Part 3

As you mature, your perception changes as you gather a different set of facts.  This new set of facts allows you to reach new conclusions to old experiences.

Does this mean that the first conclusion was incorrect? 

Or does it simply mean that you reached a correct conclusion for one layer of experience, and now you are into a second layer of the same experience? 

Is the second conclusion more correct? 

And if so, does this mean that there might be a third layer with different facts which will bring you to a third conclusion? 

And so on.

When you have a thought or feeling that will not go away, or continually pops up now and then, this is a thread that you can follow into another layer of yourself.  Place this thought at your pineal gland, or third eye area, on a background of royal blue, and hold it there.  Bring the bigger picture to yourself by holding the clue that you have in focus.

As the picture grows, use a journal to write down your findings.  Remember, no matter how young you were, there is a part of you that knows exactly what happened, by whom, how, and why.

Breathe yourself into your center, anchor yourself in your Oversoul and God-Mind, and go within.  If you become traumatized in any way, ground yourself in brown, and give everything a rest.

If you come upon a layer of trauma, this may be a way of stopping you on your search.  Go slowly if you need to, but go. Allow yourself to see what you need to see, a step at a time, releasing as you go.  Be aware that many people who have been through traumatic experiences have “masked memories.”  This means that what you think is trauma from one experience, is really trauma from another.  Or there may be an underlying trauma that is being suppressed while you deal with what you think is your core issue.  (Cont’d)