Part 1

Most people do not realize that they are programmed from birth, beginning with parents who dictate all kinds of rules and regulations.  Your conscious mind is clear and ready for imprinting. The first time you experience anything, you are imprinted and therefore greatly impacted the rest of your life. 

In order for the initial imprinting to occur, there has to be something within your soul-personality that pulls these experiences to you.  As you go through the rest of your life, these first imprints are the “pea in your mattress” a la “The Princess & The Pea” story—no matter how many mattresses are stacked together, the Princess can always feel the pea.  Those imprints, or peas, are felt through all experiences.

This means that if you are taught that humans live approximately 75 years, this is your imprint, and you will fulfill that.  If you are taught that God is a man sitting on a throne in the sky to judge you, you skew your life in that direction.  At the early age that you are taught these things, you do not consciously have the tools to question—you are led with blinders on down the path of your life.  You really do not have a choice to do anything but follow. Consciously, you know nothing else.  (Cont’d)