Part 2 

You do as you are told and you learn what you are told.  This information is stored, and you have no reason to question it. The people who care for you take you to school and you go.  Through the process of transference, you assume the teachers are telling you the truth, as they further imprint your mind based upon what they are given.  The teachers, in turn, trust these materials given to them by their authorities.  The cycle continues to perpetuate itself because each person is imprinted to respect, obey, and trust whatever authority is above him/her.

Everyone is imprinted that those in authority are here to help the masses, from parents, teachers, politicians, to spiritual leaders; that these leaders all have nothing but the magnanimous good of the people at heart. With this imprinting in mind, you hold within you a certain level of trust in the information that you receive. You build your belief system and your perception of yourself and the world around you by trusting that this information is correct.

There is a part of you that subconsciously models yourself and your goals based upon what the outer world imprints upon your conscious mind.  You do not have a reason to question it.  With this information, you build and define your world. (Cont’d)