and remolding Itself. Thus continued the evolvement of Intelligent Energy as It created the illusion of Independent Intelligence within each form. As the Independent Intelligences split and divided, the illusion of separation continued.

From there, the illusion separated into the conscious mind (present moment), subconscious mind (memories/merging of conscious and superconscious minds), and superconscious mind (God-Mind connection), with all three parts forming its own reflection of the Original Trinity of Creation.

As the division and splitting continued, the illusion that this part of God-Mind was moving further away from Itself continued. This is known as the Original Descent into physical reality, sometimes referred to as the “Fall from Grace.”

Lucifer, the lead “descending” Intelligence, began to believe in its conscious mind that it alone was Creating. It “forgot” the Intelligence behind it. The function of Lucifer was to entice more illusionary “divisions” to follow it. Lucifer showed these divisions “its” creations.

Lucifer said, “Look what I created!” The others thought that Lucifer had great power as they, too, “forgot” their origins. They became mesmerized, desiring to learn how to create like Lucifer. Fascinated with its own creations, Lucifer wanted more and more creations so it could see what it could do. Many followed this original descent into physical reality. (cont’d)

Both positive and negative are a part of the Duality that God-Mind is exploring. One cannot exist without the other. The Unholy Trinity represents the most negative intelligence, and the Holy Trinity represents the most positive intelligence.

“Evil” is a judgment of negative intelligence; “good” is a judgment of positive intelligence. Everything in between is a composite of positive and negative, or good and evil. This is a matter of polarities and balance.

The Oversoul Matrix permeates both the Holy Trinity and the Unholy Trinity. It is this Matrix that permeates all life forms in physical reality. Because the octahedron construct (created by Lucifer) essentially came out of the tetrahedron  (Angelic Hierarchy), it must be reassimilated back into God-Mind through the tetrahedron.

The illusion of “fighting” against the Angelic Hierarchy gives the Unholy Trinity polarity and existence. It must create the illusion that it is in control, because in True Actuality, it can never be in control.

A portion of the Angelic Frequency decided that it was equal to the totality of God-Mind. This is what is called “Luciferian” energy, which means “of the light.”

The light became enamored with itself, and started to create a microcosm of the God-Mind. This is when the octahedron began to form around the tetrahedron.

This was the start of the Unholy Trinity. Out of the Luciferian energy descended the energy frequency known as Satan. Satan believes itself to be the equivalent to the Christ Consciousness.

In turn, out of Satan descended the Devil energy frequency which sees itself as the equivalent of the Oversoul Matrix.

So, at one end of the octahedron within the tetrahedron is the Holy Trinity known as God-Mind, Christ Consciousness, and Oversoul Matrix.

At the opposite end of the octahedron is the Unholy Trinity, known as Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil.

This is the balance of God-Mind Intelligence expressing in physical reality as Duality.

As God-Mind explored Itself, It thought of Duality. As soon as there is a Thought within God-Mind, there is a Response. Everything happens in the Eternal Now. The immediate response out of God-Mind was the Christ Consciousness energy frequency.

This was the first illusion of separation. Because God-Mind is All Things, It can never be separate from Itself. The Christ Consciousness energy frequency is a reflection of God-Mind Itself.

The Christ Consciousness energy then created the infinitely repeating 13x13x13 Oversoul Matrix through which all lifestreams pass, with the Angelic Hierarchy at its tip.

Together, this forms a tetrahedron, the symbol of perfection within God-Mind. All of Physical Reality is a reflection of this Oversoul Matrix. For this reason, the 13x13x13 cube became the model for programming and mind-control.

This cube is seen in the Islamic Kaba, as well as in the New Testament of the Bible where it is referred to as the “Holy Spirit.” The cube is the basic architectural format of the original Temple of Solomon, as well as ancient Catholic cathedrals in Europe.

This has been an interesting Summer for observing the news.  Because we spent so much time traveling, we had little time to watch the actual news.  But once I was home again and started reading what is going on in the world, after having been absent from it for a few weeks, it is absolutely unbelievable!

Everything is so scripted it is almost a joke.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, life is now designed where you can’t tell what is real and what is not—unless you have been trained in Hyperspace/Oversoul Techniques.

Everything and everybody is doing everything that you can imagine and more.  You don’t know who you are, but if you don’t do what is trendiest at the moment, there is a good chance that you are going to be left in the wind as your “friends, cohorts, and colleagues” abandon you by the droves.

Imprinting of youth is really the target, which I have also addressed in many posts.  There is a big push to re-focus “older Americans” to relocate to other countries—why? to break the continuity between the older generation and the younger ones. To create a geographical rift so that young people don’t have access to the ways and morals of the older people.

Of course, many of the countries where they re-focus the older people to may have cheaper health care and food prices, but they are often very dangerous and in geographically unstable areas…but this is never mentioned!

As young people become further removed from the emotional attachments to their elders, they are easier to turn against their elders and the “old ways”.  Think of Hitler’s Youth Corps.  Even Obama has spoken of mobilizing the youth and is doing this via some of the FEMA training programs.

On my FB page one of the easiest ways to enrage people is to say something AGAINST the legalization of marijuana or about eating meat.

Legalization of drugs of ANY kind should be viewed with caution. I read this article today which glamorizes and supports the argument FOR mind-altering substances. 

I have spoken before about just because you CAN do something does not make it correct. Fewer and fewer people want to hear this message. They only want to hear what they want to hear.  There is so much information/disinformation out there that you can find the facts and figures to support almost any position you want to take on almost any matter.

So, what’s the point?  Well, the point is that the Global Plan is to get you to willingly take/use mind-altering substances; to willingly experiment with sexuality in all its formats; to willingly self-mutilate via surgery, tattoos, and piercings; to willingly turn on your peers—just read what has been said about Stewart and I on the Internet; to willingly accept only food given to you by the government; to willingly participate in New World Religion; and to willingly hand over your mind, and thus your body to the trend du jour.

The Goal is to merge the Astral Realm with this physical reality and they are teaching you what to do to pull in the Astral Realm by teaching you step-by-step how to re-arrange your own mind-pattern so that you do this for them; how to anchor in this Nonphysical realm into the Physical realm.

Every time you buy into their agenda, you move their goal one step closer.  Your choices are keeping Satan Alive & Well-Fed.

Satan is fed off of Energy.  Satanic Energy is being bombarded at the Earth.  Curse words, public sexuality, mind-altering substances from alcohol to drugs (legal and nonlegal), anger, hate, bitterness, war, killings, suicides, rape, and more all feed Satanic Energy.

The staged fights on the news, television interviews, talk shows, etc are all about enraging you so that you glow with the bright red of Satanic Energy, and the entry code into the Astral Realm. Why do you think Sex/Red are always shown together?

YOU are a human energy generator.  Your MIND determines what kind of energy is generated.

This is why I have decided to re-post some of my most popular public articles under “Janet’s Articles” so that you can think about what is going on and why.  They have to be re-posted anyway because of the new site.  So I am going to start posting them section by section so you have the opportunity to read them and think about them. I want you to understand what underlies all of this physical reality so that you are not blinded by the show—starting with “Unholy Trinity”.  Part I. Public article. Read it, think about it, and add your Voice to the Comments.

Together we can starve the Satanic Energy right out of this Reality.  It has always been here.  And it is YOUR choice whether it continues to be fed, or whether you want to starve it so that it goes away.

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Stewart A. Swerdlow – Inner circle – Part 5/5 

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