Part 5

Schools and churches both bring people together for mass education purposes.  Is this for the good of the people?  Explore the hierarchy of leadership and see where it leads you.  Who sets the precedents, and why?  Use your own abilities to formulate your own conclusions.  Explore the energy behind the words. 

Put people, places, and experiences up to your pineal gland, surround them in royal blue, and look for yourself.  And, when you are satisfied with your answer, look again, because most likely there is another layer that is buried beneath that.

Life has a way of layering itself in such a way that you cannot even identify the layers, much less sort which facts belong to which layer.  This is purposefully programmed within you to squelch the inner and outer quests, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

As long as your attention can be diverted outward and held there, you will be diverted from inner exploration and peeling the layers of mind-control and programming. The only way to really know who you are is to sort out who you are not. END