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Part 1

 Most learning is taught linearly. You go to a book, you read, you have an answer. If the answer is not in the book, you find another book. You are taught from the time you are born to look outside of yourself for answers. By default, you are taught to distrust your own thoughts and ideas. You are taught to circumvent your most direct connections to All That Is and instead focus on a long and winding road to nowhere.  Linear learning disconnects you from your intuitive side and your innate ability to know by knowing on a multidimensional level within your multidimensional self.

 In truth, you learn multidimensionally every second of every day—you just do not consciously realize this because you have been purposely “defocused” from this process. Every cell in your body gathers information at every moment, whether you stop and think about it, or not. When you sit on a chair, the cells register what they are sitting on—hard, soft, type of material, padded, not padded, wooden, cold, hot, etc.

When you go into a room, you have an awareness of where you are—the position of all the people, furniture, windows, exit/entry points, ceiling, floor. You move through the room in multidimensional awareness.

At the same time, your skin registers air temperature, as well as feeling the texture of clothes surrounding it. Your nose senses any strange or different smells. You hear a variety of sounds around you—people talking, road noises, wind blowing, etc. Your eyes continually scan your environment, instinctively cataloguing the visuals. (cont’d)