Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow is an internationally renowned Oversoul Intuitive – enabling her to directly communicate with God-Mind and beyond. She has a special ability to replicate tones of creation from Hyperspace.

Due to her blend of American Indian and Celtic genetics, as well as her Magdalene lineage which extends back through her Waldensian descendancy from Southern France, Janet sees and hears frequencies on all levels. This allows her to consciously access information within the Oversoul matrix. Using mind-pattern analysis,

Janet teaches self-balancing techniques in a simple, direct manner that can easily be incorporated into daily living.

since I started writing in and became a regular, my positive healing mind pattern was boosted a million fold

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Do you have buried issues that you need to pull to the surface; issues that unbeknownst to you adversely affect your everyday life?
Physical food and drink represent nonphysical food and drink.

Ingesting harmful food and drink represents ingesting harmful thoughts.
Fasting is an ancient way of removing toxicity from body, mind, and spirit.

Gaining Control over Your Food and Drink Sets the Mind-Pattern that says:

“I NOW Gain Control Over MY Life.”

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April Affirmations “We Are All One” 04/30

You are not meant to be “A-lone” because ultimately we come from the same Source ...
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April Affirmations “We Are All One” 03/30

You are not meant to be “A-lone” because ultimately we come from the same Source ...
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April “True Male/Female Frequencies” 03/30

April 3, 2020 In my opinion, a lot of people are angry at their own sexuality.  This is one reason ...
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April “True Male/Female Frequencies” 02/30

April 2, 2020 The physiological differences between men and women tells you the mind-pattern differences of the Soul that built ...
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