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Part 2

The body is one giant sensory organ that your soul-personality utilizes as its bridge between it and this physical world. Each cell in your body continually processes all of your life experiences. Anything that was not completely processed in other lifelines that influences you now continues to be processed once a physical body is created in the womb.

Each cell holds so much information that it is difficult to consciously assess it all. And, besides your personal experiences, your physical body also holds the awareness of its genetic lineage. So, if, for example, it is in your pre-birth mind-pattern not to speak up for yourself, you may find yourself automatically drawn into a family with a genetic predisposition to thyroid problems.   The genetics exacerbate your mental condition.

You not only have your own issue, but because this issue is genetically embedded in the family genetics, you have a greater challenge before you. Although your mind-pattern drew you into the situation, the situation can literally become your prison “cell.” You are forced to push deeper within yourself to balance out your “inability-to-speak-up-for-yourself” mind-pattern. (cont’d)