Part 4 

The deeper you go inside your issues, the more you find out who and what you are. Multidimensionality becomes an active part of your learning process as you realize that every experience that you have is multi-layered.

In the same way, realize that the outer world is also multidimensional, with many layers of experience. You are accustomed to seeing the world the way you did as a child, trusting the information that you received as well as the people who imparted it.  It is inconceivable to that part of yourself that anyone could be passing on suspect information unknowingly, much less knowingly.

However, on your multidimensional, multi-layered exploration of the outer world, think about what you studied in school to formulate your own conclusions. All the information that you are taught via the outer world is suspect.  At one time, everyone was taught that the world was flat.  Now, this thought seems ludicrous.  But at the time, the flat Earth theory was acceptable and the thought of a round Earth was ludicrous. (Cont’d)