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Example from Janet’s Monthly Blog

December 9

My favorite hymn in church was “Let There Be Peace On Earth” and let it begin with me…let there be Peace On Earth, the Peace that was meant to be….with God as our Father, brothers all are we (maybe this line is considered sexist these days??) ….let me walk with my Father, in Perfect Harmony…Let Peace begin with me, let this be the moment now…with every step I take, let this be my solemn vow….to take each moment and live each moment, in Peace Eternally….let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with Me!

I really believed these words and really wanted them to be true.  I really thought that with my message, I could make a huge impact on a society that was simply waiting for me to tell them what I knew.  How wrong I was!!

As most of you here realize, people are jealous.  I think they recognize something within us that they wish they had, so they are programmed and imprinted to stop you before you even begin.

As I grew into a teenager and my mother was still doing horrible things to me, I can remember thinking that she was jealous of me.  Where did that come from? What did I have for her to be jealous of? I certainly couldn’t label why I even thought that, I just KNEW that was what was going on.

She would make comments like, “If you want someone to tell you the truth, just ask Janet or her dad!” with condescending tones, like I was doing a bad thing.

She was jealous that my dad and I were close…so I tried to be equally attentive to both m parents and disguise my feelings s they would be “equal”.

All kinds of weird things go through a child’s head .  But, still at the bottom, I could not explain any of it.

In my 6th grade year book, one of my teachers signed it with one word:  “Perseverance”—I didn’t know what that meant and looked it up.  I think this one word sums up what often differentiates us from the crowd and why others are jealous.

We do not give up!  We DO persevere against the odds until we get to where we need to be.  This doesn’t make us better, it simply means we don’t give up.  And I think this is what people are jealous and afraid of.  They KNOW that we are going somewhere and if we do this, maybe they will, too one day.  And as you know, change is scary, so best to stop us before a path is forged that they might have to tread on one day.

What do you think—do you think people are jealous of your perseverance?

Do they think you are forging a path that is going to disrupt their own status quo?

Do you think people are jealous of your optimism—you don’t give up believing that “everything CAN be better, so therefore I AM making life better”?

Have you thought about how can there be Peace On Earth if the people are not peaceful?

Have you heard people talk about accomplishing this and then watched families, friends, business associates rip each other to shreds?

Have you thought about how countries go to war just like people you know go to war?

Can Peace On Earth begin with you, or do you think that is a pipe dream?

Do you think Earth is designed to be a Peaceful Place?



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