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Part 3

While this example speaks only to one part of the body, think about the millions of cells that comprise the body, each one holding part of your genetic lineage. Each one is processing the family genetics as well as what your soul-personality adds to each cell. In addition, your soul-personality may have used this family genetic line multiple times, so there may be more of you in your cellular structure than what you consciously realize. Family genetics have the potential to hold you back, creating blocks and difficulties for the soul-personality.

As the cells process without releasing their experiences, they outpicture their knowledge—this is what causes diseases of the physical body. The disease is really just the cells outpicturing (creating) their experiences experientially. They will continue to do this experientially until the experiences are released up to the corresponding Oversoul and on up into God-Mind.

While you are experiencing your  moment-by-moment life within your mind and body, you have multi-layers of experience going on in your body within every cell—not only what you brought with you, but the family genetics as well.

Every part of your life is multidimensional, from the minutest bit of consciousness to the grandest one that you can possibly imagine. Every experience is multidimensional with multilayer upon multilayer of meaning. You can take each experience at surface level and consciously stop there, or explore the reasons upon reasons why each experience happens as it does. On some level you know them all—but is it consciously important to know all these reasons? Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. Ask your Oversoul to direct your awareness. (cont’d)